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Unit 8 When is your birthday 第四课时PPT课件 Section B-2

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Unit 8 When is your birthday?

Section B Period 2 (2a-3b)

What activities do you have at school?
English Day

soccer game

school trip

School Day


volleyball game

basketball game

Speech Contest English Contest

Sports Day

art festival


book sale

2a Check (√) the activities you have at your school.
soccer game school trip School Day book sale English Day art festival Sports Day party

2b Read the school notice and list the activities and the dates.
Dates Sept. 21st Oct. 12th Oct. 15th Oct. 22nd Nov. 3rd Nov. 30th Dec. 3rd Activities school trip soccer game volleyball game School Day art festival English party book sale

2c Discuss the questions with your partner.
1.What activities from 2b do you like?

2. What other activities do you like?

3a Complete the notes with the words in the box.
my school game September like basketball
Dear Alan, like Do you ______ sports? Do you have a __________? Please come to ______________ basketball my school game next week. We have a basketball _________. It is on __________ 28th. See you there! September Guo Peng

3b Write your own note to a friend. Invite him / her to an activity in your school. Use the questions to help you.
Dear _____________,

___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

1. Complete the chart with the correct forms of the numbers.
one first six






seven seventh thirteen thirteent


eighth twenty twentieth twenty- twentyninth first one tenth thirty thirtieth





2. Write the dates for these holidays in China.
1. When is Children’s Day(儿童节)? 2. When is National Day(国庆节)? 3. When is Women’s Day(妇女节)? 4. When is New Year’s Day (新年)?

June 1st 1. It’s on ________________________ October 1st 2. It’s on ________________________ 3. It’s on ________________________ Mar. 8th Jan. 1st 4. It’s on ________________________


名词的所有格 :表示所属关系,即表示某 物是“谁的”。 名词所有格常见的结构有两种:

一、’s 所有格 表示有生命的人或动物的名词所有格,单 数名词和不以 s 结尾的复数名词一般在词尾 加“ ’ s”,以 s 结尾的复数名词在词尾只 加“ ’ ”。 Kate’s cat 凯特的猫 Children’s Day 儿童节 the girls’ books 女孩们的书

二、of 所有格 无生命事物名词的所属关系,一般常用 “ of + 名词”来表示,即 of 所有格。 a map of China 一幅中国地图 the legs of the table 桌腿

of 所有格与 ’s 所有格有时可以互换,不过
要注意它们物主的位置不同。 猫的名字是咪咪。 The name of the cat is Mimi. ( of 结构,物主 the cat 在后) The cat’s name is Mimi. (’s 结构,物主 the cat 在前)

意: 1.如果一样东西为几个人所共有,则只在 最后一个名词上加“ ’ s ”。如: Lucy and Lily’s father is a teacher. 露茜和莉莉的爸爸是名教师。 2. 如果所指事物不是两人共有,而是各自 所有,则应在每一个名词后加“ ’ s ”。 如: Lucy’s and Mary’s mothers are doctors. 露茜的妈妈和玛丽的妈妈都是医生。

Li Lei’s family 1. This is________(李雷的家庭). a photo of Bill’s family 2. Is that________________ ( 比尔家的 一幅照片)? the name of Tom’s sister 3. What’s____________(汤姆妹 妹的名字)? Lily and Lucy’s 4. This is_________________(莉莉和 露茜的) room. 5. They are____________(格林 Mrs. Green’s sons 夫人的儿子). 6. It’s my_______(mother) bag. mother’s twins’ 7. Are these the_____(twin) books?

Women’s 8. March 8 is __________ (women) Day. 9. What’s the girl’s name? (同义句) What’s the __ __the girl? name of 10.一幅中国地图 a map of China _____________ a leg of the table 桌子的一条腿 ____________ Sally’s baseball bat Sally的棒球拍 ________________ Bill’s cousin Bill的堂兄 ___________ a friend of my father’s 我父亲的一位朋友 ____________________


Do the other exercises in this part.

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