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in space 在太空2. on a space station 在太空站3. fall in love with 爱上??4. go

skating/swimming/surfing/fishing/boating 去滑冰/游泳/冲浪/钓鱼/划船5. be able to 能??

6. the next World Cup下届世界杯7. come true 实现8. in the future 在未来9. hundreds of数以百计10. in people’s homes在人们的家中11. in every home在每个家里12. study at home on computers在家中电脑上学习13. be quite different from与?相当不同14. differences between A and B A和B的区别15. be free自由,有空16. on a piece of paper在纸上17. two pieces of paper两张纸18. live to be 200 years old活到200岁19. in 100 years 100年后20. use sth to do 用某东西做某事21. be useful for sb对某人有用22. more people 更多的人23. fewer people更少的人24. less free time较少的空余时间25. less pollution较少的污染26. use sth less较少的使用某物27. be crowded with挤满??28. in high school在高中29. in college在大学30. play the guitar弹吉他31. be married to sb与某人结婚32. a sports car一辆跑车33. Beijing City=the city of Beijing北京市34. the city of tomorrow未来的城市35. describe sth to sb向某人描述某物36. tall buildings高楼大厦37. live in an apartment住在公寓38. near here附近39. take the train to sp坐火车去某地40. take the train home坐火车回家41. fly rockets to the moon把火箭飞到月球上去42. fly to sp飞去某地43. the answer to ---??的答案44. the key to sth某物的钥匙45. on a visit to sp参观某地48. find a job as a waiter找到一份作服务生的工作49. live alone孤独的住50. do sth alone孤独的做某事51. feel lonely感到孤独52. a lonely old man一个孤独的老人53. hate to do=hate dong sth讨厌做某事54. many different pets很多不同的宠物55. keep a pet养宠物56. keep sth closed/clean/safe保持某物关闭/干净/安全57. keep doing一直做某事58. keep sb doing 使某人一直做某事59. keep on doing持续做某事60. keep sth for two days借某物两天61. during the week在整个一周期间62. look smart/worried/healthy看起来聪明/担忧/健康63. wear a suit穿西装64. on the weekend在这个周末 on weekends在周末65. casual clothes随意的服装 dress casually穿的随意66. might even甚至可能67. win the World Cup赢得世界杯胜利68. next time下次 last time上次69. the first time to do sth第一次做某事70. for the first time第一次了71. win awards=win prize获奖72. do sth for fun做某事为了娱乐73. work for oneself为自己工作74. by oneself独自,独立75. need to do 需要做某事 sth need doing某物需要做76. look smart for one’s job interview为了某人的工作面试而穿着时髦77. predict the future预测未来78. no sound in movies无声电影 79. one of the movie companies电影公司之一 80. see sb do sth看见某人做某事(全过程)81. see sb doing sth看见某人正在做某事(正在做)82. be used by sb被某人83.get ready to do 准备好做某事84.get ready for sth为??作准备85.one’s own thing某人自己的东西87.science fiction科幻小说88.be like 像---一样89.help with sth帮助某事90.help do sth帮助做某事91.try to do sth设法做某事92.make sb do sth使某人做某事93.do the same things as sb与某人做相同的事情94.this kind of robot这种机器人95.be fun to do 做某事好玩96.It’s difficult for sb to do 对于某人来说做某事是难的97.wake up醒来98.wake sb up 把某人叫醒99.there is sb doing sth有某人正在

做某事100.look more like---看起来更像101.huge arms巨手102.do simple jobs做简单的工作

103.over and over again一次又一次104.get bored变得无聊105.have sth to do有事情要做106.some ----others一些---另外---107.after sth/work/school/an earthquake在某事后/下班后/放学后/地震后108.after doing sth做某事后109.seem possible好像有点可能110.electric toothbrushes 电动牙刷111.seem impossible 似乎不可能112.happen to sb 某人发生事情??113.happen to do sth碰巧做某事114.go through穿过115.discuss with sb与某人讨论


argue with out of style in style play CDs too loud write him a letter= write a letter to him=write to him call sb up (call me up) a ticket to a ball game talk about talk with/talk to

on the phone need to do sth/need sth/ need sth to do sth pay for get a part-time job borrow?from lend?to ask?for have a bake sale join a club buy sth for sb

get a tutor to do sth /tell sb to do sth find out leave sth some place fail the exam/fail one’s exam have a fight with/fight with look up a word in the dictionary take ?from ?to

have a quick supper =have supper quickly It’s time for sth./todo sth. fit ?into

as ? as possible start?from get on well with/be good with plan?for on the one hand on the other hand a lot /much more a little/a bit/even/still better see?doing sth/see?do sth send ?to all kinds of compare ?with by themselves complain about sth/doing sth under too much pressure need time and freedom to relax


My parents want me to stay at home every night.

