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A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a year. You may fail in an exam if you are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If you want to be good at English, you have to read and speak English as much as possible. A few

days before the exam you should go to bed early. It’s bad for into the night. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, try to understand the meaning of each question. When you have finished your exam, check your answers.

Correct (改正) the mistakes if there areany and be sure that you have not missed anything out.


B. for most of the month D. for most of the year B. can’t fall asleep

D. stay up ) ) 1. If people want to do well in the exam, they have to work hard_______. A. every day in a year C. for only a few days ( A. go to sleep 2.What’s the meaning of the underlined phrase “sit up” in the passage? C. sit and study

( ) 3.When people have finished the exam, they should _______.

A. make sure that they have not missed anything out

B. answer a few more questions

C. hand in their paper and leave at once

D. leave some mistakes on the question paper

( ) 4.The best title for this passage is _______.

A. An important exam

C. Get ready for an Exam B. How to Pass an Exam D. How to Study


A man is going to the house of a friend. It is quite far away so he takes 1

some sandwiches along for his lunch. As he goes along, he says to himself, “My friend is sure to give me a very nice meal. He is going to give me good wine (酒) to drink. So what’s the use of these dry sandwiches?” As he says this, he throws them onto the ground.

He goes on and comes to a river. The river has become very big because of the rain in the past few days. He cannot cross the river. He hopes there is a boat to take him over. So he waits and waits. He waits for a long time. Then . He says to himself, “I cannot go to my friend’s house today. I must go home.”

Then he starts for home. Soon he feels very hungry. He wants very much to have something to eat. But he doesn’t have anything. Suddenly he sees some dry, dirty, hard sandwiches on the road. He is very happy. He picks them up and eats them all. Do not throw good things away. You may need them later on.

( ) 5. It will take the man __________ to walk to his friend’s house.

A. a few days

B. a few hours C. a whole night D. one hour or two

( ) 6. He throws the sandwiches to the ground because _________. A. he doesn’t like them B. the sandwiches are dirty C. he thinks his friend will not like them

D. he is sure to have a nice meal at his friend’s house

( ) 7. In “the sun begins to set”, “set” here means _________ in Chinese.

A. 落下



Mails, games, music, news, chat rooms (聊天室) and shopping! The Internet is part of the way we live today. It’s easy to get onto the Internet. The only thing we need to do is to use a modem which is used for connecting a computer to a telephone line. The Internet is changing and growing all the time. More and more people have computers and use the Internet. Using the 2 B. 升起 C. 变暗 D. 照

Internet means surfing the World Wide Web (That’s the “www” you always hear about.) The Web (网) has large numbers of websites (网站) in it. They are the places you go to get information and do things.

Where do these websites come from? They are made web designers (设计师). What happens when you click on a word or a picture? You are sent to another page. It’s all because of the web designer. Web designers do a lot of work by using a computer programming (程序编辑) language.

Is Web design all about computer programming? No. It’s about making something new. Web designers must imagine a lot when they are making a website. It must look good and be fun to use. A big part of Web design is art. They choose the best pictures and colors to make the website look good. They also write the things that you see on the website. An important part of their job is to share(分享)ideas with the website manager about how to design the website well.

( )8.This passage is mainly(主要的)about ______________.

A.computer programming language

B.the web designers’ work

C.the website manager’s work

D.the way to get onto the Internet

( ) 9.More and more people are using the Internet because it’s ___________.

A.easy and useful

B.beautiful and funny

C.colorful and hopeful

D.changing and growing


( ) 10.It’s possible for us to change websites by just a click because of ________.

A.the modern’s help

B.the telephone line’s help

C.the web designers’ work

D.the website manager’s work

( ) 11.Which of the following is wrong?

A. “www” means “World Wide Web”.

B.There’re a few websites on the web.

C.The Internet has changed people’s lives.

D.We can do things like shopping on the Internet.

( ) 12.The web designers do a lot of work except _____________.

A.making the websites new and beautiful

B.writing things on the Internet

C.doing the computer programming

D. connecting a computer to a telephone line


Advice on Doing Your Homework

Never try to work when you are very hungry. If you want to do your homework right after school, you may want to eat something before getting to work. Always do your homework before you get too tired. Don’t wait until late Divide your time into a few parts if you have more than an hour’s work. Relax yourself after an hour. However, don’t divide it up so much that you can’t get anything done. You should be able to work at least half an hour at a time 4

without stopping.

Don’t put off(推迟) until the last minute. If you put off doing your homework, you’ll have ot on your mind and you won’t enjoy your free time. If you put off until the end of the week or until right before a test, you will have too much to do. A little bit each night, enough to keep up with what is happening each day in school, will take the fear out of tests and keep you on top of it.

Do your homework at the same time every day. This will help you make it a habit – part of your daily work. It will make it easier to do, and it will make your free time more enjoyable as well.

( ) 13. When someone is hungry, he’d better __________.

A. not work at all

B. work harder D. work as usual C. not work too hard


A. time B. test C. homework

D. school ( ) 15. If you put off doing your homework, __________. A. it will be kept on your mind do C. it will make you happy D. it doesn’t matter much

( ) 16. To do your homework at the same time every day _________.

A. will make it more difficult

B. will make your free time less pleasant

C. will help you have a good habit

D. will help you live longer B. it will be much easier to ( ) 14. The underlined word “assignment” in the article may mean


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