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16. A. meat

17. A. class

18. A. report B. read B. thank B. sport C. Great C. father D. cream D. grass D. work C. short


19. My sister Sue ______ a new coat, but I .

A. has, don?t

B. have. doesn?t D. don?t have, does C. doesn?t have, don?t

20. Let?s ______.

A. to play ping-pong

B. playing ping-pong D. play ping-pong C. play the ping-pong

21. - Are ______ you teachers?

- Yes, they are.

A. this

22. - B. that C. the D. these Is that you family photo?

- ______ .

A. Yes, they are B. Yes, he is C. Yes, that is D. Yes, it is

23. - Are those maps

- Yes, ______.

A. those are B. they are C. they?re D. under, on

24. - Where is my football ?

- It?s ______ the table______ the floor.

A. on, under

B. on, on D. under, on\ C. under, under

25. I often watch TV, ______ this evening I?m doing my homework.

A. and B. but C. or D. in

26. Do you know______ little boy with ______ kite in his hand?

A. Whose, me B. the, a C. a, a 27. ______ pencil-box is it, Simon? It?s______. A. Whose; me

D. the, an

B. in; of; on C. on; of; of D. of; of; in

28. There is a map ______ China ______ the wall ______ our classroom. A. of, on, in B. in, of, on C. on, of, of D. of, of , in 29.I can see only one shoe. Where is______ one? A. any

B. other

C. the other

D. another

30. June likes hamburgers but he ______ like milk______ eggs. A. don?t, and C. doesn?t, and



This is a girl, she?s an English girl ______ (31) name is Betty .She is twelve. She is in ______ (32). She studies ______ (33) in No. I Middle School, Mr.Zhou is her Chinese teacher. He teaches her Chinese very well. His ______ (34) number ______ (35) 6568555. He loves his students very much. Betty?s father is an English teacher. He works in Beijing. He teaches us ______ (36). He ______ (37)to work on his bike. He ______ (38) his students very much. ______ (39). He is a good English ______ (40)and good friend. 31. A. He?s

B. His

C. She?s

D. Her

B. don?t, or D. doesn?t , or

32. A. grade one, class four B. class four, grade one

C. Grade One. Class Four D. Class Four, Grade One 33. A. English 34. A. bike 35. A. are

B. Chinese B. car

C. Japanese C.bus C. is

D. American D. phone D. am

B. be

36. A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese D. American 37. A. have

B. has C. goes D. go

38. A. loves

39. A. too

40. A. boy

B. does?t like B. and C. doesn?t love C. but D. like D. or D. teacher B. girl C. student



MAN: Good morning, sir! Can I help you?

MRREAD: Yes, please. What would you like, Ann?

ANN: A hamburger and some potato chips.

MRREAD: Anything to drink?

ANN: A glass of coke.

MAN: With ice?

ANN: Yes, thank you.

MRREAD: Tom, what would you like?

TOM: I?m not hungry. Just a big glass of coke with ice, please.

MRREAD: No food?

TOM: No, What would you like, Dad?

MRREAD: I?d like some rice and fish, and a glass of coke with ice.

41. How many people are there in the dialogue?

A. Three B. Four C. Five

42.Where do you think conversation may happen(发生)?

A. At school B. At home C. In a restaurant.

43.What does Ann want to drink?

A. Coke B. Tea C. Coffee.

44.Does Tom want to eat something?

A.Yes. B. No C. I don?t know.

45.Mr, Read want to eat ______.

A. some potato chips

B. a hamburger

C. some rice and fish


A Chinese student goes to study English in England, His family name is “Sun”, It is the same word “sun”. We know English is a country, with bad weather. It is cloudy or misty. It often rains. When the student gets to London, a policeman, sees his passport. When he sees the students family name is “sun”, the policeman says to him. “You bring sun-shine to us .Welcome to London. We want you here.”Then he smiles.

46. The Chinese student goes to London .

A. to see his parent

C. to study English B. go see the policeman D. to see his teacher

47. “Sun” is the student?s .

