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Principles for Oral English Class
? Different roles of teacher & student
Teacher: organizer, instructor, cooperator, supervisor Student: participant, learner

? Student-oriented activities
games, competitions, pictures, debates, role plays, situational performances, etc.

? Listening & speaking combination
input & output

? In-class & out-class combination
three short plays & English corner

We are “Animals”
lion zebr a


Activity for Breaking the Ice
Find someone who…
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ think human beings are animals. would like to have domestic animals as pets. would like to have wild animals as pets. think we should eat animals. think we shouldn’t eat animals. think panda will be extinct 100 years later. will do something to protect animals. think human beings can live without animals. think the old people should have pets. think experiments on animals should be banned.

Pair Work Can you describe the living tree? living plant mammal human non-human animal non-mammal bird fish insect

tiger lion elephant…

Which group can give more animals in 1 minute?

domestic animals
domestic mammals
Group 1

domestic birds
Group 2

domestic animals
domestic mammals
pig, ox (cow) sheep (goat) horse donkey dog cat

domestic birds
chicken (hen, cock) duck, goose, pigeon parrot (鹦鹉) quail (鹌鹑) myna (八哥儿)

Wild animals
carnivorous (flesh-eating) herbivorous (grass or plants eating)

Can you bear in the mind all the following animals in English in 2 minutes? 1. giraffe(长颈鹿) 11. baboon(狒狒) 2. elephant 12. gorilla(大猩猩) 3. monkey 13. chimpanzee(黑猩猩) 4. zebra(斑马) 14. gibbon(长臂猿) 5. goral(斑羚) 15. crow(乌鸦) 6. rhinoceros(犀牛) 16.swan(天鹅) 7. antelope(羚羊) 17. hippo(河马) 8. lion, tiger 18.eagle/hawk 9. leopard 19.dolphin(海豚) 10. penguin(企鹅) 20. crocodile

Watch Video & Find Animals
1. How many kinds of animals can you get? 2. Share the animals you get within your group.
Be sure to call them in English!

Group Discussion
1. Which kind of animals would you like to have as pets? Domestic animals or wild animals? Why? 2. Do you agree or disagree that city people have animals as pets? Why?

Animals description competition
Group 1 vs. Group 2

Group 1


Elephant ---trumpet象吼叫






(growl) . 狼嗥叫

cock/rooster ---crow公鸡啼鸣;喔喔声

Dog bark:狗及狐狸的叫声

Horse neigh:(马等)嘶叫声

Pig ---grunt:(猪等)咕噜声

Lion ---roar:(狮虎等)咆哮声

Group 2

Bird --twitter/chirp:吱吱叫、鸣声

Cat ---mew:猫叫声





Duck ---quack:(鸭等)嘎嘎声




Points of view
There is no difference between eating cows and whales.

Listen & answer (Tomoko and Carlos

) 1. Who is against eating meat? 2. Who is in favor of eating some kinds of whales? 3. Who talks about experiments on plants?

Read aloud with partner in roles
Take notice of words or phrases that you think are important!

Compete for chance to answer
Are you ready?!

Find a word that means “worried/anxious/unhappy”

Find a phrase that means “socially accepted habits or practice in a certain region”

Find a word that means “differentiate/to be different”

What should we call the people who eat only vegetables?

Find a phrase that means “道德上错误的”

Find a word that means “having ability of reasoning or understanding”

Find a word that means “a group of plants or animals that are of the same kind”

Find a word that means “disappeared/die out”

Find a word that means “strongly blame”

Find a word that means “shocked”

Find a word that means “consciousness(意识)”

“Question & yes-no” game (I)
Within group One student think of a kind of animal in mind. The other students ask questions, trying to know what it is. The answer holder can only say “yes or no”. See which student can get the answer first.

“Question & yes-no” game (II)
Interaction between teacher & class Teacher thinks of a kind of animal in mind and the whole class ask questions.

Situation 1: one student serves as a salesclerk in a pet shop, while the others as customers trying to buy some kind of animals as pets. The clerk recommends them some animals and tells about their advantages & disadvantages.

Role play in groups

Situation 2: One student serves as a hunter, while the other students as different animals who can speak English. They are discussing “to kill or not to kill animals”. Why?

Debating (I)
Within group
2 or 3 students support the affirmative point, while the others support the negative point.

?Affirmative: We should eat animals. ?Negative: We shouldn’t eat animals.

Debating (II)
Whole class involvement ?Affirmative: We should eat animals. (sitting on one side) ?Negative: We shouldn’t eat animals. (sitting on another side)

After-class assignment

Do remember to prepare your short plays! Otherwise I’ll shoot you!

Thank you for attention! Any criticism and advice are welcome!

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