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1. 答第I卷前, 考生请务必将自己的姓名、班级、座号填写在第II卷密封线内。

2. 第I卷选择题答案直接填在第II卷“第I卷答题栏”内,考试结束后只交第Ⅱ卷。


单项填空:从A、B、C、D四个选项中, 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

1.Tom wants ________ to you. Are you free?

A.to tell B.tells C.to talk D.talks

2.Can you help me ________ my English?

A.with B.of C.learning D.about

3.Bob can play ________ tennis but can’t play ________ violin.

A.the, the B.×, × C.the, × D.× , the

4. I ____ a cup of tea.

A. want to B. want C. like to D. could like

5.Can you paint? ______.

A.Yes, a little B.Yes, little C.No, a little D.No, little

6.Miss Read is good ________music.She can be good ________ children in the music club.

A.at, at B.with, with C.at, with D.with, at

7.The young ________ plays the ________ very well.

A.pianist, piano B.piano, pianist

C.pianist, pianist D.piano, piano

8.________ you can ________ our school concert.

A.Maybe, in B.Maybe, be in

C.May be, in D.May be, be in

9.We want two good ________ our rock band.

A.music for B.musician in C.music in D.musicians for

10.Little Tom can draw ________.His drawings are very ________.

A.good, well B.well, good C.good, good D.well, well

11.Can he ________ it in English?

七年级英语试题 第 1 页 (共 10 页)

A.speak B.speaks C.say D.talk

12 ---“_____ do you like pandas?”

---“______ they’re cute”

A. Why, Because B. Why, so C. What, Because D. What, so

13. Their ______ are friendly _____ us.

A. friendly, to B. friends, to C. friends, for D. friendly, in

14. ---“Don’t you want to go to the zoo?”

---“__________. I want to see the elephants.”

A. Yes, I don’t B. No, I don’t C. No, I do D. Yes, I do.

15. I like penguins because they are________ cute and clever.

A. a kind of B. all kinds of C. kind of D. a kind

16. ---Are they working near the house ? ----- .

A. Yes, they do B. No, they don’t C.Yes, they are D. No, they are

17. -----_______ English every morning ?

--- Yes, and now I______ Chinese.

A. Are you reading; read B. Do you read; read

C. Are you read; am read D. Do you read; am reading

18 How long does it____to walk to school?

A. take B. spend C. want D need

19 There ____ rain in Canada every year.

A. has many B. has much C. are many D. is much

20. Who’s cooking at home? -- _____.

A. Linda does B. Linda is C. Linda has D. Linda’s

21. Look ! My family______TV

A. watch B. is watch C. are watching D. watches

22. -----Does Tom ride his bike or walk to school?


A. He walks B. He walk C. Yes, he does D. No, he doesn’t

23. Let’s ping-pong.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. are playing

24. He is waiting______the bus stop.

A. for B. at C. on D. to

25 Thanks _____ us.

A. to join B. to joining C. for joining D. for join

26. Please _____ late for school next time.

A. don't be B. aren't C. doesn't be D. be not

27. One of the children _____ in the river now.

A. was swimming B. is swimming

C. are swimming D. were swimming

七年级英语试题 第 2 页 (共 10 页)

28. It often _______ here in autumn.

A. rained B. will rain C. rains D. is raining

29. Is your mother a worker ______ a doctor?

A. and B. or C. with D. too

30. _______ here.

A. Don't smoking B. No smoke C. No smoking D. Doesn't smoke

第二节 完形填空


It's Wednesday afternoon. School is over. The students are putting their books, pencil-boxes 31 their school bags. The teacher comes in and says to the students, "Wait a minute, please. I have something to tell you. Listen to me, 32 is Thursday. There's going to 33 a 34 meeting in our school. The meeting is at nine in the morning. 35 are your school reports(成绩单) and letters 36 your parents. 37 them home. Give your parents the letters and 38 them your school reports. Ask them 39 to the meeting on time tomorrow because I'm 40 tell them something about next term."

