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七年级unit2 This is my sister 单元练习

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望子成龙英语 一分耕耘一分收获

Unit 2 This is my sister

年级_________ 姓名_________


(一) 名词复数

(1)一般情况 + S (2)以s/ x结尾+ es (3)以ch/ sh 结尾+ es 小试牛刀:请将下列名词变为复数

apple-- desk--- bus--- box--

watch-- key--- aunt--- dish--

(二) 指示代词单复数/功能

this--these that---those


(1)Mr. White, ________ my father.

A.it is B.this is C. This

(2) These ________ brothers.

A.are my B.is my C.are I

(3) ---Are ______ your parents? ----Yes, they are.

A.this B.that C.these

(4) This is Mary and that is Kate. _________my_________ .

A.She’s; friend B.They’re; friends C.They’re; friend

(5) Hello, are________ (this) your friends.

(6) Eric’s __________ (grandparent) are in China.

(7) Jack is my friend. ___________ (that) are his two brothers.

(8) Is ___________ (those) your sister, Jane?

(9) These _________ (be) Gina and Lisa.

(10) Are these her ___________ (parent)?

(三) 指示代词/人称代词回答


(1) ---Is that a ring? ---- _________.

A.Yes, that is. B. No, it isn’t. C.Yes, it’s.

(2) --- Is this a ball? --- ________.

A.Yes, it is. B.Yes, it’s. C.Yes, this is.

(3)--- Are these his books? ----_________

A.Yes, these are. B. Yes,they are. C. No, they aren’t.

(4)--- Is this your sister? ----_________

A.No, this isn’t. B.No, it isn’t. C.No, she isn’t.

(5) --- Is that boy your brother? --- ________

A.No, that isn’t. B.No, it isn’t. C.No, he isn’t.

(6) --- Are those girls your sisters? ---- ___________.

A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, those are. C. No, those are not.

(7) --Is Jim your friend? --- ________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, he is. C. Yes, this is.

(8)--Is that girl your sister? --- ________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, she is. C. Yes, that is. 1

望子成龙英语 一分耕耘一分收获

(9) -- Is Lucy his brother? ---- _________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, he is. C. Yes, she is.



(1) Lucy is a girl. She is her father’s__________.

(2)Tom is his father’s _________.

(3)My mother’s sister is my __________.

(4) My father’s brother is my _________.

(5) My grandparents are my __________ and ________.

(6) His parents are his __________ and __________.

(五)who 用法 -- 与be动词搭配

Who _____ you? Who _______ they? Who ______ he/she?



(1)-- Is Nancy your sister? ---- ___________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes,she is. C. No, she is.

(2) ---Is ___________ your family photo?

--- Yes, it is. And ________ are my brothers.

A.this; this B.this; these C.these; this

(3) Here is __________ his family.

A.a photo of B.photos of C.the photo of

(4) I have _______ dog. _______ dog is white.

A.an; The B.a; The C.the; A

(5)--- Here is your cup. --- ____________.

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Thanks.

(6)--- __________ is she? ---- She is my sister.

A. How B. What C. Who

(7) --- Is Guo Peng your brother? --- __________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, he is. C. No, it isn’t.

(8) Dave and Anna ________ brother and sister.

A.am B.is C.are

(9) This is my twin sister Lucy, she and I _______ good at drawing.

A.am B.is C.are


(1) Who is in the ________ photo?

(2) Linda _________ a brother and a sister.

(3) Li Ying is not ________.

(4) Ann is in the school in the ______.

(5) ___________, please spell your name.


望子成龙英语 一分耕耘一分收获



A. Hello, Mary!

B. Hello, Jane! This is a photo of my ____1___. This is my aunt.

A. ___2___ he?

B. ____3___ my uncle.

A. And is he your ___4_____?

B. Yes, he’s my cousin, Grace.

A. Are these your ____5_____?

B. Yes, they are. ____6___ are my father and mother.

A. Is she your sister, Mary?

B. No, she isn’t. She is my uncle’s ____7___. She’s my cousin.

A.___8____ they?

B.They’re my grandparents.

A. Is ___9___ your brother?

B. Yes, he is my ___10____.

A. Thanks. Bye.

B. Bye.

A. Hi, this is a photo of my ____1____.

B. Oh, ___2___ these__3____ parents?

A. No, they___4_____. They are my uncle and aunt. Those are my parents. That is my father. __5__ name’s Bill. And ___6___ my mother. Her name’s Lisa.

B. Is this your grandfather?

A. Yes, it ____7____. His name is Bob. And the boy is my cousin. He’s my uncle’s ____8___.

B. Is ___9__ your aunt?

A. Yes, she is. ____10___ name’s Jenny.


Hi! My name’s Mary. Here are two nice photos of my family. In the first photo are my parents, Bill and Grace. These are my grandparents, Dave and Anna. This is my uncle. His name is John. In the next picture are my two brothers, Tony and Bob. This girl is Cindy. She is my Uncle John’s daughter. Who’s the girl? Oh, it’s me.

1. Mary’s brothers are _______.


望子成龙英语 一分耕耘一分收获

A. Bill and Bob B. Dave and Bill C. Bob and Tony

2. Bill is Cindy’s ________.

A. uncle B. father C.brother

3. Grace is _________ aunt.

A. Tony’s B. Mary’s C. Cindy’s

4. Anna is Cindy’s ______ .

A.mother B.aunt C.grandmother

5. Tony and Mary are Cindy’s _______.

A.parents B.cousins C.friends


望子成龙英语 一分耕耘一分收获 挑战自我单元基础知识检测(unit3 This is my sister)

(时间:10分钟 总分:100分)


( )1. Is she your friend? Yes, ________.

A. it is B. it isn’t C. she is D. he isn’t

( )2. Is this your brother ? No, ________.

A. it is B. it isn’t C. he is D. he isn’t ( )3. Is that your ________ ?

A. a picture B. photos C. photoes D. picture ( )4. Are ________ Lucy’s ________?

A. this, pencils B. that,pencil C. these,pencils D. those,


( )5. Is Lun Lin your father? ________.

A. Yes,it is B. No,it isn’t C. Yes, she is D. No,he isn’t

( )6. Thanks ________ your family photo

A. of B. from C. for D. to ( )7. Anna is not my sister. ________my cousin.

A. He B. He’s C. She D. She’s ( )8. Is ________ your mother? What’s ________ name?

A. he,his B. she,her C. he,her D. she,his ( )9. Who are those? ________.

A. They are my girl friends B. She is my girl friends

C. Those are my girls friends D. Those are my girl friend

( )10. Your _____ son is your brother.\

A. parents B. parent’s C. parents’s D. parents’



____ ____ your ____?


____ ____ my ____, my ____ ____.


____ ____ your ____ ____? —Yes, they ____.


This is a ____ ____ my ____.


____ ____ your English dictionary.


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