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? Listen and read the words

Unit 1
How often do you exercise ?

Section A
Period 1 (1a-2c)

1a Look at the picture.
What do they usually do on weekends ?
a, b, C, d, e, shopping reading exercising watching TV skateboarding

?What do you usually do on weekends ?
Do you often do sports ? Do you often do your homework ? Do you often watch TV ? Do you often play computer games ?

a boy like exercise very much also a boy like exercise. a girl doesn’t mind exercise . always 总是 Usually / often 通常 Sometimes


also a girl doesn’t like exercise.
a boy fat; doesn’t like exercise at all.

hardly ever D



1b listening
Listen and fill in the blanks: always(100%) go shopping usually exercise often go skateboarding sometimes watch TV hardly ever watch TV never(0%) go shopping

Reporter: What do you usually do
weekends? Boy 1: I usually exercise. Girl 1: I always go shopping. Boy 2: Eeeeew…I never go shopping. I can’t stand shopping.

Girl 2 : I often go skateboarding. Boy 2 : And I sometimes watch TV. Reporter: How about you? Girl 3: I hardly ever watch TV. I
reading. Reporter: Oh, why is that? Girl 3: Oh, I don't know. I guess I just like books.


? The question:
What do you usually do on weekends ?

? The answers:
① ② ③ ④ ⑤ I I I I I

always do my homework on weekends. usually / often watch TV. sometimes listen to music. hardly ever play computer games. never play soccer.

? ? ? ? once twice three times four times 一次 两次 三次 四次


一两次 once or twice 两三次 two or three times

? 一周一次 ? 一年一次 ? 一天两次 ? 两周一次 once a week once a year twice a day once two weeks

Listen to the tape. How often does Cheng do different things. Number the activities you hear[1-5] a, 3

b, C, d, e,

1 5 4 2

Go to the movies watch TV shop exercise read

a. b. c. d. e. go to the movies watch TV shop exercise read

How often
every day once a week twice a week three times a week once a month twice a mouth

Reporter: So, Cheng, how often
do you

watch TV? Cheng : Hmmmm…about twice a week, I guess. Reporter: Uh-huh…And how often do you read.


:Oh, I read every day at school! Reporter:How often do you go to the movies? Cheng :Uhh ... let’s see ... maybe once a month?

Reporter:How often do you exercise? Cheng :Oh,I exercise about three
times a week. Reporter:How often do you shop? Cheng :Shop? I shop about ... about twice a month.


? The question:
How often do you watch TV?

? The answers:
Twice a week.

Period 2(3-4)

Grammar Focus

What do you usually do on weekends ?

How often do you watch TV?

always /usually /often /sometimes /hardly ever /never every day /once a week /twice a month

What do you usually do on weekends ? What do they do on weekends ? What does he do on weekends ? How often do you shop ?

I usually play

soccer .

They often go to the movies. He sometimes watches TV. I shop once a month. He watches TV twice a week.

How often does Cheng watch TV ?



1. What DO Students Do at Green High School ?
助动词 “做,干”

2. the result of


如:the result of the English test 英语测试的结果

as a result (of)

因此 由于

3. As for

至于,关于 谈及

后接名词或代词。即可置于句前,也可置于句中,常用 逗号与其句子隔开。

如:1. As for the story, you’d better not
believe it.
2. I drink milk every day. As for vegetables, I try to eat more.


? What can you do to improve your English ? ? How often do you do the things ? ? Who you think is the best English student ?

?The answers :
A: How often do you read English books? B : I read English books about twice a week. A: How often do you see English movies ? B: I see English movies about once a month. A: How often do you listen English songs ? B: I listen English songs once a week.

1. The words of page 1-3 2. Activities 1b and 2a(2b) 3. Grammar Focus

Section B
Period 3 (1a-2c)

? ? ? ? ? ?

What do you like ?
junk food fruit sleep milk vegetables coffee

Do you know ?
milk junk food coffee fruit soup noodles cola vegetables eggs hamburger

milk vegetables fruit eggs soup noodles

junk food coffee hamburger cola

A: How often do you drink milk, Liu Fang ? B:I drink milk every day. A: Do you like it? B: No. But my mother wants me to drink. She says it’s good for my health.

Explanation 1. She says it’s good for my health. 她说它对我的健康有益。 此句为宾语从句, says后面跟的从 句的时态必须和主句中谓语动词时态 保持一致,都用一般现在时。 be good for 对…有好处

eg.Vegetables are good for our health. 蔬菜对我们的健康有益。 eg.Junk food are not good for our health. 垃圾食品对我们的健康有害。

? be bad for 对…有坏处 ? 扩展: 1,be good at = sb do well in 如:She is good at playing piano. = She does well in playing piano. 2,be kind to / be good to 对…好 如:She is very good to us. 3,be good with 和,,,相处的很好 如;Are you good with children?