A. given name

B. family name D. passport C. middle name

48. English is a country with .

A. sunshine

C. snow B. sun D. bad weather

49. The policeman smile because he .

A. knows the student

C. sees the sun B. is the student?s friend D. likes the student very much

50.The policeman says______ when he sees the student “Sun”.

A. “What?s your name”

B. “You are wanted here”

C. “I don?t know your given name ”

D. “You are wanted in English”


People like to live in different places. Some like big cities because in a big they can go many big shops and buy all kinds of things. There are more and better job in a big city and they can get more money .And there are many cinemas and theatres in big cities .They can also go to the parks, zoos and museums on Sundays, Some people like to live in the country because they think there are too many cars, too many people in big cities, and they want to have more space, clean air and less noise. They can see a lot of farms, birds and flowers, too.

51. When someone wants to get a better job and more money he may go to______.

A. the country B. a big city C. a small town D. any city

52. Some people like to live in the village because they think .

A. there are too many cars and people in a big city

B. they don?t like to go to the parks, zoos and museums

C. they want to have more space, clean air and less noise

D. both A and C

53. What do people in the country see most? .

A. Farmers and their children

C. Too many cars and tractors B. Farms, trees, birds and flowers D. Nothing interesting to them

54. People like living in different places to .

A. buy all kinds of things

B. have a big house to live in D. get more quietness (宁静) C. get what they likes and want

55.Which is the title (标题)for this passage?

A. The city life is quite different from the country life

B. What do people like and want

C. The city people, the country people

D. Different people, different interests (爱好)



There is a businessman(商人)in a town. His name is Tony. He has a big

shop and he is good at business, He has a lot of money-Everybody in the town

knows he is a clever businessman.

One day a young man comes to the town. He asks Tony.“You are a good

businessman. What is the secret(秘密)?”“The secret is this,” answers Tony,

“we eat a lot of fish, and the fish is good for our brains(大脑),It makes us


“I know,” says Tony , the young man “and what is the name of the fish?”

“I don’t know,” says Tony “but if you give me ten pounds (英镑),I can send

you some.”

The young man thinks that is a good idea .So he gives Tony ten pounds

and tells him tells him his address(地址). Soon the young man meets Tony


After about a month, the young man meets Tony again. “Thank you for the

fish.” He says “but listen ,ten pounds is very expensive for just three fish. And

after eating the fish. Feel(感觉)nothing in my brain.“Ah ,you see!”says Tony,

“The fish is beginning(开始) to have an effect (作用). You are


1. What is Tony good at ?


2.How much is the three fish?


3. Does the young man become clever?


4. When does the young man Tony again?


5.What?s the young man?s feeling(感觉)after eating the fish?



1. Is this your e ______(橡皮)?

2. My uncle ?s children are my c ______(堂兄)。

3. Ask and a ______(回答)these questions.

4. That music s ______(听起来)good.

5. What?s your favorite ______(水果)?


1. Is that ______ (she) sister?

2. ______ (do) your sister and brother like chicken?

3. Those are ______ (photo ).

4. This is a boy ______ (he) name is Wang Gang.

5. Do you like ______ (play) basketball?


1.你的电话号码是什么? What?s your __________________ ?

2. 她是我妈妈的妹妹。 She is my __________________.

3. 谢谢你的手表。 __________________ your watch.

4. 让我们去玩网球吧!__________ Play __________ .

5. 汤姆非常喜欢数学。 Tom likes math__________. .


Dear Zhang Fan.

I?m really ______(1) about coming to China to stay with you. In your letter, you asked about the foods I like, Well, I like hamburgers very much. And my family eats every day. My parents like ______ (2) but I can?t ______(3) them, How about you? I like noodles and potato chips. For dessert, I often have ice

crcam. I know you don?t have dessert after dinner at your home. I think Chinese people like to eat fruit. Right ? My favorite fruits are grapes and watermelon. My mother likes ______(4) very much but I never eat them. My friends tell me you eat rice. Vegetables and every day in China. Is that right? I don?t like rice. What food and drink ______ (5) I have in China?

Hope to see you next week.





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