What’s wrong? What’s the matter?

What should I do?

You could/should say you are sorry.

I need to get some money to pay for summer camp.

He doesn’t have any money, either.

Everyone else in my class was invited except me. except+名词,宾格代词和动词ing

I can’t think what I did wrong.

I’m very upset and don’t know what to do=what I should do

My cousin is the same age as me.= My cousin is as old as me

You don’t know where your ID card is.

Life for sb is very busy.

The Taylors are like many American and British parents.

People shouldn’t push their kids so hard.

She says that these children may find it hard to think for themselves

Could you please give me some advice?

The tired children don’t get home until 7 pm.


enough +名词/形容词、副词+enough

surprise 动词 surprise sb. 名词 in surprise 吃惊地;to one’s surprise 使某人吃惊地是 拓展用法:surprised/surprising 例: I’m surprised at the surprising news.

either 也不 例: I don’t like running, she doesn’t like running, either.

任意一个。 例:Either of them is old. Would you like tea or coffee? Either is OK. sell 动词;名词sale 反义词buy 过去时 sold

lose 丢失 过去时:lost get lost 迷路

return 归还;回到 例:He borrowed a book from me last week, but he didn’t return it to me. He returned to her hometown after 20years.

? U3词组

? 1. in front of? 在?的前面(外部)

? in the front of ? 在?的前面(内部)

? 2、cut hair 剪发

? 3、in the bathroom / bedroom / kitchen / living room / barber shop


? 4、get out of ? 从?出来

? 5、talk on the phone

? 6、go into = enter

? 7、when & while (都是连词,当??的时候)

? when+ 过去时(非延续性动词),while +进行时(延续性动词)

? 表示存在状态时只能用while, 句中都为进行时时, 也只能用while

? eg. When he saw a cat in a tree, he was walking to school.

? He was walking to school when he saw a cat in a tree.

? 8. see / hear sb. do sth. 看/听见某人做过某事

? See/hear sb. doing sth. 看/听见某人正在做某事

? 9、take off 起飞,脱掉

? take out 拿出,取出

? 10、follow sb. to do sth. 跟着某人做某事

? eg, follow the teacher to read 跟着老师读

? 11、jump down (from?) (从?)跳下

? 12、run away 逃跑,跑开

? 13、walk around 绕着??走

? 14、think about (doing sth.) 考虑(做某事)

? 15、look outside 向外看

? 16、ask / tell / order sb. (not ) to do sth.

? 请求/告诉/命令某人(不)做某事

? 17、buy ---- bought think ---- thought

? find ---- found leave ---- left

? tell ---- told say ---- said

? hear ---- heard ride ---- rode

? 18.同义句转换

? too + adj./ adv. + to do sth.

? 太??而不能做某事

? not + adj./ adv. + enough to do sth.

? 不够??去做某事

? so + adj./ adv. + that + 从句

? 太??以至于

? eg. The child is too young to go to school.


? The child is not old enough to go to school.

? The child is so young that he can’t go to school. ? Reading:

? 19、hear of / about 听说

? 20、in history 在历史上

? 21、for example 例如

? 22、one of +最高级 + n. (pl.) 最?..之一

? eg. one of the most beautiful parks

? one of the tallest boys

? 23、at the / that time 在那时

? 24、have fun = have a great time = enjoy oneself

? 玩得开心,过得愉快

? 25、in silence

? 26、take place 发生(人为,按计划)

? happen 发生(自然,意外,突发事故)

? 27、in modern / recent times / history 在当/近代史上 ? 28、as + adj./ adv. + as 和??一样

? 29、first walk on the moon 首次登月行走

? 30、become rich / famous 变富有/成名

? 31、return to + a place 返回某地

? return sb. sth. == return sth. to sb. ? = get back sth. to sb. 把某物归还某人 ? 32. 一个中国民族英雄a national hero in china

? 33. 世贸中心World Trade Center

? 34.被恐怖分子破坏be destroyed by terrorists

? 35. 不是所有的事件not all events

? 36 一次车祸a car accident

? 37飞往纽约的航班the flight to New York

? 38 高兴于做某事have fun doing

? 39 告诉某人做某事tell sb. (not ) to do

? 40 记得做某事remember to do

? 41 记得做了某事remember doing

? 42 闻名世界become famous all over the world

? 4312 帮助某人某事help sb. with sth.

? 44 忙于做某事be busy doing (with ) sth.

