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初二一班 阅读训练

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John is eight years old, and he is a very funny boy. He works hard, so he is good at his subjects. And his teachers and parents like him very much. But he has a vey big head.

Last year, he spent ten days at his uncle’s home on summer vacation. His uncle lives in a mountain village and it’s about four hundred miles away from his city. He took a train to a small town, there his uncle waited for him and took him to his house by bike.

John made some friends soon. They played games and swam in the river happily. But one afternoon he cried to his aunt, “All the children make fun of me. They say I have a big head.”

“Don’t listen to them,” his aunt said, “You have a beautiful head. Now stop crying and go to the store to buy fifty potatoes,”

“Where is the shopping bag?”

“Oh, dear. I haven’t got one. Use your hat.”

( ) 1. John does well in his subjects because___________.

A. his teachers like him

B. he works hard

C. his parents like him

D. he is a very funny boy.

( ) 2. How did John’s uncle take him home?

A. By train B. By car C. By bus D. By bike

( ) 3. Why all the children made fun of John?

A. Because he has a big head.

B. Because he has a beautiful head.

C. Because he made some friends soon.

D. Because he is a funny boy.

( ) 4. From the last words, we know ________.

A. John’s aunt has a big head.

B. John can’t buy potatoes.

C. John really has a big head.

D. John has a beautiful hat.

( ) 5. What’s the best title of this article?

A. A Funny Vacation B. A Boy with a Big Head

C. A Big Head D. John and His Uncle


After the kidney(肾)that Julie Robson’s father donated(捐赠)to her, she was lucky enough to get another donated kidney from her mother.

Ten years ago, Julie Robson, from Tyne and Wear, England, got a kidney donation from her father. It was very successful, and Robson was once again able to live a life like others. But one day she was ill and was taken to the hospital, doctors found that her body began to reject(排斥) the kidney. Without a new kidney, she should have a lot of trouble that she couldn’t stand and she would be in bad health for the rest of her life.

Luckily, her mother’s kidney was fit for her.

The operation was a moving experience. She said, “I don’t remember too much about waking up, but the nurses said I was asking how my mum was six or seven times.”

After the operation, Robson quickly came back.

Although many people have got kidney donations from family members, Robson is one of just a few who has got kidneys from both parents: In the United Kingdom, only 15 such cases have happened in the last 50 years.

All three family members are now in fine health. “When my dad had his operation, they almost had to cut him in half. So he keeps saying now that he wishes my mum could be better.”

( ) 1. _____first donated a kidney to her.

A. Julie’s father B. Julie’s mother

C. Julie’s best friend D. A doctor

( ) 2. Julie’s father’s kidney stayed in Julie’s body foe about______.

A. two year B. ten years

C. twelve years D. twenty years

( ) 3. ______people got kidneys from both parents in the last fifty years.

A. Two B. Five C. Fifteen D. Fifty

( ) 4. Which is the right order?

a. Julie was ill and was taken to the hospital.

b. After the operation, Julie’s family are in fine health.

c. Julie got her mother’s kidney.

d. Julie got her father’s kidney.

A. d-b-c-a B. d-a-c-b C. a-d-c-b D. c-d-a-b

( ) 5. What is the best title of this passage?

A. Julie and Her Parents B. Julie’s Kidney

C. Julie’s Parents’ Love D. Mother and Father Both Donate Kidneys to Their Daughter


“USA? Britain? Which country is better to study in?” We often hear such discussions. As China opens its doors, studying abroad has become a dream for many Chinese students. They want to learn about the world.

It’s true that studying abroad can help students develop themselves. Language skills will be improved and it may be easier to find jobs.

But there are problems that should be considered(考虑). Language is the first. Students must spend a lot of time learning another language and getting used to a different culture.

Students must also learn how to live without parents’ care and deal with all kinds of things haven’t had to do before, like looking after themselves. There are reports about Chinese students abroad sinking into an ocean of difficulties and giving up easily. When they have to take care of themselves, it is hard for students to study well.

Finally, studying abroad bring a heavy burden to the family. For most Chinese parents, the cost of studying abroad is very high. But is it worth?

We know that there are many famous people who succeed in great things through their hard work in China. Liu Xiang is a good example. Once an American teacher invited him there but he refused. He kept training hard with his Chinese teacher. He surprised the world when he won a gold medal at the Athens Olympics. So when you wonder which country is better to study in, consider whether studying abroad is a right choice.

( )1. From the passage, we learn that many Chinese students dream about studying abroad


A. make a new life. B. make a lot of money

C. learn about the world D. learn to look after themselves

( ) 2.The writer thinks ______ should be considered first before students study abroad.

A. places B .time C. money D. language

( ) 3. The writer mentions Liu Xiang in the passage in order to tell us that______.

A. Chinese teachers are better than American ones.

B. Studying abroad is not the right choice.

C. People can also be successful in China if they work hard.

D. Liu Xiang was a gold medal winner.

( ) 4.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Studying abroad will cost students’ families a lot of money.

B. Studying abroad will make it easy for students to learn well.

C. Studying abroad will help students to improve language skills.

D. Studying abroad will bring students a lot of difficulties in their life.

( ) 5. This passage is mainly about_______.

A. the question of studying abroad.

B. the dream of studying abroad.

C. the choice of studying abroad.

D. the story of studying abroad





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