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苏教版英语7A第一单元Main task & self-assessment复习题

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7A Unit1 This is me!

Self-assessment&Main task


1. 用英语说这个单词___________ 2. 借用你的橡皮_____________________

3. 我不知道____________________ 4. 擅长体育运动___________________

5. 问题的答案__________________ 6. 喜欢和同学们玩_______________

7. 和我的家人住在北京____________ 8. 我所有的课程___________________

9. 深褐色的外套_________________10. 有许多朋友____________________


( )1. —Can you ______ a rubber to me? —Sorry, but I can ______ my sister’s to you.

A. lend, lend B. lend, borrow C. borrow, borrow D. borrow, lend

( )2. I want to ______ some CDs ______ my friend today.

A. lend, from B. borrow, from C. borrow, to D. borrow, for

( )3. What about having ______ to eat?

A. something B. anything C. some D. any

( )4. —Can I borrow ______ ink? —Sorry, I ______.

A. any, have no B. any, don’t have one

C. some, don’t have any D. some, don’t have some

( )5. —______. Is it five o’clock now? — ______, I don’t know.

A. Sorry, Sorry B. Sorry, Excuse me C. Excuse me, Sorry D. Excuse me, Excuse me

( )6. ______ do you ______ that in English?

A. What, speak B. How, say C. What, say D. How, speak

( )7. Shall we start ______ computer games now?

A. to play B. to playing C. plays D. to start to begin

( )8. I can’t see anything because it is ______ outside.

A. black B. bright C. dark D. light

( )9. There is ______ water in the sea.

A. more B. a lots of C. many D. much

( )10.______ are really lovely.

A. She all the dolls B. All her doll C. Her all dolls D. All her dolls

( )11. Her parents ______ drinking tea.

A. are both like B. are all like C. both dislike D. all dislike

( )12. My mother’s birthday is _______ September 2nd.

A. at B. on C. in D. for

( )13. Your voice______.

A. sounds great B. sounds good C. sound well D. sound good

( )14. —______ do you like your school? —Oh, I like it very much.

A. What B. Why C. How D. How much

( )15. She has two granddaughters. One is Lucy, ______ is Lily.

A. two B. anther C. one D. the other

( )16. They are brothers. Both of ______ are left- handed.

A. they B. theirs C. them D. their

( )17. This is not ______ pencil box. ______ is black.

A. hers, her B. his, his C. he’s, his D. her, she’s

( )18. Is ping-pong very __________ in China?

A. popular B. polite C. good D. clever

( )19. The Greens ________ their neighbors very well.

A. know B. are knowing C. knows D. is knowing

( )20. Every student ________to see the famous pop singer.

A. is happy B. are happy C. is happily D. are happy


1. What would your parents like ____________ (have) for dinner?

2. —Who _______(clean) the classroom every Friday? —Millie does.

3. It’s eight o’clock. The twin sisters _______ (watch) TV in the sitting room.

4. —What ____________ your mother ____________(do) on Saturdays? —She often ____________(buy) things for my grandparents.

5. ____________(not look) out of the window.

6. Ronaldo is my favorite football ____________ (play).

7. He’s always the ____________ (one) to school.

8. We should be ____________ (help) to others.

9. This basketball team is the ____________ (well) in the world.

10. You must look after __________ (you) well.

11.__________your parents good at __________ (make) cakes?

12.He __________ (not like) __________ (drink) milk.

13.How __________ (be) your grandfather?

14.My little cat really __________ (enjoy) __________ (eat) fish.

15.He __________ (not know) where __________ (sit).

16.Each of us can __________ (sing) a Chinese song.

17.Who __________ (bring) the dog here?

18.There are lots of things for ________ (he) ________ (do) now.

19.Our teacher always __________ (say) every student can ________ (be) good.

20.________(not late) for school tomorrow.



____________________________________________________________ 对划线部分提问) ____________________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)


4. His father is really strong and he can carry two heavy boxes. (改为否定句) ____________________________________________________________

5. My elder sister buys a bottle of orange for me. (改为一般疑问句)



1. 她喜欢听音乐,所以她买了许多CD。


2. 他所有的朋友都不喜欢打排球。


3. —我能借用你的铅笔吗? — 对不起,我没有。


4. 你知道这道题目的答案吗?


5. 她说我是她最好的朋友。


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