( )31. A. into B. to C. in D. out

( )32. A. today B. tomorrow C. it D. next day

( )33. A. have B. has C. be D. is

( )34. A. student B. teacher C. class D. parents

( )35. A. There B. Here C. Those D. The

( )36. A. for B. with C. give D. to

( )37. A. Take B. Bring C. Taking D. Carry

( )38. A. tell B. say C. talk D. show

( )39. A. come B. comes C. to come D. coming

( )40. A. going B. going to C. go to D. want

第三部分 阅读理解

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中, 选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳选项。



Once a great boxer (拳击家), Tom Brown, went to a restaurant(饭馆)

七年级英语试题 第 3 页 (共 10 页)

for dinner. He put his bag near the door, but he was afraid(害怕) that someone would take it. So he got out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote on it: “The great boxer, Tom Brown, left his bag here. He’ll come back in a few minutes. ” He put the paper on his bag and went to have his dinner. When he came back, his bag wasn’t there. But he found a piece of paper on the ground. It said: “A great runner took away your bag, and he will not come back. ”

41.Tom Brown went to the restaurant ________.

A.for his bag B.to see the runner

C.to have his meal D.for his pen( )

42.Mr Brown was afraid ________.

A.to put down his bag near the door

B.he couldn’t find his pen

C.thieves would take his bag away

D.he couldn’t get enough food himself from the restaurant

43.Mr Brown wrote the words on the paper because he ________.

A.thought the thief would not steal his bag when he read the words

B.was a boxer

C.wanted to catch the thief

D.wanted to get to know the runner

44.When Mr Brown came back he ________.

A.found another piece of paper on the ground

B.found his bag wasn’t there

C.both A and B

D.saw the runner running after him

45.What do you think of Mr Brown ________.

A.He is clever B.He is foolish

C.He is kind D.He is ill


The sun is always shining. But it can only shine on one side of the earth at one time. When the sun is shining on one side of the earth, it is night on the other side.

At night, you can see the stars(星星). The stars are in the sky all day. But the light from the sun is so bright that you can’t see them. When night come, there is no light, and the stars are bright enough to see. The stars look very small. But some of them are even bigger than the sun. They look small because they are so far away from you. Big things look much smaller when they are far away. The sun is closer(近)to the earth than other stars,

七年级英语试题 第 4 页 (共 10 页)

so it looks bigger.

46.When it is night, the sun ________ .

A. doesn’t shine B. shines for a short timeC. disappears(消失)D. shines on the other side of the earth

47.We can’t see the stars in the sky at daytime(白天)because ________ .

A. there are no stars there B. the stars are much smaller than the sun

C. the bright light from the sun makes them not seen(被看见)

D. the stars come out only at night

48.The stars look small because ________ .

A. they are far away B. they are small C. they have no light D. they are in the sky

49.Small things may look ________ when they are close.

A. bigger B. small C. near D. far away

50.The sun looks bigger than other stars because ________ .

A. it’s bigger B. it’s far away in the sky

C. it gives much bright light D. it’s closer to the earth than other stars


Once an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over carefully and said,“ Medicine won’t help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar(雪茄烟) a day. Go to the country place for a month.”

After a month the man came to the doctor again,“ How are you?” said the doctor. “ I’m glad to see you again. You look much younger” “Oh, doctor! I feel quite well now,” said the man “ I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk and walk a lot. Your advice certainly helped me, but that you told me to smoke one cigar a day almost killed me first.”

51. The doctor told the man _____

A. to go to bed early B. to drink milk C. to walk a lot D. all above

52. Which of the following sentences is true?

A.The doctor told the man to visit a beautiful city of the country for a month.

B.The doctor didn’t tell him what to do.

C.After a month, the old man felt better.

D.The old man was younger than before after a month.

