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1.Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes. 2.English is spoken by many people . 3.The tickets about heroes are sold out . 4.Lucky 52 is watched on TV by many people .

5.Rice is planted in South China. 6.He is said a good boy .


语态:表示主语和谓语动词之间的关系。 英语有两种语态,即主动语态和被动语态。 主动语态:表示主语是动作的执行者。 被动语态:表示主语是动作的承受者。 如: Many students study English.(主动语态) English is studied by many students. (被动语态)

不同的时态有不同的被动语态结构 1.一般现在时的被动语态结构:

助动词be有人称、数的变化,其变化规 则与be作为连系动词时一样。 如:The desk is made of wood. The desks are made of wood. He is asked a question by the teacher.

1.Many students study English. English is studied by many students.

2.They make shoes in that factory. Shoes are made by themin that factory.

3.The teacher often asks him questions.
He is asked questions by the teacher.

1.把主动语态的宾语变为被动语态的主语。 2.把主动语态的谓语变为被动语态的谓语。 3.把主动语态的主语变为被动语态的by 短语。(① by短语可以省。② by短语 后跟代词的宾格。)

主变被解题步骤 1. 找宾语 ----即动作的承受者 2. 判断宾语的单复数 ----即be动词的单复数. 3. 判断动词的时态 ----即be动词的时态. 4. 修改谓语的形式 ----即原句动词改为过去分词 5. 修改原句的主语 ----即by+ 宾语(原主语). They make shoes in that factory. Shoes are made by them.

主变宾,宾变主, 谓动be done 时不变,人称、数、格随着变

? They play football on Sunday.


Football is played by them on Sunday.

? Lucy does the homework in the evening.
The homework is done by Lucy in the evening.

? They often use computers in class.
Computers are often used by them in class.

? We make these machines in Beijing.
These machines are made in Beijing.

句式 肯定句:主语+be + 过去分词+(by ~)

否定句:主语+be not +过去分词+(by ~) 一般疑问句:Be +主语+过去分词+(by ~)? 特殊疑问句: 疑问词+be+主语+过去分词+ (by ~)

English is studied by many students.

English is not studied by many students.
Is English studied by many students? Who is English studied by?

Football is played by them on Sunday.
The homework is done by Lucy in the evening. Computers are often used by them in class. These machines are made in Beijing.


was/were +过去分词
1. They bought ten computers last term. Ten computers were bought by them last term. 2.We planted many trees last year.

Many trees were planted last year.

? They built the tall building last year.
The tall building was built by them la

st year.

? He took good care of his little brother yesterday.
His little brother was taken good care of by him yesterday.

? We cleaned our classroom just now.
Our classroom was cleaned by us just now.

? They used this room for resting.
This room was used for resting by them.


will be+过去分词
1.They will finish the work in ten days.

The work will be finished by them in ten days
2.Tom will clean the room tomorrow.

The room will be cleaned by Tom tomorrow.

? We will have a sports meeting next week.
A sports meeting will be had by us next week.

? Children will take some photos in the schoolyard tomorrow.
Some photos will be taken by children in the school tomorrow.

? The headmaster will give a talk this afternoon.
A talk will be given by the headmaster this afternoon.


can/may/must/should + be+过去分词 1.Amy can take good care of Gina .
Gina can be taken good care of by Amy. 2.You should drink more water.
More water should be drunk by you.

1.He can take care of the baby.
The baby can be taken care of by him.

2.Lucy may draw the pictures.
The picture may be drawn by Lucy.

3.You must turn off the lights.
The lights must be turned off by you.

4.They should learn English well.
English should be learned well by them.


is / am / are + being +过去分词
1.Some workers are painting the rooms now.

The rooms are being painted by some workers now.

2.He is watching TV.
TV is being watched by him.


have / has +been +过去分词
1.We have made twenty more keys.

Twenty more keys have been made by us.

2.We have finished our compositions.

Our compositions have been finished by us.



am/is/are done 一般现在时 表格:被动态基本结构 was/were done 一般过去时 现在进行时 过去进行时 一般将来时 过去将来时 现在完成时 过去完成时 am/is/are being done

was/were being done
shall/will/be going to be done

would be done
have/has been done

had been done

Such books are written for children. 这些书是为儿童写的。 I haven’t been told about it . 没有人告诉我这件事


The cup was broken by David.
(3)作客观说明时,常采用一种被动语态句型. It’s / was said / believed / reported / + that … It’s reported that about three hundred people were killed in this earthquake. 据报道,这次地震中大约有三百人死亡。

1.带双宾语句子的被动语态.(指物的宾语叫直接宾语, 指人的宾语叫间接宾语) 常见的接双宾语的动词有: to: pass, give, teach, show, bring, hand for: make, buy, draw, sing, get, 以“人”当主语时,变法和

一般的变法一样; 以“物”当主语时,在保留的间接宾语前必须加to或 for. 如:1.He gave me a book. -I was given a book by him. (以I做主语) -A book was given to me by Tom. (以物book作主语) 2.He teaches us English. -We are taught English by him. (以人当主语) -English is taught to us by him. (以物作主语)

2.含有宾语补足语的句子的被动语态 keep, make 三类的动词常常有宾语补足 语, 在被动语态中,宾语补足语位置不变。 We keep food fresh in the fridge. 主 谓 宾 宾补 -Food is kept fresh in the fridge. I saw him go into the office building. -He was seen to go into the office building.


不及物动词没有宾语,因此没有被动语态。 但有的不及物动词后面加上介词及其他一些 词类构成短语动词之后,其作用相当于及物 动词,可以接宾语,因而也可以变为被动语 态。在变成被动语态时,不能去掉构成短语 动词的介词或副词.

