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初中英语导学案8A Unit2(05)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit2



1. 运用more …than, fewer …than,和 less…than比较数量。


1. 学习用more …than, fewer …than,和 less…than来进行数量的比较,让学生注意可数名词和不可数名词。


I. 选词填空。

1、It’s ________for the students to work hard at all the subjects.

2 May I look at your _______?

3. Kitty has the ______money of the three.

4. I have _______friends here than you.

II. 翻译句子

1. 他父亲的钱比我父亲的多。

His father has ________ _________ than my father does.

2. 这本书比那本书有趣。

This book is _________ ___________ than that one.

3. 这个杯中的水比那个杯中的水少。

There is _________ __________ in this cup than in that one.

4. 我的空余时间比你的空余时间多。

I have __________ free time than________.


Step I 呈现

1. 呈现课本28页A部分第一幅图片,与学生展开问答:

T: Who has more flowers?

S: Millie does.

T: Yes, Milllie has more flowers. Millie has more flowers than Amy. Who has fewer flowers? S: Amy does.

T: Yes. Amy has fewer flowers. Amy has fewer flowers than Millie.

2. 继续呈现第二幅图片,让能力较强的学生模仿上述句型进行有关CD数量的比较。可叫2至3组学生进行相同的对话,教师指导并纠正错误。

3. 教师用多媒体呈现一个表格,表格中含有Betty和 Linda的铅笔,书包,橡皮等学习用品。让学生就这些物品用上述句型进行小组练习。最后叫若干组进行表演。

Step II 呈现

1. 呈现课本28页A部分第三幅图片,与学生展开问答:

T: Who has more orange juice?

S: Sandy does.

T: Yes, Sandy has more orange juice. Sandy has more orange juice than Simon. Who has less orange juice?

S: Simon does.

T: Yes, Simon has less orange juice. Simon has less orange juice than Sandy.

2. 教师再呈现一个表格,表格中含有Simon, Sandy拥有的汤,鱼等。让学生就这些物品,运用上述句型进行小组练习。最后叫若干组进行表演。

3. 让学生观察上面的句型,和学生一起得出结论;

Comparing two things:

more /fewer + (countable) nouns + than

more/less+ (uncountable) nouns +than

Step III 练习

1. 让学生认真阅读28页A1部分表格,了解不同学生有关学校生活的几组数据,然后两人一组找出正确的信息将四个句子补充完整,并进行造句。

2. 让学生用自己的信息将A1表格补充完整,并与表格中数据进行比较,开展造句练习,先口头再笔头,完成28页A2部分。

3. 完成29页A3。

Step IV 呈现


T: How many points did each of the students score?

S: Amy scored 72 points. Sandy scored 68 points. Simon scored 65 points.

T: Who scored the most points?

S: Amy did.

T: Yes, Amy scored the most points. And who scored the fewest points?

S: Simon did.

T: Yes, Simon scored the fewest points.


2. Make sentences with “the most/fewest/least” !



Comparing more than two things:

the most/the fewest + (countable) nouns.

the most/the least+ (uncountable) nouns.

4.Please use more /fewer /less …than or the most/fewest/least to compare.

5. Many, many—more—the most,

Much, much—more—the most,

Few, few—fewer—the fewest,

Little, little—less—the least,

Step V 练习

1. 利用28页A1部分的表格,让学生运用上述句型进行小组练习,然后让若干组学生进行


2. 指导学生完成30页B3部分比较学校活动的练习。



I. 选择填空

( ) 1. Chinese students have weeks in the summertime than

American students.

A. more; on B. fewer; on C. more; off D. less; off

( ) 2.I have money than you, but I have friends than you.

A. more; more B.less; more C.fewer; more D.more; less ( )3. Of all the stories, this one is ______________.

A. the more interesting B. the most interesting

C. the very interesting D. the much interesting

( )4. She is better at English than ___________ in the class.

A. any other student B. the other student

C. the one of any other student D. those of any other student

( )5. I can’t do the job _______ you.

A. so bad as B. as badly as C. as worse as D. so worst as

( )6. Students are very busy because they have so ______ books to read and so _______

homework to do every day.

A. many, many B. much, much C. many, much D. much, many

( )7. The Maths problem is so difficult that ____ students can work it out.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )8. __________ thing is to study hard.

A. The most important B. Most important

C. More important D. The important

( )9. Peter is very ________. He is _________ than Jack and I. He is _______ of us.

A. taller, tall, the tallest B. tall, more tall , the tallest

C. taller, much taller, the tallest D. tall, much taller, the tallest

( )10. The Changjiang River is _________ in China.

A. one of the long river B. longest river

C. one of long river D. one of the longest rivers

II. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。

1. I am old enough to look after (I). You needn’t worry about me.

2. Which subject is (interesting), History, Geography or Science?

3. What’s the (long) of your desk? It’s about one meter.

4. My father can do it ________(easy)

5.His school has _______ (few) teachers than ________ (I).

6.American students spend ________ (little) time ________ (do) homework than Chinese students.

III. 翻译句子


He __________ _______ __________ trees ______ ________ 2.我认为数学比历史重要。

I think math is ________ ___________ _________ __________.


Nancy _________ __________ __________ __________ I.


John ________ ________ ____________ __________ Nancy.


Kitty is _______ _____________ _________ ________ our class.


Jim _______________________________.


I _________________________________.


Your school uniforms are_____________________.


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