? 45 睡懒觉sleep late

46. 做晚饭cook dinner

47 理发cut hair

48一次不寻常的经历an unusual experience

49在大约十点at around 10 o’clock

50.沿着街走walk down the street

51最日常的活动 the most everyday activities

52.冲某人大喊 shout to/at

53.你在开玩笑。 You’re kidding.

54.进来come in

? 55. 报警call the police


1.为某人举行一个惊喜宴会 have a surprise party for sb.

2.在周五晚上on Friday night

3.生??的气be mad at/ be angry with

4.不再not?anymore/any more




8.某人发生某事What happened to sb?

9.关于某物发生了什么What happened on sth?

10.令人兴奋的一周an exciting week

11.首先first of all

12.把??传递给pass sth.(on) to sb.

13.被要求或应该做某事be supposed to do

14.把某物归还某人return sth. to sb.

15.正在某人家做be at sb’s home doing sth.

16.have a hard time with sth. 在某方面感到很困难

John had a hard time with math.

=John had a hard time studying math


have a good time /have fun(in)doing sth 做某事开心

have a hard time with sb. 和某人关系处得非常不好

get on (well) with sb. 和某人相处(的好)

17.对某事感到吃惊 be surprised at sth

做某事感到惊讶 be surprised to do sth

某事令人惊讶 Sth is surprising 某人感到惊讶sb. is surprised

I ‘m surprised at the surprising news

18.听起来有趣sound like fun

10.改变某人的生活change the life of /change one’s life

20.北京大学毕业生The Peking University graduate

21.被开始be started by

22.送某人去做某事send sb to do sth

23.在中国农村地区 in China’s rural areas

24.海拔2000米2000 meters above sea level

25.使她恶心8.make her feel sick

26.同意她女儿的决定agree with her daughter’s decision

27.两者都10. both?and

11.需要经历不同的事物need to experience different things

12.大部分学生most of the pupils

13.两者之间没有不同There is no difference between?and?

14.对他们像大哥哥或大姐姐be like big brothers or sisters to them

15.可能不能做某事may not be able to do sth

16.开阔学生的视野open up students’ eyes

17.给某人一个好的开始give sb a good start

18.在孩子们的一生中in the children’s lives

19.返回到return to

20.完成学业后after finishing one’s studies

21.关心 照顾 喜欢 care for

22.处在危险中 in danger

23. 克服 原谅 get over

24.与某人大打了一架 have a big fight with sb.

25.在某方面做得好;擅长某事或做某事 do well in/ be good at

I can do better in math ./ I ‘m good at math.

In English,I’m better at reading than listening.

26.发现科学难 find science difficult.

27. 为某人捎口信take a message for sb.

28.希望做某事 hope to do sth 希望某人做某事 hope that 从句

29. I said I didn’t think it was a good idea for her to copy my home work.


30 She likes being a good influence in the children’s lives.


31. Yang lei enjoyed her time as a volunteer very much..












特殊疑问句。仍用原来的疑问词引导。Eg.“Where are you going?” the father asked his son.

The father asked his son where he was going .

祈使句。句型:tell/ask/order sb (not)to do sth

Eg.“Write your names on your papers first,” the teacher said to us.

The teacher told us to write our names on our papers first.



Eg. “Are you sorry for what you have done?”the mother asked the boy.

The mother asked the boy if he was sorry for what he had done.

陈述句 直接引语如果是陈述句,变为间接引语时,用连词that引导(that在口语中常省略) eg. He said, “I‘m afraid I can’t finish this work.”

??He said that he was afraid he couldn‘t finish that work.


He said, "Light travels much faster than sound." He said that light travels much faster than



1.穿牛仔服wear jeans 2.乘公车去某地take the bus to ? 3.让进来let in

4.为考试而学习study for the test 5.帮助某人做某事help sb (to) do sth

6.在星期六下午on Saturday afternoon 7.看录像watch a video

8.班里一半的人half the class 9骑我的自行车ride my bike

10.学校晚会的规则the rules for school parties 11.身份证ID card

12.为什么不呢Why not? (Why not 后跟动词原形eg. Why not go swimming?)

13.玩的开心 have a good time/have fun /enjoy oneself 14.拿走take away

15.全世界 all over the world /around the world 16.受教育get an education

17. 向某人大喊 shout at /to 18.谋生make a living 19.做某事有困难have a difficult doing

sth./have a hard time doing sth./ have a hard time with sth. 20.受到伤害 get injured 21. 使

生活难make life difficult 22. 有机会做某事have a chance to do sth.23. 如果你去参加派对,

你将很开心If you go to the party, you’lle hav a great time. 24. 如果你今天举办晚会,将会

发生什么?What will happen if they have the party today? (这两个句子是条件状语从句,主句是


For many young people ,becoming a professional athlete might seem like a dream job. 26.。。。

你将能做你喜欢的事情来谋生 ?.You’ll be able to make a living doing something you love.

