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九年级英语Unit1 Reading

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Unit 1

Reading Comprehension

Word Study on P8

deal unless unfair affect solve challenge


smart duty instead



处理,对付;对待 经营;交易

unless conj. 如果不,除非 unfair adj. 不公平的;不公正的 affect
不正当的 v. 影响;对??发生作用 使??感动,使??震动



解决;解释;阐明 解,解答(数学题) 挑战, 邀请比赛

challenge n.

v. 把??看作,
把?? 认为

尊敬?? ,尊重??

smart duty



潇洒的,伶俐的, 机警的;精明的 n. 责任;义务;本分 职责;职务

instead adv. 作为替代

1a Can you think of any problem you have had recently?Tell a partner how you dealt with them.

1. I quarreled with my friends, and I know I was wrong.
2. It was too hot. I want to eat ice-cream, but I didn’t have enough money.

3. I’m good at English. But I didn’t get good grade in last exam. 4. I like basketball very much. But I have no time.

Look up the meaning of each word in the box in a dictionary. See page8, 1b. deal(n.) unless(conj.) unfaire(adj.) affect(n.) solve(n.) duty(n.) challenge(n.) regard(n.) smart(adj.) instead(adv.)


How do we deal with our problems?

…unless we deal with our problems, we can easily become unhappy.
??如果我们不解决问题,就 很容易不快乐。

…you felt they were unfair.

When we are angry, however we are usually the ones affected.
我们生气时,自己却通常是 受害者。

…we can solve a problem by learning to forget. We must learn how to change these “problems” into “challenges”.
我们必须学会如何将这些“问题”转换 成“挑战”。


Stephen Hawking, …, who regards his many physical problems as unimportant.
史蒂芬?霍金认为他身体方面的许多 问题不重要。

We are probably quite healthy and smart.

Let’s not worry about our problems. Let’s face the challenges instead.

As young adults, it is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teachers.
作为青年人,在老师的帮助下尽力去应 对学习上的每一个挑战是我们的义务。

Read the passage and do the

following exercises

Answer these questions: 1.Does everyone have their problems? 2.How do we deal with our problems? 3.How does Stephen Hawking deal with his problems?

Answer these questions: 1.Does everyone have their problems? Yes,they are. 2.How do we deal with our problems? By learning to forget,by regarding problems as challenges,by thinking of something worse.

3.How does Stephen Hawking deal with his problems? He regards his many physical problems as unimportant.

4. Who may ha

ve no problem in life? A: Rich people B: Poor people C: Young people D: Nobody 5. If we can’t deal with our problems, we can’t ______ easily. A: ride our bicycles well B: learn English well C: enjoy ourselves

6. What can we learn about Stephen Hawking from the passage? A: He isn’t a healthy man. B: He isn’t a successful man. C: He isn’t a smart man. D: He isn’t a famous man.

7. Why do many students often complain about school? A: Because they think the school rules are too strict. B: Because they feel they have too much work to do. C: Because they think the teachers aren’t fair to them. D: A, B and C, might all be possible.

Notes; 1.deal with ? I have many problems to deal with. ? My bother will deal with you later on. 2.reguard...as I regard him as my best friend.

3b Write out the example given for the context used in the reading.

A soldier must do his duty. It is smart of you to bring smart(adj) a map. We can solve a problem by solve(v) oureslves regard(v) I regard your advice as the first. instead(adv) We’ve no coffee. Would y like tea instead. duty(n)

3c Reading Comprehension By talking to people about them by thinking your problem √ is not big by breaking off a friendship by trying to forget about them √ by seeing a psychologist by thinking of a problem in a positive way √


1. Worrying about our problems can affect how we do at school.动名词短 语在句中做主语,起名 词的作用。 Eg. Doing exercise is a good way to keep healthy.

2. regard sth as… 将…视为,将…看作 as后可接名词或形容词。 Eg. They regarded him as their leader. she was regarded as clever and brave.

按要求完成下列任务 1. 英汉互译 I study English by listening to cassettes.(听录音带) by studying with a group. ( ) by watching English programs on TV. ( ) by taking part in English classes after school. ( )

Review of the whole unit

I study English ________________(读教科书) _______________(认真完成作业)


根据你自己的实际情况,完成 下面的题目。 (1)How do you study English? (至少回答三种答案) a.________________________. b.________________________. c.________________________. d.________________________.

在第一题中所列的方法中选出 三种,给予评价。(一定要会 背会说) e.g. I think surfing the Internet is a good way because you have to use a computer. a.____________________. b. ____________________. c. ____________________.

what’s his name? When was he born?

Where is he from? What’s the matter with him?

What’s his contribution on science?

Stephen William Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 (300 years after the death of Galileo) in Oxford, England. With Roger Penrose he showed that Einstein‘s General Theory of Relativity (相 对论)implied space and time would have a beginning in the Big Bang and an end in black holes. These results indicated it was ne

cessary to unify(统一)General Relativity with Quantum9(量子) Theory.
There is something wrong with his nerve cell.He can’t or even speak.

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