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新版八年级(上)英语测试题(Unit 3)



school student when I was seven years old. he didn’t feel well yesterday. 5.He was so funny that . 6.It’ for students to finish homework on time.

girl. She likes to stay with her friends and enjoys talking. his brother. II.根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1.He is 2.The boy enjoys 3.He doesn’ 4.Did you have fun (learn) something?

5.Nelly practiced (win). 8.It’s necessary for us (learn) English well.

9.He is (different) from his brother. They have some 10.I’m III.句型转换(每空0.5分,共15分)

1.I like singing. My sister likes singing, too.(合并为一个句子) My sister and I 2.Sue is twelve years old. Gina is fourteen years old.(合并一个句子) Sue is Gina. Gina is Sue.

Sue isn’t Gina isn’t Sue. 3.I think he is good at playing soccer.(改为否定句)

I he good at playing soccer. 4.John enjoys swimming. Peter enjoys swimming ,too.(合并为一句) swimming.

5.Jim is twelve years old. Tim is twelve years old,t oo.(合并为一句) Jim is Tim. 6.Huang lei isn’t good at tennis as Larry.(同义句)

Larry is Hunag Lei.

提问) the English Study Center for primary school student? 8.Larry works harder than Huang Lei.(改为否定句)

Larry harder than Huang Lei.


( )1.She is talented music but I am good sports. A.in, at B.at,in C.at,at D.in,in ( )2. Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper

( )3..—Are you relaxing yourself here ? —Yes. It is _______to walk slowly along the river. A. fantastic B. boring C. Bad D. terrible

( )4.It’s very important for him me laugh.

A.to make B.making C.makes D.made

( )5. _________you don’t give up(放弃),your dreams will come true.

A. As long as B. As soon as C. As well as D.As often as

( )6.She is similar

A.to B.with C.of D.in

( )7.I don’t really care if my friends are the same me or different A.as,as B.from,from C.as,from D.from,as

( )8.If you want to be a student helper,please call him 443—5667. A.at B.in C.of D.on

( )9.This is my friend. He is less outgoing than I am. A.much B.much more C.more D.very

( )10.Mr Bean enjoys A.to tell,to laugh B.tells,laugh C.telling,laugh D.telling,laughing ( )11.Tara and her sister quiet and they sports.

A.are both,both like B.are both, like both C.both are, both like D.both are,like both ( )12.If you want to be a student helper, you must be good children. A.at B.with C.for D.in

( he can do many things.

A.Though,but B.Though,/ C./,though D.But,though

( )14.Tom can play drums,but Sam can play tennis. A.the,the B.the,/ C./,the D./,/

( )15.Lily’s books are new than .

A.we B.us C.our D.ours

( )16. —Have you seen the funny movie Let the Bullet Fly?

—Yes,it made me ___________ many times. A.laugh B. cry C. Sleep D. sing

( )17. It’s important _________ us _________ _English well.

A. of; learning B. for; to learn C. Of; to learn D.or; learning

( )18. Betty and Mary are in _________ school,but they are in __________ Classes.

A. same;different B.same;the different C. the same; the different D. the same;different ( )19.—Let’s go shopping at the new mall. —Why not shop online? It’s ____. A. expensive B. more expensive C. Less expensive D. less cheapest

( )20. Now, some robots(机器人) are ____________ to do the same things ______ people. .

A. enough smart;as B. enough smart;for C, smart enough;as D: smart enough;with ( )21. He is__________ outgoing student

A. a,with, B.an,with C.a,of D.an,of

( )22. The fantastic music made the students______relaxed.

A. feel B. feels C. felt D, to feel

( )23. Someone says“ Time is money. “But I think time is______ important than Money.

A. least B. Much C. even more D. much least

( )24. My friend likes singing and talking with others. But I often stay at home to watch TV.

So my friend is________ than me.

A. quieter B. more serious C. more outgoing D. more wilder

( )25,The girl shorter hair is Lisa.

A.has B.have C.with D.and


An English traveller found that he had only 1 to buy the ticket to go back home. As he knew that it would him only two days to to England, he decided that he could easily do . So he bought a ticket and the ship. It was time lunch. He didn’t go to have it. In the evening, he said that he didn’t feel and went to bed early, the next day he was hungry that he couldn’t stand(忍受) it .

“I’m going to eat,” he said. “Even if they throw me the sea.” After he ate everything the waiter (侍者) put in front of him and he was ready for the coming trouble. “Bring me the bill (账单),” he said. “The bill,sir?” said the waiter. “There isn’t any bill.” Was the answer. “On the ship meals are included (包括) in the money for the ticket.”

( )1. A.moneys enough B. a lot of money C. enough money D.enough moneys ( )2. A.spend B.carry C.bring D.take ( )3. A.get to B.arrive C.reach D.get ( )4. A.with food B.without food C.with foods D.without foods ( )5. A.got in B.got on C.got off D.got at ( )6. A.to B.have C.for D.for a

( )7. A.trouble B.well C.good D.better ( )8. A.too B.so C.such D./

( )9. A. not any longer B.no longer C.any longer D.no long ( )10. A.into B.on C.in D.onto VI、阅读理解(10分)

If you go to Beijing and Shanghai, you can see the same and the different them. In some ways they look the same, in some ways they look different. Both of them have tall buildings and wide streets, although some buildings in Shanghai are taller than in Beijing. They are both important in China. Beijing is the capital of China, there are more places of interest there, but Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Now they are becoming more and more important in China.

( ) 1. Some buildings in __________ are taller than in Beijing. A. Shanghai B. Xi’an C. Tianjin D. Chongqing ( ) 2. Shanghai is the _____city in China.

A. tallest B. biggest C. smallest D. busiest

( ) 3. The underlined word “point” means _______.

A. 想法 B. 点 C. 内容 D. 主意

( ) 4. Beijing has more _________ than Shanghai. A. places of interest B. buildings C. wide streets D. people ( ) 5. Which of the following statements is right according to the passage? A. Shanghai is the capital of China

B. The buildings in Beijing are taller than in Shanghai

C. Shanghai is the largest city in China. D. Shanghai has more places of interest. VII.书面表达(15分)

请以“My Best Friend”为题写一篇短文,介绍一下你最好的朋友。


I.1.mirror 2.primary 3.though 4.heart 5.laugh 6.necessary 7.outgoing 8.than

9.Both 10.serious

II.1.funnier 2.swimming 3.dancing 4.learning 5.dancing 6.clean 7.to win 8.to learn

9.different,differences 10.better

III.1.both like 2.younger than; older than; as old as; as young as 3.don’t think,is

4.Both,and,enjoy 5.as old as 6.better at tennis than 7.What does,need 8.doesn’t work IV.1—5AAAAA 6—10ACAAC 11—15ABBBD 16—20ABDCC 21—25BACCC




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