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(一)听下面五个句子,选出你听到的短语。(5分) ( )1. A. talk to

B. talk with

C. talk about D. talk together C. play volleyball C. look like C. a little C. How

D. play sports D. look it D. a bit D. What much

( )2. A. play basketball ( )3. A. like look ( )4. A. a kind

B. play football B. like it

B. kind of B. How much

( )5. A. A. How many

(二)听下面一段对话,回答6——7 小题。(2分) ( )6. A. 3624578 ( )7. A. play tennis

B. 3642578

B. watch TV

C. 3624758 D. C. A and B D.

(三)听下面一段对话,回答8——10 小题。(3分) ( )8. A. hospital ( )9. A. teacher

B. school

B. doctor

C. factory C. nurse C. I

D.restaurant D. cook D. My doctor

( )10. A. My father

B. My mother

二. 完形填空(10分)

at six in

, so she " What do you want a holiday for, mummy?" " I want to have a good rest," says the woman. ."

and a new His mother asks, "Would you like to go to school, my dear?"

" I'd like to,"says the boy. " I am going to have a holiday, too!" ( ) 1. A. lives

B. works

C.studies C. get up C. supper C. water

D. plays D. get on D. meal D. food D. on the farm D. tells D. pictures D. also D. term D. Or

( ) 2. A. go to work B. go to bed ( ) 3. A. breakfast ( ) 4. A. books ( ) 5. A. at home ( ) 6. A. speaks ( ) 7. A. food ( ) 8. A. to ( ) 9. A.day

B. lunch

B. paper

B. at school

C. at work C. says

B. talks

B. animals

C. children C. too C. month C. At

B. can B. week B. Then

( ) 10. A. Than

三. 阅读理解(10分)

One day, the wind starts an argument (争论) with the sun. " I am much stronger than you

are!" says the wind. " No, " answers the sun. " I am much stronger than you are."

When they are arguing, they see a man walking down the road. He is wearing a heavy coat. The sun says to the wind, " Now let's see which of us can make the man take off his coat. Then we will know who is stronger."

First the wind tries. He begins to blow (吹) very hard. He blows so hard that the man pulls his coat around him. The wind is angry with the man. Then the wind says to the sun, "Now it's your turn. Let me see if you can make him take off his coat."

The sun begins to shine on the man. Soon it gets very hot! The man takes off his coat. 一天,风开始争论(争论)与太阳。”我比你更强大!”说风。”不,”太阳回答。”我比你更强大。”


第一个风儿。他开始吹(吹)很难。他吹得人就把外套裹。风与男人生气。然后风对太阳说,“现在轮到你了。让我看看你能不能让他脱掉他的外套。” 太阳开始照耀在人。它很快变得很热!他脱下外套。 ( ) 1. It is winter.

( ) 2. One day the wind starts an argument with a man.

( ) 3. The wind and the sun want to know who is stronger by making the man take off his coat.

( ) 4. The wind is stronger than the sun.

( ) 5. The sun is angry with the man because he can't take off his coat.

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