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2013-2014新目标九年级英语Unit 7 Where would you like to visit Section B课件

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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit? Section B

Lead in
Tom traveled around the world last year.

go (went) to the beach swim (swam)
A: Where did Tom go on vacation? B: He went to Australia. A: What did he do there? B: He played on the beach. A: How was the weather? B: It was hot. A: How were the beaches? B: They were fantastic!




watched leaves go (went) for a walk



did winter sports made a snowman played with snow


climbed the mountain
watched the cherry blossom

1 Brainstorm a list of things that are important to you
when you go on vacation. not too hot Near the ocean

2a Jeff has a summer job at a travel agency. Listen to the
conversations and number the pictures.

Ace Travel




2b Listen to the conversations again and complete the
chart. Wants Customer 1 to go somewhere warm Doesn’t want to fly

Customer 2

to go on a nature tour
to go somewhere that’s fun for kids

to go anywhere cold

Customer 3

to go to a big city

Look at the chart above. Role play Jeff’s conversations.

A: Where would you like to go?
B: I’d like to go somewhere warm. A: What else can you tell me? B: I don’t want…

northern China

western China

eastern China

southern China

3a Read the e-mail message.Then write “T”(for true), or
“F”(for false), or “DK”(for don’t know). F 1. The person has a lot of money to spend on the vacation. F 2. The person wants to relax and do nothing on vacation.
The family enjoys hiking and swimming. DK 3.The person is a man.
The family wants an inexpensive hotel and wants to save money by cooking.

DK 4. The person has children. T 5. The person likes to swim. F 6. The person wants to go to another country.
The person wants to go to somewhere in eastern China.

3a Read the e-mail message quickly.Then answer the
following questions.
1.Where are the Zhangs going for vacation ?

Somewhere in eastern China.
2.Why did he send this e-mail ? He wanted to get some information from the Ace Travel. 3. Where do the writer’s family want to take a trip?

They want to take a trip in eastern China.

4.What do they especially like doing?

They especially like hiking and swimming.
5. What kind of hotel would they like to live in? They would like to live in an inexpensive hotel or department with a room big enough for three people and with a kitchen.

6. How long are they going on vacation?
They are going to be away for about three weeks.

Read the e-mail and fill in the chart below . S.T.Zhang’s demands(要求)
Place Residence (住所) Room

An exciting place with a big pool or somewhere near the ocean.

1. The hotel or An inexpensive apartment with a hotel or apartment. kitchen. 2. The room is big enough for three people.

Language Points
Dear Ace Travel: My family and I want to take a trip this summer somewhere in eastern China. I hope you can provide me with some information about the kinds of vacations that
provide sb.with s

th=provide sth. for sb.向某人提供某物 去旅行,旅游

your firm can offer. We would like to travel to an exciting
place and we don’t mind how far we have to go. It has to
定语从句修饰vacations how far 引导mind的宾语从句

be a place where we can do lots of outdoor activities;

we especially love hiking and swimming, but any kind of
outdoor activity is fine. We also need to stay in an

inexpensive hotel or apartment. It would be nice if we
could get a room with a kitchen so we could save money

by cooking our own meals. The room needs to be big enough for three people. Also, We’d like to stay at a place with a big pool or somewhere near the ocean.
有大游泳池的地方 靠海的地方 enough 修饰形容词置其后 by意为“凭借、通过……手段”

Could you please give me some suggestions for vacation
Could you please do 用来征求对方的建议
度假地;度假景点 是否

spots? Also, please let us know if it’s best to travel by plane, train or bus. We’d like to be away for about three weeks. Thank you very much!

S.T. Zhang

be away 意思是 “离开;远 离 ” , away 副 词 , 意 思 是 “离开”。

It’s best to do … 意思是 “最好做…” best 也可以用 better替换。It 是形式主语,动词不定式才是真正的主语。

I.blanks with the correct Fill in the forms of the words given. hope 1. Could pack save provide cook

provide you _________ me with information about

student exchange programs? cook 2. My mother is going to ______ Beijing Duck tonight.
Would you like to come for dinner? saving 3. I’m _________ my money so I can buy a new bicycle.

4. Shanghai is cold this time of

year. You need to

pack ______warm clothes if you go there. 5. We’re going to Africa on vacation. We ______ to see hope some elephants.

II.单项选择 1. Many Chinese parents always want to provide their

children ________ better lives.
A. to B. with C. for D. by

2. _____ boys like playing computer games in our class. A. Quite a lot C. Quite a little B. Quite a few D. Quite a bit

3. We'd like _______ from Shanghai for two weeks.
A.leave B.to leave C.to be away D.being away

4.He would like to buy a big house ____a small garden.

A. of B. with C. for D. to
5.We want to go to a place _____we can do a lot of outdoor

A.which B.that C.where D.who

6.The room is ______ to hold 100 people. A.enough big C.enough small B.big enough D.small enough

你的笔友Tom下周将要来北京住五天,请你写一 封e-mail给他,介绍一下北京的情况,并说明你对这5天 的游览、饮食、居住、交通所作的安排。 提示词:capital, Toast Duck, Hot Pot Mutton, the Great Wall, Summer Palace, the Palace Museum

You cannot eat your cake and have it.


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