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Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake

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Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

SectionA 1a-2d

Jiang Renan Yushan High School Xiangzhou County Xiangyang City

一、 Analysis of the teaching(教材分析)

English new course standard emphasizes to develop students’ communication ability.In this unit,students will learn how to describe a process.And they will learn about some western food.It’s important for us teachers to give all kinds of tasks in this lesson.Students can learn the language through communication,activities and cooperation.

二、 Teaching objectives(教学目标)

(一)、Knowledge and obilities(知识与技能)

1. Master the key words and expressions:



How do you make a banana milk shake?


How many bananas do we need?

We need three bananas.

How much yogurt do we need?

We need one cup of yogurt.

2.Be able to understand the dialogues about describing a process and

Follow instructions.

(二)、Process and method(过程与方法)

1.Learn the new words and target language in Section A.

2.Guess and list information step by step.

- 1 - on,blender,peel,pour,watermelon,spoon,add, ,salt,yogurt,

3.Get the students to do pairwork and fill in the charts.

(三)Feelings,attitudes and values(情感,态度和价值观)

1.Knowing that it is not easy to be a chef.

2.There is a lot of fun in cooking.Nothing can stop a man who can do anything.

三、Teaching key points(教学重点)

1.Master the new words and phrases.

2. Master the target language.

四、Teaching difficult points(教学难点)

Be able to talk about the process of making a kind of food.

五、Teaching preparation(教学准备)

A tape recorder and a projector.

六、Teaching procedures(教学过程)

Step1 Warm-up

Play a piece of music 《Food and drink》for students to listen .

(This activity make students be interested in this English lesson.)

Step 2 Revision

(1) Get one student to give duty report about his lifestyle .

T: Everyone likes to sing and talk . Would you like to talk about yourself ? Please come here and give your duty report .

S1 : Yes, I‘d love to .

(2)The other students ask and answer by listening to the report .

(3)Get students to discuss these questions . Show pictures and review the names of some fruit.

T: What kind of fruit do you like ? Do you like bananas? What is your favorite drink ? Ask students to discuss these questions in two or four and show their answers - 2 -

(This activity provide spoken English and listening practice)

Step 3 Presentation

T: Today we are going to learn a new kind of drink--a banana milk shake . Do you want to know how to make it?

S2: Sorry, I don‘‘t know.

T: Never mind. I can make. Now let us study Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake.

(This activity present this lesson, in order to know the content of lesson clearly ) Step 4 Introduce the ingredients

T: Let‘‘s see how to make a banana milk shake. We need lots of ingredients . For example: bananas, milk, yogurt, blender, knife, ice cream and so on.

Look at the screen and have the students read after the teacher

T:How many bananas do we need ? How much milk do we need ?

Students discuss two questions in pairs .

(This activity let students know how to make a banana milk shake.)

Step 5 Demonstrate the process of making

First show the process of making a banana milk shake . Then let students repeat . At last ask students one another to repeat by looking at the screen .

(1)Peel three banana

(2)Cut up the bananas.

(3)Put the bananas and ice cream in the blender.

(4)Pour the milk into the blender.

(5)Turn on the blender

(6)Drink the milk shake.

Step6 Practice

- 3 -

T:What did you have for breakfast?S1:I had some eggs,some bread and milk.

T:Good.How many eggs did you eat?How much milk did you drink?

Teach students: a cup of, two spoons of, three pieces of

Then teach Activity 2a and 2b.First listen,then answer the questions:

1.How many bananas do we need? 2. How much yogurt do we need?

Play the recording again and fill in the chart on Page58 Activity2b.

Step7 Pairwork

Read the instruction of this activity.Point to the sample conversation,ask two students to read the questions and answers to the class. Then,have students work in pairs to role-play the conversation.

Step8 Consolidation

T:Anna want to make Russian soup for a party. Can you make Russian soup?Now let’s read the conversation individually to get the main idea.

After that lead students to read the conversation sentence by sentence.Explain some language points together.

(This activity aims to provide speaking practice using the target language.)

Step 9 Summary

In this period,we learned the instructions to make banana milk shake through some listening and speaking practice.And we’ve also learned the difference between how many and how much in question sentences.

Step10 Homework

1. Learn the new words and target language by heart.

2. Do some exercises for consolidation.

3. Preview the next period.

Board writing(板书设计)

- 4 -

1. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

Thank you for ______Anna’s Cookery show. Today let’s make a pizza.________, mix 2 cups of flour, 2 spoons of butter and 1 cup of milk up to make a curst. ________, put tomato _______ on the curst._________, put green pepper, sausage and _______ on top of it. _____ that, some cheese on them. _________, bake the pizza in a hot oven for 20 ________ .

2. Complete the conversation according to the passage above.

A: Can you tell me how to make a pizza?

B: Sure.

A: _______ can I make a crust?

B: You need some _________ , _________ and some milk.

A: _______ milk shall I pour into it?

B: _______ is enough.

A: Can I ________ them up all like this?

B: Yes. You do a good job. Now pour some _________on the crust. And then put the small pieces of _________, ________,_________, and _________ on top of it.

A: ________, ________do I bake them in the oven?

B: 20 minutes. But don’t forget to add cheese on it

- 5 -

__________ you bake it.

3. Exploring world

This is a broken recipe for duck stew. Could you number them from 1 to 8?

( )salt in it when it boils the second time.

( )add four large bowls of water to cook it.

( )milk. Then put some tomato sauce and a little ( )First cut three potatoes into thin slices and put them

( )into the saucepan with a little duck.

( )Finally cook for 40 minutes.

( )After it boils, pour a cup of

( )Next 教学反思














- 6 -

- 7 -

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