27.时刻关注你watch you all the time 28. 到哪儿都跟着你follow you everywhere

29.在户外工作work outside 30.嘲笑laugh at


1.a pair of 一对,一双,一副 2.collect stamps 收集邮票

3.snow globe 里面有雪花的球形玻璃器 (装饰品)

4.run out of 用尽,.缺乏

5.room 空间There is no room to store my collection;

房间 There are three rooms in the house .

6.let know 告知 7.by the way 顺便说一句 8.be interested in 对?感兴趣

9. thanks for doing sth 为(做)某事感谢某人

eg: Thanks for helping me study English.谢谢你帮我学英语。

10 in fact 事实上eg: In fact I like to study in school.事实上我还是喜欢在学校学习。

11.the first one to start 第一个开始的 12. the whole five hours. 整五个小时

13. For every hour they skate, each student raises ten yuan for charity. 每


every, each 都表“每一”,但every 大家具有的共性,every 还等于all,表示全体齐全,一个不缺;


e.g. Every student is here. 学生都到齐了。

Every two weeks he goes to visit his friends in the town. 他


Each person has his own advantages. 每个人都有他的优势 (长处)。

14. on both sides of the road 在路的两边

on each /either side of the road 在路的每一边

15.on my seventh birthday 在我的第七个生日

16. raise money for charity 为慈善组织筹钱

17. two and a half years/two years and a half两年半

18.He has been living here since 2005/since he came to china.


19.They have been collecting shells for three years. 他们收藏贝壳有三年了。

20.This pair of skates looks very nice. May I try them on?这双溜冰鞋看起来很美。我可以试穿


21. in Russian style 用俄罗斯的风格 22. more than a thousand years ago一千多年前

23. be hard to understand 很难理解 24. For a foreigner like me , the more I learn about Chinese history, the more I enjoy living in China.


24.Although I live quite far from Beijing, I’m certain I will be there for the Olympic games

in 2008. 虽然我住的离北京相当远,我一定能参加2008年的奥林匹克运动会。

25. think of 想出;想起

26. I’ll miss Chinese food . 我将想念中国食物。

miss错过 I missed the early bus today. 我今天错过了早班车。


1.Would you mind not sitting in front of me

Would you mind +??doing(动名词)

Could you please +??do(动词原形 1)如果表示不介意时,可用如下用语来表达: Certainly not. / Of course not. / Sure not. No, not at all.Ok, I will do it right away/ in a

minute. Sorry, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry, I’ll do it right away/ in a minute.

2)如果表示介意时,常用Sorry. / I’m sorry.


如:—Would you mind going to the movies

this evening? 今晚去看电影好吗?

—I’m sorry. But I have to finish my homework first.



Why don’t you/Why not +V(动词)原形?

What/How about+Ving表示?

You should +V原形?

You’d better (not) +V原形?

Please +V原形?

Let’s +V原形?

Would you like to +V原形?

Could\Would you please +V原形?

Could\Would you please not +V原形?

Would you mind +Ving?

Would you mind not +Ving

3.排队等候 wait in line 4. 插队 cut in line 5. 一直;总是all the time 6. 立刻;马上 right

away/at once 7.调小 turn down 调大 turn up 关闭 turn off 打开turn on 8. 制作海报make

posters 9. 变得生气 get annoyed 10.当心;小心take care /look out /be careful

11.违规 break the rules 12.熄灭 put out 13. 捡起 pick up 14. 控制keep down 15. 在开会at a meeting 16. 跟在某人周围 follow sb. around 17. 没问题no problem 18. even if 即使

19. 和朋友在一起 be with friends 20 .make friends with? 和?交朋友 21.尽最大努力 do one’s best/ try one’s best


1入睡 fall asleep 2分发give away3而不是rather than 4说本族语的人native speaker 5取得进步make progress 6听说hear of 7对?感兴趣7 take an interest in

8与?交友make friends with 9.不够个性not personal enough 10.不够创意的 not creative enough

11.(买)围巾怎么样? How about a scarf?/How about buying a scarf?

12.为什么不买相册呢? Why not buy a photo album?/Why don’t you buy a photo album?

