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1. My family_________ very small. Just only three people.

A. are B. is C. be D. there is

2. --Tom went to a wonderful party last Sunday.

--His class had a good time, ______ ?

A. hadn't he B. didn't he C. hadn't they D. didn't they

3. --Today is April fool’s Day. Are you_____ me?

--Oh, believe it or not, but it's true.

A. playing B. foolish C. kidding D. fool

4. --It's very cold today.

--But it's__________ than it was yesterday.

A. less cold B. less colder C. not less colder D. not less cold

5. His _____English is___________.

A. spoken; excellent B. speak; excellent C. spoken; very excellent D. speak; very excellent

6. --____________?

--Not too well, I’m afraid.

A. How do you do

B. How is your school?

C. How are things getting on?

D. What are you?

7. --Please don't make a noise.

-- _____ . I'll be as quiet as mouse.

A.yes, I do B. No, I don't C. Yes, I will D. No, I won't

8. Your skirt needs_____. You need______ it.

A. washing to wash

B. to wash; washing

C. washing; washing

D. to wash; to wash

9.--Did your sister pass the exam?

--She failed, so she is in low spirits,

--I'm sorry for her.


A. I would think so B. The pleasure is mine

C. Thank you D. You're welcome

10. She _____ terrible at this time yesterday.

A. feels B. felt C. is feeling D. was feeling

11. He said nothing at the meeting because he wanted to let the sleeping ______lie.

A. dogs B. Cats C. tigers D. pigs

12. ______ weather it is!

A. What broken B. What a broken C. How breaking D. How broken

13. If you don’t go, ______.

A. Nor will I B. So will I C. Neither do I D. So do I

14. He learned a lot when he lived in the country for a holiday.

A. got to know a lot B. did much C. received a lot D. knows a lot

15. He stands first in his class. It means _____.

A. He stands up first B. He’s the best student in his class

C. He’s the tallest in his class

D. He sits in the front of his classroom.

16.--I'm very sorry I've lost the novel I borrowed from you. -- ________.

-- I guess I'd better not. I don't want to let it happen again.

A. That's all right. I don't want it.

B. It's no good crying over spilt milk, so forget it.

C. It doesn't matter. Would you like the new one?

D. Don't worry. I can get a cheaper one.

17. He worked hard every day as a lawyer and went to parties and dances every night he was burning the candles at both ends.

A. 疲劳过度 B.积劳成疾 C.意志消沉 D.功大于过

18. He asked me if there was _____ to read.

A. enough easy something

B. easy enough something

C. something enough easy

D. something easy enough

19. –Can you post the letter for me on your way home?


A. It’s all right. B. Good C. No problem D. I hope so

20. What did you ____ at the meeting yesterday?

A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk

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