? 2. want to do sth. 想做某事情 want sb to do sth. 想要某人做某事 want sth. 想要.. 如:I want to cry. I want to drink water. She wants you to go with her. He wants a bag .


Yes. No . I don’t know.

Is Bill healthy ?

Is Katrina healthy ? Yes . No . I don’t know.


Katrina every day every day Bill hardly ever sometimes

How often exercise eat vegetables eat fruit
How many hours do you sleep every night

every day nine

never nine

How often drink milk eat junk food

Katrina every day

Bill never

drink coffee

two or three or three times four times a a week week four times a day never

Reporter:Thanks for coming in for
interview, Katrina. Katrina: That’s OK. Thi

s is Bill. You can interview him, too. Reporter:OK, then, so, um, how often do you exercise? Katrina: Every day. the

Bill: Hardly ever. Reporter:Uh-huh. How often do you

eat vegetables and fruit? Katrina: I eat vegetables every day and I eat fruit every day. Bill: I sometimes eat vegetables ; But I never eat fruit. I don’t like it.

Reporter: All right. So how many hours

do you sleep every night? Katrina:Nine. I need lots of sleep. Bill: Same. Nine. I need lots of sleep, too. Reporter: How often do you drink milk? Bill: Never. I can’t stand milk. It’s awful. Katrina:Oh, I love milk --- I drink it every day.

Reporter:What about junk food?

How often do you eat it? Bill: I love junk food --- I eat it three or four times a week. Katrina: Yeah,I love it too. I guess I eat it two or three times a week. Reporter:And coffee? How often do you drink coffee?


Oh, I drink coffee four times a day. I love coffee. Katrina:I never drink coffee. Reporter:Well,thank you very much. Bill/Katrina:You’re welcome.

? Role play.
Interviewer: How often do you exercise? Katrina: I exercise every day. Interviewer: And how often do you…?



1. ... but I’m pretty healthy. 但是我很健康。 pretty adv. 非常 pretty good 非常好 pretty charming 非常迷人

2. I exercise every day, usually when I come home from school. 我每天锻炼身体,通常是放学后。 Come home from school 放学回家 3. eating habits 饮食习惯

4. So you see, I look after my health. 1) So you see. 那么你明白了吧。 see = understand 2) look after “照顾、照看”。 如: Can you look after my house when I leave? Please look after your own bags carefully. look 还可以和许多词搭配, 但意思 不一样。

(1)look at 看, 认真地看 如; Please look at the blackboard. (2)look for 寻找 如: I’m looking for my lost pen. (3)look into 调查 如:She wants to look into the thing. (4)look like 像 如:A looks like B. They look alike.

5. Good food and exercise help me to study better. 健康的食物和锻炼帮助我学得更好了。 (1)help sb. with sth. 帮某人某事 She often helps me with my English.

(2)help sb. (to) do sth.


Good sleep helps me (to) work better.

6. I think I’m kind of unhealthy. 我想我有些不健康。 kind of 后加形容词, 表示有点儿, 有 几分,稍微。 kind of lovely 有几分活泼 kind of fat 有点儿胖

How healthy are you ? Write about your own habits .
1,What healthy things do you do ? How often ? 2,What unhealthy things do you do ? How often ?

? How often do you eat vegetables ? ? What spots do you play ? ? Maria exercises every day . She likes to play ,,,

? How 的用法总结

Thank you for listening!

b. some time是名词词组,意为“

一段时 间”,做时间状语用
I will stay here for some time. He worked on the trouble for some time.

3. He sometimes watches TV. 注意sometimes与几个形似的词的区别。

a. sometime是副词,意为“在某个时 候”,“某时” 。
Will you come again sometime next week? She was there sometime last year.

c. some times是名词词组,意为“几次, 几倍”。
I met him some times in the street last month. The factory is some times larger than that one.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

一、词组 1. how often 多久一次 2. as for sth/ doing sth 至于,关于 3. of course=certainly=sure 当然 4. look after=take care of=care for照顾 5. hardly ever 很少 6. surf the Internet 网上冲浪 7. the results of the student activity survey 学生活动调查结果 8. be good for my health 对我的健康有益 9. her eating habits 她的饮食习惯 10. want us to eat junk food 想让我吃垃圾食品 11. exercise twice a week 一周锻炼两次 12. go skateboarding 去滑板 13. come home from school 放学回家 14. try to eat a lot of vegetables 尽量多吃蔬菜 15. healthy lifestyle 健康的生活方式 16. keep in good health=keep healthy=be in good health 保持身体健康 17. improve your English 提高你的英语水平 18. shop three or four times a month 一个月购物三次或者四次

