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配套中学教材全解工具版+八年级英语(上)(人教版)UNIT+1+Where+did+you+go+on+vacation?检测题 2

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UNIT 1 Where did you go on vacation?检测题



Ⅰ.听句子,选择你所听到的单词或短语。每个句子读一遍。(每小题1分,满分5分) 1. A. visiting 2. A. waiting 3. A. vacation 4. A. phone

B. resting B. playing B. weeks B. show

C. making C. staying C. invitations C. snow C. thinking about

5. A. thinking of B. knowing about

Ⅱ.听对话,选择最佳答案。每段对话读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5 6. Where is Tom going for vacation? A. Shanghai.

B. England.

7. What’s Jane doing tomorrow? A. She is babysitting her sister. B. She is playing basketball. C. She is going sightseeing. 8. When is John going camping? A. Next week.

C. Next Sunday.

A. For two weeks.

C. For three days.

A. Yes, it is.

B. No, it isn’t.

C. It’s cold.

Ⅲ.(每小题1分,满分5分) 11至12小题。 B. Watch TV. C. Go to a birthday party. B. A notebook. C. Some CDs. 听第二段对话,回答第13至15小题。 13. How was Jack’s vacation?

A. It was interesting. B. Not very good. C. It was exciting. 14. What did Jack do during the vacation?

A. He helped his parents. B. He played computer games. C. He did his homework.

15. What was the weather like in Beijing?

A. It was very cold. B. It was very cool. C. It was very warm. Ⅳ.听短文,完成表格。短文读两遍。(每小题1分,满分5分)


The summer vacation is the best time for students. They can go outdoors and have fun. They can , or go to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of his country.

This summer vacation he wants to He is interested in Chinese history. he is flying to Beijing and Xi’an for the summer vacation. He is leaving oork on the last day of the month. He fantastic vacation. During he is visiting

time. 31. A. watch TV B. exercising 32. A. buildings B. city 33. A. travelling B. shopping 34. A. something difference C. something different 35. A. Because B. So 36. A. getting back to B. get back to 37. A. having B. to have 38. A. weekend B. week 39. A. take a walk B. taking walks 40. A. great B. well Ⅲ.阅读理解(每小题2分,满分20分)

C. go sightseeing D. go fishing C. farm D. nature C. fishing D. hiking B. different something D. difference something C. But D. Although C. getting back D. gets back to C. to having D. had C. night D. day C. takes a walk C. terrible D. boring


Then we put everything into the car and we drive to the for a place for campers(露营者))In the evening we come back to the a big fire because it can keep the go to sleep early.

’t hear music from the radio in the next tent. We hope it won’A. make a plan B. take some food D. take something for cooking and eating B. by car C. by bike D. on foot B. only a few C. many D. two or three A. it is cold at night B. it can keep us warm C. it can keep the insects away D. it is dark and quiet 45. Campers like to ______ at night. A. hear music from the radio B. go to sleep early C. have rain D. be busy


The westerners have more vacation days than us.

Some people like to stay at home during their vacation. They work in the garden, visit their friends, read books or watch television. Many families take their lunch to a park or somewhere far

from the city. They like to eat under some trees or near a nice lake. If they live near the sea, they often go to the seaside. There they can fish, swim or enjoy the sun.

The westerners like travelling. They think travelling and outdoor activities are the parts of their lives. They work hard to save money, but their main purpose(目的) is to travel.

Most western students often make use of their vacation to camp. There are thousands of camp interesting bases(基地) in western countries. They can swim, go fishing, attend lectures, and take part in many other recreational(娱乐性的)the secrets of nature, train(训练) their viability(生存能力), and teach them how to be self-reliant (自立).

56. 这个周末我将去钓鱼。

I’m ______ ______ this weekend.

57. 我的叔叔现在正在巴黎度假。

My uncle is ______ ______ ______ in Paris.

58. 假期你要做什么?

What ______ you ______ ______ ______?

59. 我太累了,确实需要放松一下。

I’m ______ ______. I really need ______ ______.

60. 那听起来很有趣。祝你过得愉快。

That ______ ______ ______. Have a ______ ______.


61. Let’s gohike) this weekend.

62. Look! The boys ________(play) soccer on the playground(操场).

63. Lucy go(go) shopping twice a month.

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