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( )1. ---- How do you study ______ a test? ---- I study ______ working with a group.

A: for by B: by in C: for from

( )2. Have you ever ______ with a group?A: study B: studying C: studied

( )3. My sister said she studied by ________ English-language videos.A: watch B: watching C: watched ( )4. What about _______ the textbook?A: reading B: read C: to read

( )5. It improves my _______ skillsA: spoken B: speak C: speaking

( )6. I have trouble ________ the new words.A: memorize B: memorizing C: to memorize ( )7. I don’t know how ________ commas.A: use B: to used C: used

( )8. Miss Li regards all his students _______ his children.A: as B: for C: to ( )9. If you don’t know how to spell new words, look them _____ in a dictionary.A: up B: for C: after ( )10. The small boys decided ________ to each other.A: not talk B: not talking C: not to talk ( )11. I found difficult to learn English grammar.A. it B. that C. it is

( )12. Chinese English learners often talk about topics in English at first but___ up in Chinese at last.

A. finish B. start

( )13. When she was a child, she C. end piano. D. stay D. that is

A. enjoys playing B. enjoyed play

( )14. ---Thank you for helping me a lot. ---- C. enjoy play the D. enjoyed playing the .

D. No problem

. A. Never mind B. You are welcome C. It doesn’t matter. ( )15. Lily didn’t know the answer. I didn’t know the answer,

A. too B. also C. either

( )16. After hearing her words, my teacher was A. impressed B. impressing

( )17. Remember not to speak

A. fast B. loudly

( )18. She needs a partner D. neither . C. to impress D. impresses when we are in the reading room. D. quickly C. quietly .

A. to practice English B. practicing English C. to practice English with D. practice English with

( )19. She said she had some trouble ___________ her homework. A. finish B. finishing C. to finish D. finished

( )20. I spend some time ________ newspaper every day. A. read B. reading C. to read D. on read


( )6. They enjoyed _____ piano. A. play B. playing the C. playing

( )7. _____ you _____ to go to the park when they were children? A. Did, use B. Did, used C. Do, use

()8. Mary _____ six dollars for the pen. A. spent B. paid C. cost

()9. I’m _____ in the _____ film. A. interested, interested B. interested, interesting C. interesting, interested

()10. --- ________? --- She is medium height. A. What’s she like? B. How is she? C. What does she like? ()11. He _____ has time for concerts, does he? A. hard B. hardly C. already

()12. My life _____ a lot in the last few years. A. change B. changed C. has changed

()13. I will eat ice, meat _____ noodles. A. instead of B. stead of C. instead for

( )14. There used to be a tall tree in front of our classroom. _____? A. used there B. didn’t there C. wasn’t there


( )15. That _____ like a good idea. A. sound B. sounds C. looks

()16.Yesterday they watched spiders and other insects _____. A. all the time B. all time C. along the time ()17. He used to be ______ the children with ghost(鬼样的) stories. A. terrify B. terrified C. terrified of ()18. Uncle Wang__________ a worker and he is seventy now. A. uses to B. used to C. used to be ()19. He has__________ eaten dumplings, has he? A. ever B. never C. just

( )20. When he was young, he used___________ swimming in the river.A. to going B. to go D. go ( )21. Let’ s go to watch the football match, _________ ? A. don’t we B. do we C. shall we ( )22. My sister has been in America for half a year. She ___the life there.

A. is used to B. used to C. is used

( )23. She’s never read this book before. ___________? A. has she B. hasn’t she C. is she ( )24. Peter will come back tomorrow. __________ ? A. will he B. won’t he C. won’t Peter

( )25. Zhao Ruirui is______ the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. A. at B. on C. to 书面表达(共1题;满分10分)

上周,你班以“告别陋习,走向文明”为主题进行了一次班会活动。通过活动,同学们收获很大,尤其是李华同学进步最快。请你根据表格内容以“Li Hua’s Changes”写一篇关于李华的短文;倡导大家都向李华同学学习。

要求: 1.语句通顺,语法正确,字数80词左右。



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