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苏教版英语7A第一单元Integrated skills复习题

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7A Unit 1 This is me!

Integrated skills


1. 读有关足球的书_____________ 2. 效力黄河足球队_____________

3. 擅长射门__________________ 4. 下一届世界杯________________

5. 看起来很快乐_______________ 6. 在比赛中踢得好______________

7. 最新成员___________________8. 体育新闻___________________

9. 在校排球队_________________ 10. Simon最喜欢的足球选手__________

11. my favourite hobby___________12. play tennis with my classmates__________


( )1. In summer, he always ____ an hour in the swimming pool every day.

A. swimming at B. swim for C. swims at D. swims for

( )2. Xiao Li is crazy about basketball. Yao Ming is ______ favorite basketball player.

A. he B. him C. she D. her

( )3. Michael likes watching TV programs ______ animals.

A. in B. by C. about D. of

( )4. My father enjoys reading news ______ sports.

A. on B. with C. for D. at

( )5. Mike is ______ member of our class. We are in ______ group.

A. the newest, different B. newest, same

C. the newest, the different D. the newest, the same

( )6. Bill ______ the next football match.

A. wants to wins B. wants to be win C. wants to do D. wants to win

( )7. My sister is going to ______ a singer when she ______ up.

A. do, grow B. is, grow C. be, grows D. be, growing

( )8. ______ your teacher ______ happy today?

A. Is, looking B. Does, look C. Are, look D. Does, look at

( )9. She doesn’t dance ______ in the competition.

A. good B. fine C. nice D. well

( )10. Girls always like talking _____ buying clothes.

A. on B. about C. to D. at


1. Where does Tim’s mother live in? _____

2. My grandfather is 1.76 meter tall. _____

3. Tom doesn’t like go skating in the evening. _____

4. The student usually run home when it rains. _____

5. Would you like any tea to drink ? _____


1. My roommates often help me and I often help them.


2. What about a glass of orange juice?

__________ you __________ a glass of orange juice?

3. Lisa plays chess very well.

Lisa is __________ __________ __________ chess.

4. His little brother is a schoolboy in a middle school.

His little brother is a __________ __________ __________.

5. Jack and Dora always walk to school.

Jack and Dora always __________ __________ school __________.


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