They take good care of my child. My child is taken good care of . I turned off the radio. The radio was turned off (by me)

动词短语的被动语态 take care of -be taken care of cut down -be cut down laugh at -be laughed at look after-be looked after 下列这些短语本身即是被动语态的 形式,不需再加-by be covered with …用…覆盖着 be interested in …对…感兴趣 be surprised at …对…感到惊奇 be made of (from)用…制造的

即feel , hear , listen , have , make , let , look , watch , see , notice ,这些词在主动 句中,其后的动词不定式不加to,但变被 动句时必须加to.

1.I saw him play basketball last Sunday. He was seen to play basketball last Sunday.
2.We heard them sing in the classroom. They was heard to sing in the classroom.

(1)当主动结构中的宾语是反身代词和相互代词 时,不能改为被动语态。 We often help each other. 我们常常互相帮助。 (2)当谓语是表状态的及物动词时(如have , like , take place , belong to …) 如: I like these flowers. 我喜欢这些花。 I will have a meeting. 不说A meeting will be had. 应说A meeting will be held .



1) A car knocked him down yesterday.

He was knocked down by a car yesterday.
2)Two doctors and ten nurses make up the medical team.

The medical team is made up of by two….

3)When I got there, they were cutting up a fallen tree. A fallen tree was being cut up, when I got there.

4)We’ll put on the play next Sunday. The play will be put on next Sunday. 5)Workers are building a new teaching building in our school. A new teaching building is being built by workers in our school. 6)They had completed the railway by the end of last year. The railway had b

een completed by the end of last year.

填空(完成被动语态填空) Practice 1. They often clean their classroom after school . (改为被动语态) is cleaned Their classroom _____ often ______ by them after school. 2. Li Lei gave Tom a new pen last week . (同上) was given by A new pen _____ _______ _____ Tom last week .

3. A lot of people in China can speak English now . (同上) can be spoken by a lot of English ______ ____ ______ people in China now. 4. I have learned English for about two years. (同上) has English ______been learned for about ______ ______ two years. 5. They will publish these story-books next month. (同上) will _____ _____ next These story-books _____ be published month.

6. Another man-made satellite was sent up into space by them last week (济南市中考题) They sent up —— —— —— another man-made satellite into space last week.变主动语态

7.People there planted many trees last year. Trees were planted by people there last year. _____ _____ (青岛市中考题)
8. They grow vegetables on the farm. The vegetables _______ ______on the farm(上 are grown 海市中考题)

1. In some countries , tea ______ with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served 2. Great changes _____ in my hometown since 1980. A. have been taken place B. took place C. have taken place D. were taken place 3. The new type of car is going to ______ in three years. A. turn out B. be turned out C. has turned out D. have been turned out 4. The woman murdered her friend and ______ to ______. A. was sentenced , death B. sentencing , die C. sentenced , death D. sentenced , die

5. -Do you like the skirt ? -It _______ soft. A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is felt 6. Are you still here ? You were here an hour ago . Who ________ for ? A. are you waiting B. did you wait C. were you waiting D. do you wait

7. _____ to know Professor Zhang. A. He said B. I said C. He is said D. It says 8. -I want to sit at the table near the window. -Sorry , ______ already. A. it took B. it takes C. it is taking D. it has been taken

9. The letter _______ three days ago and it_____ yesterday. A. had post , had arrived B. was posted , arrived C. posted , arrived D. had been posted , was arrived 10. He told me that the final examination _______ next Thursday. A. is given B. will be given C. would have given D. would be given 11. Water ______ into ice. A. will changed B. must be changed C. should change D. can be changed 12. Plays ______ twice a month in that theatre. A. put on B. are put on C. was put on D. often put on

13. The birds _______ fly away last Saturday. A. let to B. is let to C. was let D. were let to 14. A strange sound ______ yesterday evening. A. was heard B. hears C. heard D. is heard 15. A beautiful bike _______ him by his classmates. A. sent to B. will sent to C. was sent to D. will be sent for 16. Miss Chen ______ j

ust ______ to speak at the meeting. A. has …been asked B. has been …asked C. Have been … asked D. have …been asked 17. Meat _______ out in this shop . We can ____ now. A. have been sold , get nothing B. has been sold , get nothing C. has been sold , get some D. have been sold , get some

18. The new play _______ in theatre now . Why don’t you go in and see it ? A. is being shown B. is showing C. is shown D. shows 19. Can you tell _______ ? A. when did it happen B. when was it happened C. when it happened D. when it was happened 20. ______ the job ______ by Lucy or by John ? Tell me the truth , please. A. Has … finished B. Has …being finished C. Is …finish D. Has …been finished

完成下列句子: was 1.Our school _____

opened ____in 2002.(开办)

be ____ ______ 2.The young trees must____ looked after well. (照顾) Was built 3. _____ this building_________(建成)last year? was _______(写)by him last year. 4.The book _____ written wasn’t built 5. The bridge _______ _______(不建造)in1989.. be ______ 6.The 29th Olympic Games will____held

用所给动词的适当时态和语态填空 1. When _____ the first man-made satellite _______ (send)up into space ? 2. Last year vegetables _______ (grow)in the garden by Tom and he ______ (sell)them himself. 3. She ______ (help)him with his homework tomorrow evening. 4. How many magazines ______( can borrow)in your library every week ? 5. John ______(hear)to go upstairs two hours ago. 6. -Who ______ (save)her father ? -He ______ (save)by that policeman.

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