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1. 帮助做家务_____________ 2.每周一次____________















24.超过,多余_______________25.少于__________________ Ⅱ.单项选择

( )1.What_______she usually______on Sunday?

A. is,do B.does, do C.does, does D. did, do ( )2.---How was the weather yesterday?

----It rained______.People could_____go out.

A. hardly,hard B.hard, hard C.hardly, hardly D.hard,,hardly ( )3.He______goes to the movies.

A. sometime B.some time C.sometimes D.some times ( )4. Peter is my best friend. He often helps ________with science.

A. me B.you C. him D. her

( )5. -What about_______ a rest?

–OK!Let’s go for a walk.

A. to have B. had C. have D. having ( )6.--Sally, how often do you use the Internet ?-_________.

A. Twice a week B. Three hours

C. Two years ago D. This afternoon


( )7. --_________do you visit your grand- parents?

--Once a month.

A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often ( )8. One of my favorite programs ________Animal World.

A. am B. is C. Are D. don’t

( )9. -Have you ever been to Disney- land?

-No, __________..I hope I can go there next year.

A. always B.sometimes C. Never D. often

( )10.My dad ________ _a lawyer(律师) when 1 grow up .

A.wants me to B.wants me to be C.becalne D.wanted ( )11. On April 14,2010,a serious earthquake happened in Yushu.More than 2,000 people _______.

A.dead B.death C.died D.die

( )12.一1 left tny keys in the room yesterday. I had to get in__________ the window. 一It’s dangerous to do that.

A. in B.through C.over D.to

( )13.Mr.Li asks the students_______ in the river,because it’s too dangerous.

A.swim B.to swim C.not to swim D.to not swim ( )14.A_____girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father.

A.three-year—old B.three-years-old

C.three years old D.three years olds

( )15.Have you ever seen________ big panda before?

A.a such B.such a C.so a D.a so

( )16.If you have a toothache,you can 90 to see a _____ .

A.teacher B.dentist C.cashier D.policeman

( )17.“85%of the students in our class like English.”means 意思是)“ ______students in our class like English.‖

A.All B.Most C.Few D.No

( )18.________ he is ill, ________he goes to school.

A. Although; but B. /; /

C. Although; / D. But; although

( )19. They watch TV________.

A. one a week B. once a week


C. one the week D. once week

( )20. The old man is well because he often_______.

A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. play

( )21. Nancy is because she has a good habit.

A. tall B. busy C. interesting D. healthy ( )22. Xiao Zhang watches TV. He likes surfing the Internet.

A. hard ever B. hardly ever

C. doesn’t hard ever D. doesn’t hardly ever

( )23. Eating a lot of vegetables good for your health.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )24.Some students watch TV three______four______a week.

A.and, times B.but, times C.and, time D.or, times ( )25.Eating fruit and vegetables is good______our health.

A.at B.in C.under D.for

( )26._Why does Tom’s mother ask him to drink milk? ---She says it’s_______ drink,and it’s good for his_______.

A.health, healthy B. healthy, healthy

C. health, health, D healthy,. health,

( ) 27.---I often have hamburgers for unch.

---You’d better not. It’s bad for you too much junk food.

A.eat B.to eat C.eating D. ate ( ) 28.I enjoy playing computer games,but I can’t ______too much time______that..

A.take, doing B.spend, doing

C.spend, for doing D.take, to do

( )29.If you go to visit London,don’t forget_______your 3

umbrella because it rains a lot.

A.taking B.to take C.bring D.to bring

( )30.________bad weather it is!It’s rainy for two weeks.

A.What B.What a C. How D.How a Ⅲ.用所给词的适当形式填空.

1. Mary does some _______(shop) on Sundays.

2. Mike goes to see his grandparents _________(one) a week.

3. He didn’t go to school. He could ________(hard) read or write.

4. She _________(exercise) every day to keep healthy.

5 .How many _________(time) have you been to Beijing? 6 .My mother goes to Beijing ______ (two)a year.

7. She often ________ (help)her mother _______(do) housework

8. Tom _______ ( watch)TV every day. Look!He ______ (watch)TV now.

9.My mother is very busy.She has much_______(housework)to do.

10.I have to_______(practice)the piano this evening.

11.Bill______(say)he never drinks coffee.

12.You don’tlook well.You should look after your_______(healthy).

13.It’s important for us_______(learn)English well.

14.We think the best way _______(relax) is through exercise.

15.It is good to relax by________(use)the Internet or______(watch)game shows.


1. His parents go to the cinema once a week.(改为同 义句) His parents 90 to the __________ once a week .

2.Most students watch TV every day.(改为否定句)

_____ students watch TV every day.

3.I always eat junk food,(改为否定句)

I __________ _________ eat junk food.

