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Unit 9 My favorite subject is science. 第四课时PPT 新目标初一英语上

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Unit 9

Section B

Period 2 (2a — 3c)


What is your favorite school day?

What classes do you have on that day?


2a What do you think of these subjects? Write a description for each one.
music history P.E. art science math English Chinese geography

fun boring difficult exciting interesting easy relaxing useful

2b Read the following letter. Underline the subjects Yu Mei likes. Circle the subjects she doesn’t like.

the subjects Yu Mei likes: science P.E. Chinese


the subjects Yu Mei doesn’t like: math

2c Complete Yu Mei’s schedule with the information in 2b.
Friday Time
8:00 to 8:50 9:00 to 9:50
10:00 to 10:50 11:00 to 11:50
Subjects /Activities


Subjects /Activities

math science history P.E.

12:00 to 1:00 1:00 to 1:50 2:00 to 4:00

lunch Chinese art lesson

3a Number these parts of an e-mail message.
I have P.E at 1:00. P.E is fun. Then at 2:00 I 2 have math. It is boring. At 3:00 I have art. It is cool. Let’s meet on Saturday. Is that OK with you? 3 Dale Hi Mei Ling, 1 Thank you for your e-mail. I want to meet you on Friday afternoon, but I am really busy.

3b Fill in the schedule below for your classes on Friday.
Friday Time Subjects Time Subjects

3c Now write an e-mail message to a friend about your Friday.

1. Add more words in each box. Descriptions School subjects Days of the week

Interesting Fun …

English Math …

Monday Tuesday …

2. Complete the questions with what, when, who or why. Then answer the questions.
1._____________is your favorite subject? What English. ______________ Why 2._____________do you like it? Because it’s fun. ______________ Who 3._____________ is your music teacher? ______________ Mrs. Zhang. 4._____________ is your math class? When _______________ At nine o’clock.

Language points
busy adj. 忙碌的;热闹的

I’m very busy these days. 近来我很忙。 表示“忙于某事”可使用“be busy with + 名词(短 语)”结构。

Cindy is busy with her work. 辛蒂忙于她的工作。

或者使用“be busy doing sth.”结构。
Many foreigners are busy learning Chinese now. 现在许多外国人都忙着学汉语。 拓展: 1. busy还可表示“(电话)正被占用的;占线的”。 The (telephone) line is busy. 电话占线。

2. busy的反义词为free,意为“自由的;空闲的; 免费的”。

Jim is busy. He is playing (正在弹) the piano. busy with →1. Jim is _____ _____ the piano. busy _____ →2. Jim is _____playingthe piano. 翻译句子 1.我的父母正忙于准备我的生日聚会。 My parents are busy with my birthday party. ________________________________________ 2.你在忙什么? What are you busy with / doing? ______________________________________

ask vt. 问;要求;邀请 May I ask a question? 我可以问一个问题吗? ask sb. sth. 问某人某事

She asks the students their names.

她问了学生们的姓名。 ask sb. about sth. 询问某人某方面的情况
He asks me about my family. 他询问了我的家庭情况。

拓展: ask还有“邀请;请求”之意。

I want to ask some friends for tea.

You can ask your teacher for help.


1. 我父母经常询问我在学校的学习情况。
My parents often _______ me _______ my study ask about at school. 2. 当你迷路的时候,可以向警察求助。 ask When you are lost, you can _____ a policeman for help _____ _____. 3. 她每天都问我一个新问题。 asks me She ______ ______ a new question every day.

以who, whose, what等疑问代词或when, where, why, how等疑问副词开头的疑问句是特殊疑问句。特殊疑 问句多用来询问人、物、事、时间、地点等信息。 其结构为:

特殊疑问词+ 情态动词/助动词+主语+动词+ 其他?/
特殊疑问词+ be动词+主语+其他?


how far表示“多远(指距离)”;
how long表示“多长(指长度);多久(指时间长 短)”; how often表示“多长时间一次(指频率)”。 how many表示“多少”,针对可数名词进行提问; how much意为“多少(钱)”,针对不可数名词、 抽象名词进行提问; how old表示“多大年纪”,针对年龄进行提问。


When, Who, How much, Why, Where, How old, What
Who 1. —________ is your best friend, Henry? —Tom. We both like ball games. Where 2. —_______ is my dictionary? I can’t find it. —Oh, it’s in your bedroom. When 3. —_________ shall we meet in the park? —What about eight thirty?

What 4. —________ does your brother like doing, Kate? —He likes drawing. Why 5. —________ don’t you like the shoes? —Because they are too old. How much 6. —_________ do you know about my subject? —A little. How old 7. —_________ are those boys? —They’re eleven.

选择填空: C 1. Ben _____ P.E.. He thinks it's boring.

A. likes B. don't like C. doesn't like D. isn't like
D 2. ______ does he like art? Because it's fun.

A. When

B. How

C. Who

D. Why

3. --- Do you like orange? B --- No, I don't. My favorite ______ is blue. A. subject B. color C. fruit D. movie

4. In the morning we have four ________. C A. class B. subject C. classes D. teacher

A 5. Today is ____________________. A. Wednesday, October 2nd

B. October 2nd , Wednesday
C. wednesday , October 2nd

D. october 2nd , Wednesday

按要求完成句子。 1. His favorite subject is English. (改为一般 疑问句?) Is his favorite subject English?

2.Her mother’s favorite color is blue. (对划 线部分提问) What’s her mother’s favorite color?

3.He likes art because it’s fun. (对划线部 分提问)
Why does he like art? 4.My sister often does her homework in the evening.(

改否定句) My sister doesn’t often do her homework in the evening. 5. My teacher is Mr. Li. (对划线部分提问) Who is your teacher?

以My favorite subject为题写一篇短文。短文必 须包含以下内容:

1.What’s your favorite subject?
2.Why do you like it?

3.When do you have your favorite subject?

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