53. The doctor’s words were _____ for the old man’s health.

A. useless B. good C. well D. strong

54. The doctor wanted the old man ______.

七年级英语试题 第 5 页 (共 10 页)

A. to get worse B. to smoke less than before

C. to help him D. to start smoking

55. From what the old man said at last, we think ______

A. one cigar a day was really helpful to him

B. one cigar a day was better than before

C. he didn’t understand the doctor’s advice

D. smoking made him feel better than before



Too Polite(礼貌过头了)

There are many people in the bus. Some have seats, but some have to stand. At a bus stop, a woman gets on the bus. An old man hears the door and tries (试着) to stand up.

“Oh, no, thank you,” the woman forces (强迫) him back to the seat. “Please don't do that. I can stand.”

“But, madam, let me?,”says the man.

“I ask you to keep your seat(坐在你的座位上),” the woman says. She puts her hands on the old man's shoulder(肩膀).

But the man still(仍然) tries to stand up,“Madam, will you please let me??”“Oh, no,”says the woman. She again(又) forces the man back. At last the old man shouts, “I wants to get off(下车) the bus!”

( )56.All the people have seats in the bus.

( )57.An old man gets on the bus at a bus stop.

( )58.The old man wants to give his seat to the woman.

( )59.The woman sits the old man's seat.

( )60.The old man wants to get off the bus.

七年级英语试题 第 6 页 (共 10 页)




1. 答卷前将密封线内的项目填写清楚。

2. 第I卷选出答案后, 直接填在第II卷“第I卷答题栏”内,第II卷直接答在试卷上


第四部分 书面表达(共四节)

第一节 词汇运用(共两题) (一)单词拼写


61.I’m never late for school. I go to school at a q______to eight. 62.Many elephants are in d______, because people cut down too many trees.. 63 My sister b_____her teeth every day. 64.Don’t be n______, your brother is studying. 65.I believe(相信) my dream can come t_____ one day

66 .The children get d______ at about seven o’clock in the morning and then

七年级英语试题 第 7 页 (共 10 页)

have breakfast.

67 .It takes us about ten m_______to walk to school.

68. She is very shy, so please be q _______

69. There is a big b_______ over the river.

70. My sister wants to join the story t_______ club.

(二)综合填空: 根据短文内容,用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空,使文章通顺、完整。(每词限用一次)

My name is Alice. I’m ten years old. I am___71 in a primary school. I’m in Class 3,Grade 4. My school isn’t far__72__ my home. It’s about one kilometer. So I go to school_73____ every day. It takes me about 10 minutes__74_school. I have a good friend. Her name is Lucy. She __75__near my home. We often go to school and go home together. My __76__friend is Jenny. Her home is a little far from school. But she _77___a bus to school or goes to school__78 bike or taxi. Sometimes she runs to school. It takes__79__ about 20 minutes. She says it’s good for her health. How __80__ she is. Last Wednesday we met on the way to school. We were happy. 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80


Mike and Jack are monks(和尚)。Mike is short and fat. Jack is tall and thin. They are brothers, but they live in the same room. Every morning they go out to eat food.

One day, they go out for food very early .They are on the road to a village. There aren’t any men on the road. They are walking . Suddenly(突然)


七年级英语试题 第 8 页 (共 10 页)

stopped. There is___________ on the road . Both of them are running up to it. “I find it first. It’s my comb.” One of them says. “No, I find it before you.” The other says“It’s not yours.”

Mike and Jack are sitting on the road.They are quarrelling about the comb.Morning is up and then comes to afternoon.They are still quarrelling. A little boy comes up to them and says, “You are monks.Monk doesn’t have any hair.(84)

What’s the use of the comb for you(85)

81 Where do they find the comb?


82 What’s the meaning of the word “quarrelling”_________

83 在横线上填上适当的短语使文章完整__________

84 写出该句的同义句

Monk________ __________hair.

85 将文章中的划线句子译成汉语




七年级英语试题 第 9 页 (共 10 页)

七年级英语试题第 10 页 (共 10 页)

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