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牛津英语8A Unit2 重要短语

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八年级英语上册Unit2 重要短语

1.不得不更努力工作have to work harder

2.更少的广告fewer advertisements

更多的more / 更少的fewer+可数名词复数/ 更少的 less+不可数名词

最多的 most / 最少的 fewest+可数名词复数/ 最少的least+不可数名词

3.在八年级in Year 8 / in the 8th grade

4.一所男女混合学校a mixed school

5.在我所有的学科中among all my subjects

6.在我们三人之间among the three of us

7.学习外语learn foreign languages

例句:Learning foreign languages is really fun.


9.从家里带来书和杂志bring in books and magazines from home

10.在···快结束时near the end of

11.和···讨论····discuss ···with···/ discuss sth. with sb.

12.在课堂上in class

13.似乎干某事 seem to do

14.给某人提供帮助offer sb, help

15.比通常结束的早end earlier than usual

16.进行体育运动do sports

17.一周两次twice a week

18.打棒球play baseball

19.课外活动after-school activities

20.跑的最快run the fastest

21.其他任何一个学生any other student

22.学生数number of students

例句:The number of students in our class is 43.

23.在某物上花费···spend···on sth.

例句:I spend an hour on my homework.

24.干某事花费···spend (in)doing sth.

例句:I spend an hour (in) doing my homework.

25.穿校服wear uniforms / wear school uniform

26.做早操do morning exercises

27.放···(时间)的假 have···off

28.下国际象棋play chess

29.最多at most / 最少 at least

30.每个月对每个学科进行测试 have a monthly test on each subject

31.浏览look through

32.起初 at first

33.持续不停地做某事keep doing sth.

34.参加一次学校旅行go on a school trip/ go on school trips

35.没必要干某事do not need to do sth.

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