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

二、句子 1. How often do you go to the movies? 你多久看一次电影? 2. What does she do on weekends? 她周末做什么? She often watches TV. 她经常看电视。 3. Some students are very active and exercise every day. 一些学生很活跃每天锻炼。 4. The results for “watch TV” are interesting. "看电视”这一调查结果很有趣。 5. She says eating more meat is bad for our health. 她说多吃肉对我们的健康不好。 6. How many hours do you sleep every night? 你每晚睡几个小时? 7. I’m pretty healthy but she’s kind of unhealthy. 我相当健康,而她却身体有点差。 8. My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. 我健康的生活方式有助于我取得好成绩。 9. Good food and exercise help me to study better. 好食物和锻炼帮助我学习更好。 10.Is her lifestyle the same as yours or different? 她的生活方式和你的相同还是不同? 11.So maybe I’m not very healthy, although I have one healthy habit. 所以,虽然我 有一个健康的习惯,但是也许我的身体不是很好。(英语,although 和but 不用于同一 句子中) 12.What sports do you play? 你做什么运动? I play basketball and baseball. 篮球和棒球

? 三、能力提升 ? 1、他的饮食习惯和她的一样吗? ? _______his eating habits ______ ________ ________hers? ? 2. We play football and baseball every day. (对划线部分提问) ? _________ __________ ___________ they play every day

? ? 3. People should do more sports to keep healthy.(同义句) ? =People should do more sports to _______ ______ ______ _______.

? Unit 1 How often do you exercise? 重点语法:频率副词 询问别人做某事的频繁程度 提问用 How often 引导特殊疑问句 回答用 always, sometimes, twice a day 等频率副词。 例句:A: How often do you watch TV?(你多长时间看一次电视?) B: I watch TV every day.(我每天都看 电视。) A: What's your favorite program?(你最喜欢的节目是什么?) B: It's Animal World.(是《动物世 界》。) A: How often do you watch it?(你多 长时间看一次这个节目?)

? 主要频率副词的等级排序: always(总是) > usually (通常) > often(经常) > sometimes(有时) > hardly ever(很少) > never(从不) 隔一段时间做某事数次用 数词 + 时 间间隔 的结构构成。如: once a week 一周一次(“一次” 用特殊词 once) twice a day 一天两次(“两次”用 特殊词 twice) three times a month 一个月三 次(三次或三次以上用 基数词 + times 的结构构成) eg.four times a year 一年四次

重点短语:how often 多久一次 as for 至于;关于 how many 多少(针对可数名词) how much 多少(针对不可数名词) of course = sure 当然;确信 look after = take care of = care for 照顾;照看 a lot of = lots of = plenty of 许多;大量 every day 每一天 every night 每晚 hardly ever 几乎不 be good for 对……有益 be good for one's health 有益健康 try to do sth. 尝试做某事 get good grades 取得好成绩 help sb. [to] do sth. 帮助某人做某事 kind of 有点 want [sb.] to do sth. 想要(某人)做某事 keep in good health 保持健康 No two men think alike. 人心各异。


? 1. My sister often goes shopping _________ weekends. A. in B. on C. to D. for ? 2. Li Ming always gets up early and he is ______ late for school. A. usually B. often C. sometimes D. hardly ever ? 3. — ________ do you usually do when you are free? — I often read something interesting. A. When B. What C. Why D. Where

4. — _____ do you surf the Internet, Kate? — Not often, twice a month. A. How long B. How old C. How often D. How many times 5. — What’s _____ favorite subject, David? — I like English best. A. you B. your C. his D. my 6. “75% of the students watch TV every day” means _____ students like watching TV. A. all B. some C. most D. no 7. _________ soccer, many boys play soccer once a week. A. To B. For C. As for D. As

8.My brother likes fruit a lot and he eats it three__ four times every week. A. and B. but C. or D. go ( )
9. You can’t keep birds in cages (笼子). It’s good ___ them __ in the sky. A. for; fly B. for; to fly C. of; to fly D. of; fly

10. — ___ hours do you sleep every night? — About nine hours. A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How many

12. — Why do you eat vegetables and fruit every day? — Because they help

me _______.

13. John has ______ lifestyle _______ me. We both like fruit and vegetables. ? different; as B. different; from C. the same; as D. same; with ? 14. My sister is very healthy because she often _______. A. reads B. sleeps C. exercises D. shops 15. You are too fat. You must _________ eat _____ meat. A. try; more B. try to; more C. try to; less D. try; less

A.keeping health B. keep health C. keep in good health D. keeping healthy

二.根据要求转换句型。每空一词. 1.We play soccer three times a month. (对划线部 分提问) ______ _____ do you play soccer? 2.We eat meat twice a week.(同义句)We____ meat two_____ a week. 3.Do you think he has a healthy lifestyle? (作肯定 回答) ______, I ______. 4.Her favorite program is the Animal World . (对划线部分提问) _____ ____ her favorite program? 5.I always eat junk food.(完全否定) I _____ eat junk food. 6.I sleep nine hours every night.(提问) _____ _____ hours do you sleep every night?


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