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新课标七年级英语上册第二单元测试题 姓名


1.What’s this in E ? 6.Is your watch in the l and found case?

2.Call Jane a 635-2469. 7.Is this y eraser?

3.My b is big. I can put many things in it. 8.How do you s pencil?

4.Is that your c game in the case? 9.A set of k is on your desk.

5.I want to buy two pencil s . 10.He can’t find the word in the d .


1.______(I) name is Lisa Barnes. 6.Jenny is a girl. _______(she) family name is Green.

2.What’s ________(you) name, please? 7.He is a boy and she is a _______(boy的对应词).

3.Nice _________(meet) you ,too. 8.I have ______(yes的反义词) notebook.

4.That is _______(Jim) watch 9.My friends ______(be) Gina and Sonia.

5.I ________(be) an English schoolgirl. 10.______(he) pencil is in the pencil case.


( )1.-How do you spell ring? -___________.

A.It’s a ring B.r-i-N-g C.R-I-N-G D.a ring ( )2.Is that __________ pencil case? A.he B.him C.his D.he’s

( )3.What’s this _________? A.in english B.In English C.of English D.in English ( )4.-Lucy, you speak Chinese very well. -Oh, really? __________.

A.Tank you B.I’m sorry C.That’s OK D.You’re welcome ( )5.-Is this an orange? -Yes, ___________.

A.it’s B.its not C.it is D.is it

C.am D.are ( )6.Tom and Jim __________ in Class 3. A.Is B.be

( )7.-What’s your telephone number? -___________ 555-778.

A.This B.That C.It D.It’s

( )8.There is ________ basketball here. Do you like playing _________ baseball?

A.a; a B.a; / C.the; the D.a; the

( )9.-Hello, Miss Chen. __________? -Fine, thank you.

A.Nice to meet you B.How do you do C.How are you D.Are you Miss Chen ( )10.-__________. What’s this in English? -__________, I don’t know.

A.Excuse me; Sorry

B.Excuse me; Excuse me C.Sorry; Sorry D.Sorry; Excuse me



1.Is this your computer?(改为肯定陈述句) _________ _________ your computer

2.You, do, game, how, spell?(连词成句) _________ _________ you _________ game?

3.He can spell baseball.(改为否定句) He _________ _________ baseball.

4.Is this a blue ruler?(否定回答) _________, _________ _________.

5.My friends are fine.(对划线部分提问) _________ _________ your friends?


6.那是你的金戒指吗?Is _______ your ________ __________?

7.今天晚上你能给我打电话吗? Can you _______ ________ this ________?

8.把你的笔记本放在你的背包里。 Put your _________ _________ your backpack.

9.你的棒球在书桌里吗?________ your _________ __________ the desk?

10.让我们一起去玩电脑游戏吧。 ________ go and play _________ __________.


A: Goodbye. B: Thank you. Goodbye. C: Is it your notebook? D: B-A-C-K-P-A-C-K .E: Oh, it’s a backpack.

F: By the way (顺便问一下),what’s that in English? G: How do you spell backpack? H: Hi, Sam. Is this a notebook? I: Yes, it is.J: Yes, it is mine.


What this? a backpack. Its my computer. Is that a computer, too? TV set. I it Saturday evening. It is a TV set.

( )1.A.is B.are C.am D.be

( )2.A.He’s B.She’s C.It’s D.Is

( )3.A.ruler B.ring C.backpack D.book

( )4.A.TV set B.computer C.case D.pencil

( )5.A.hers B.she C.her D.I

( )6.A.Yes, it is B.Yes, it isn’t

( )7.A.I C.No, it is D.No, it isn’t B.my C.her D.his

( )8.A.look B.see C.watch D.listen

( )9.A.on B.in C.at D.to

( )10.A.my B.well C.her D.good

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