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A)根据所听到的内容,选择正确的选项。(听一遍)(5分) 1. A. a coat 2. A. 8 students 3. A. see 4. A. line 5. A. all

B. a doll B. same B. right B. four

C. a boat C. son C. like C. of

D. a ball D. 10 students] D. some D. light D. or

B. 18 students

C. 80 students

B)根据所听到的内容,选择正确的答语。(听二遍)(5分) 6. A. You are all right 7. A. It’s an English car. 8. A. Thank you. 9. A. I’m Li Ping 10. A. Come on. 11. A. on his bike 12. A. at 7:30 13. A. It’s red. 14. A. Jim is.

B. I’m all right. B. It’s green. B. It’s me

C. That’s all right. C. It’s a nice car. C. You are wrong. C. This is my teacher C. See you. C. behind the door C. at 6:45 C. It’s yellow. C. Lucy is. C. in Jiangsu.

B. You’re welcome. B. This way, please. B. under the tree B. at 7:15 B. It’s blue.


B. David is.

15. A. in Shanghai. B. near Shanghai

D)根据所听到的内容,选择意思相近的一次。(听二遍)(5分) 16. A. Let’s go to school.

B. I can spell my name. C. We must have lunch.

17. A. Tim and Tom are in the same row. B. Tim is in Row 3 and Tom is in Row 4. C. Tim and Tom are in different rows. 18. A. I don’t know her.

B. I don’t know her cat. C. I don’t know her cat’s name.

B. I don’t like purple.

19. A. Tom is in a black coat. B. Tom is in a black hat. C. Tom’s cat is black. 20. A. I like purple very much. C. You like purple very much.

E)根据所听到短文内容,选择正确的答案。(听三遍)(5分) 21. Our classroom is ________. A. old

B. small

C. new

22. What’s on my desk? ________. A. a football A. Mine

B. some English books C. a picture B. Li Ming’s

C. Wang Tao’s

23. _______ desk has a football under it. 24. Where is Wang Tao’s desk? It’s ________.


A. behind my desk A. 4:15

A. not A. are

B. beside my desk B. 4:45

C. beside Li Ming’s desk C. 4:30

D. no D. aren’t D. find D. the, /

25. The students play games at about ________. 1. Please _________ look at the blackboard.

B. don’t to B. is

C. don’t C. isn’t C. look C. /, in

2. There _________ any money on the floor. 3. Let me help you _________ the box.

A. to finds A. /, of

B. to see B. in, in

4. I can’t speak _________ English. What’s that _________ English? 5. Are Lily and Lucy in _________ class? No, they are in _________ classes.

A. the same, the different C. same, different A. watch

B. a same, a different D. the same, different C. to watch

D. to see

6. Jim likes _________ TV after school.

B. watches

7. The clothes are green. I want to _________.

A. colour it red

B. colour it to red D. colour them to red C. An, a

D. An, the

C. colour them red

A. The, the

8. _________ young man in a black shirt is _________ good worker.

B. The, a

9. It’s 7 o’clock. It’s time for _________.


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