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2013牛津英语8A Unit3 A day out Welcome to the Unit 课件

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Unit 3 A day out Welcome & comic strip

Listen and answer:
1. Does Eddie want to exercise? No, he doesn’t. 2. What does Eddie need to do?

He need to exercise and keep fit. 3. What is Eddie going to do? He is going to eat.

Pair work:

Language Practice
xercise Eddie wants to e_______ today. He says that he limb will c____ a hill. Hobo is very happy to hear that because he thinks that Eddie n____ to do that eeds eeps it and k____ f____. But Eddie says he just wants to xercise eep it e_______ but not k___ f____. Hobo can’t ollows understand it, so he f______ Eddie. To his surprise, he finds so much food like a h___ ill ome outside and Eddie is shouting nearby, “C____ on. urselves Let’s enjoy o________.

LianYungang is a beautiful city(城市).

the USA

the UK

France Australia

What foreign countries(外国)in the world do you like to go?


What places of interest do you know? the White House (白宫)

in Washington, the USA

the White House

['prezid?nt] The President of the USA lives there. It’s a beautiful building with a big garden and many trees.


The Opera House

in Sydney The Harbour Bridge





The Eiffel Tower

in Paris


by the River Seine

Reading them aloud
?The Opera House is in Sydney Australia. ______, ?The Harbour Bridge is in Sydney, Australia. _______

Paris ?The Eiffel Tower is in _____, France.
Seine ?The River _____ is in Paris, France.

?The White House is in Washington D.C., __________
the USA.

Group work:
Read the postcards and match them with the pictures.
Each person read one postcard and discuss with others.

Read and discuss:
Q1: Who sent the postcard?
Q2: Which city is it in? Q3: What can we see in the picture?

Practice and act out:
A: Which country do you want to visit?

B: I want to visit _____.
A: Which city do you want to go to? B: I want to go to _____.

A: Why do you want to go there?
B: Because I want to see______there.


1、明天你打算做什么? 我去参观白宫。 What are you going to do ____________________________tomorrow? I’m going to visit the White House. 2、我在这儿玩得很开心。

having a great time I’m ________ _______ ______ ________ here.

with a long history China is a country ________ _______ _______ ________.

little coffee We are sitting in a _______ _______ shop near the ______

Qinhuai River.

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