13.在他的第三个生日时 on his third birthday 14.最时尚的一种宠物 the trendiest kind of pet 15. 什么是你曾经收到的最好的礼物? What’s the best gift you have ever received?

16. 狗太难养了Dogs are too difficult to take care of. 17.太多的礼物 too many presents

18.树叶子 a leaf from a tree 19.太多的钱too much money 20.much too noisy太吵了

21.而不是 rather than eg. He want to ask their friends to give money to charity rather than buy them gifts. 他们想让他们的朋友把钱捐给慈善组织而不是给他们买礼物。He would like tea rather than coffee. 他想要茶而不是咖啡。22.稍后,同样的礼物可能赠送给别的人。Later,the same gift may be given away to someone else. 23. 用不同的方式 in different ways

24.improve English 提高英语 25. 参加比赛 enter a contest 26. 全中国 all over China/across China/ around China 27. 其余的歌手 the other singers 28. any other singer其他的任意歌手 29.使某人对。。。感兴趣 make sb. interested in ? 30.encourage sb to do sth.鼓励某人做某事 31. 通过唱英语歌曲 by singsing English songs 32. It is a good idea to have fun with English 它是快乐学英语的好主意。33. besides doing sth/sth 除了。。。之外,还有。。。 34. 这个电影很乏味,我看到中间就睡着了。The movie was boring ,I fell asleep half way through it.



1.amusement park 游乐园

2.hear of 听说

3.around the world 全世界

4.roller coaster 过山车

5.in the same place 在同一地方

6.take a ride on the boat 坐船兜风

7.an English-speaking country 一个说英语的国家

8.all over the world 全世界

9.think about 考虑

10.in southeast Asia 在东南亚

11.on the other hand 在另一方面

12.on the one hand 在一方面

13.during the daytime 在白天

14.close to 靠近

15.walk around 四处走动;到处走走

16.all the time 一直

17.take different routers 选择不同的路线

18.an exchange student 交换生

19.such as 例如

20.whether? or 不管?还是

21.at night 在晚上

22.all year round 一年到头;终年

23.on board 在船上

24.tour guide 导游

25.Night Safari 夜间动物园

26.wake up 醒来/wake him up把他叫醒

27.end up doing/with sth. 以? 结束;

28.water park 水上公园

29.travel to 去什么地方旅行

30.improve your English 学好英语

31.flight attendant 空姐

32.choose to do sth 选择做某事

33.far from离什么什么远

34.natural environment 自然环境

35.three quarters of the water 四分之三的水

36.be asleep 入睡

37.most of 的大多数

38.the theme of 的主题

39.see sb doing sth 看见某人正在做某事

40.the best way to do sth 做某事的最好方法

41.have problem (in) doing sth 做某事有困难

42.seem +形容词 看起来像

43.I have been to the zoo a lot of times. 我去过动物园很多次。

44.Me, too./So have/do?I.;Me neither./Neither(Nor) have/do?I.

45.And you can see Disney characters walking around Disneyland all the time!

46.rather than 而不是 instead of 代替;而不是


1、Violin music小提琴曲 2、be late for\to do sth迟到做某事 3、I hope so我希望如此 I hope not我不希望这样4. by noon 到中午时 at noon 在中午 5. be crowded 拥挤6. look through 浏览 look like 看起来像7. wait in line 排队等候 cut in line 插队8. cross a busy street 穿过拥挤的街道 9. tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人有关。。。10. feel like+名词 感觉像 feel like part of the group feel like doing sth. = want to do 想要11. be careful 当心 be careful to do / not to do 当心做/不做。。。12. at least 至少 13. come along 过来14. It looks like rain, doesn’t it? 看起来要下雨了,是吗?15、be friendiy to 对某人友好 16、thank you note感谢信 17、thanks for doing 因某事感谢18、It isn’t easy doing\to do sth. 做某事不容易19、have a wonderful time=have a good time祝你玩得愉快20、on Saturday night在周六晚上 21、have a hard time doing 做某事有困难22、Friends like you make it a lot easier to get along in a new place 像你这样的朋友会使得在新环境里生活变得比较容易一些 23、I’ll think of you as we watch the Black Socks win the game. 我会想起你,当我们看到黑袜赢得比赛。think of 想起,思考 24. watch sb.do sth.观看某人做某事 watch sb doing sth.观看某人在做某事



(2)原因:(1)自然因素。 (2)人为因素:以燃煤为主的中国能源结构,以及大量的城市机动车尾气排放直接导致了雾霾天气,其次是高污染企业的废气排放、工业化和城镇化大规模建设的扬尘。危害:危害身体健康;威胁生态平衡;直接制约着经济社会的可持续发展。












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