4.She has a healthy eating habit.(改为同义句)

Her ________ _______ _________ healthy.

5.I seldom(几乎不)eat junk food.(改为同义句)

I______ _________ eat iunk food. 对画线部分提问)

________ _______ __________she eat junk food?



________ _______ hours do you sleep every day?

8.He exercise every day.(同义句)

He ______ _________ every day.

9.Mary is a 16-year-old girl.(同义句)

Mary is ______ _________ ________ . 划线提问) ______ _______ Grandma healthy?

_______ does he always _______ after school?

_______ _________ ________ they play football?

13.Mary always has a cup of tea after dinner. (改为否定句) .Mary________ has a cup of tea after dinner.

14.I can’t find anywhere. Maybe she is at home now. (同义句) I can’t find anywhere. She _________ _________at home now.

15.Amy does her homework after school. (改为否定句)

.Amy________ _________ her homework after school. Ⅴ.根据汉语意思完成英语句子。

1. 你每天读几小时英语?

_________ ________hours do you read English every day?

2. 充足的睡眠对你的健康有益。

Enough sleep_________ __________ __________your health.

3. 我通常晚上睡眠少于七小时。

I usually sleep for________ ________seven hours at night..


My uncle rnns_________ _________ __________.


She________ ________ _________ _________for teeth cleaning yesterday.


She watches TV________ _______ ________ __________.


He sometimes_________ ________ _________ at home. 5


_________ ________do you read English?


I know many of them,_________ _________Jone,Peter and Tom.


We ________ ________ _________ __________.


We_______ ________that _______ _______of them______ _______ ________every day.


---What’s your________ ________?

---It’s_________ _________


It’s September 1st, and we’re all back to school. It’s good to

We’re in Grade Eight this yeI’m not veryme. it better.

I can help her.

know all of us, so our names before he begins his lesson.

( )1. A. see B. watch C. find D. look ( )2. A. do B. see C. look D. sound ( )3. A. a lot B. some C. lot D. much ( )4. A. well B. good C. bad D. nice ( )5. A. learn B. give C. help D. need ( )6. A. do B. play C. look D. feel ( )7. A. either B. very C. much D. too

( )8. A. am afraid B. think C. am sorry D. want 6

( )9. A. doesn’t B. don’t C. does D. do ( )10. A. gives B. calls C. asks D. tells Ⅶ阅读理解。


Do you like playing soccer? If you do, you may want to join the school soccer team. Read on and see how to join the school soccer team.

The first step is to know the information about the team. You can find more information by asking these questions. How many

students are there in the soccer team? How many new players do they need? How often do they play soccer?

The second step is to practice. Practice soccer with your friends or your family. Only good players can join the school soccer team. So The third step is to study hard. If you always get bad grades in the exam, your teachers and parents won’t let you join the soccer team.

The last step is to relax. Don’t be too nervous. You can take a deep breath and keep smiling. Believe in yourself and you can be the best player.

( )1. Which is not the suitable question according to the second paragraph?

A. How often do they play soccer?

B. Can I join the school team?

C. How many students are there in the soccer team?

D. How many new players do they need?

( )2. Which step is about studying hard?

A. The first step.

C. The third step. B. The second step. D. The last step.

( )3. If you always get bad grades in the exam, won’t let you join the soccer team.

A. your teachers and parents B. your classmates and friends

C. your parents and friends D. your teachers and your classmates 7

( )4. What does the underlined word ―skill‖ mean in Chinese?

A. 锻炼 B. 技能 C. 实践 D. 方法

( )5. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. It’s about how to join the school soccer team. B. It’s about how to be a good soccer player. C. It’s about how to get good grades in the exam.

D. It’s about how to make more friends at school.


Mary is an American girl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. Mary doesn’t know much Chinese, but she is studying it. She often speaks Chinese with her Chinese friends. Sometimes they can’t understand her, because she can’t speak Chinese very well.

It’s Saturday morning. She goes out. She is walking in the street. She wants to go to the zoo to see the elephants and monkeys, but she doesn’t know how to get there. She asks a Chinese boy the way. The boy can’t understand her. Then she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She draws an elephant on it, and shows the picture to the boy. The boy understands, and shows her the way to the zoo.

( )6. Mary is________.

A. Chinese B. English

A. Shanghai C. Japanese D. American ( )7. Mary is in______ with her parents now. B. Beijing C. New York D. London ( )8. Mary doesn’t know how to get to_______.

A. the zoo B. the park C. her home D. her school ( )9. Mary can’t speak_______ very well.

A. English B. England C. China D. Chinese

( )10. At last the boy________.

A. can understand Mary’s Chinese B. takes her to the zoo C. shows her the way to the zoo

D. draws a picture for Mary, too


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