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七年级英语牛津7A Unit 6Vocabulary课件

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Unit 6 Fashion

shorts 短裤 a pair of shorts 一条短裤 Simon is wearing a pair of shorts. 西蒙穿着一条短裤。 This pair of shorts is for you. 这条短裤是给你的。

jumper 套头衫

Amy is wearing a yellow jumper. 艾米穿着一件黄色的套头衫。

a red skirt 一条红短裙

Sandy is wearing a red skirt. 桑迪穿着一条红短裙。

a black jacket 一件黑色的夹克衫

Simon is wearing a black jacket. 西蒙穿着一件黑色的夹克衫。

a white suit 一件白套装

Millie is wearing a white suit. 米莉穿着一件白套装。

a white and blue T-shirt

Daniel is wearing a white and blue T-shirt. 丹尼尔穿着一件蓝白相间的T恤。

A What are they wearing? Kitty is writing captions for some other pictures from the fashion show. Write the correct letters in the boxes on page 96. 1. d 2. a 3. b 4. f 5. e 6. c

1. Please describe what your classmates are wearing. 2. Describe your favourite clothes.

B Describing fashion Match the words on the left with their opposites on the right. interesting heavy old black long light new boring short white

Tell the opposites of the following words: left first early up with happy cheap big dark light expensive right small sad last late down without

1. light adj. 轻的,明亮的 1) light的反义词是heavy 或 dark。 eg. The bottle is light. 瓶子很轻。 It’s beginning to get light. 天渐渐亮起来了。 2) n. 灯, 光 Her light is on her desk. 她的灯在桌子上。 Light travels much faster than sound. 光比声音传播得快。

2. heavy adj. 重的,沉的 heavy反义词是light,其副词形式是 heavily。 eg. This box is so heavy. 这盒子是如此重。 It is raining heavily. 外面雨下得很大。

3. boring adj. 乏味的,无聊的 boring的反义词是interesting。 eg. The film is so boring that we don’t want to see it any longer. 这电影如此无聊以至于我们不想看了。

Make up a dialogue
A: What are you wearing today? B: I’m wearing … A: What colour is/are your …? B: It’s/They’re … A: Is it/Are they …? B: Yes, it is./No, it isn’t. It’s …

jumper ?1. Amy is wearing a yellow _______ (套头衫). ?2. Simon is wearing a pair of black ______ (短裤). shorts ?3. Miss Li looks cool in a purple ______(套装). suit ?4. The man in a blue ________ (夹克 jacket 衫) is Amy’s father. trousers ?5. I need a new pair of _______ (裤子). ?6. Girls like to wear beautiful _______ skirts (裙子) in summer.

?1. This film is not interesting, it’s oring very b______. ?2. The basket is full of bananas. It’s h_____. It isn’t l_____. eavy ight ?3. The bookcase is old, but it looks n___. ew ?4. Don’t give me the short ruler. I ong want a l____ one. ?5. I have a black and w____ TV, but hite he has a colour one.

Translate the following into English:
1. 穿着一件黄色的套头衫 wear a yellow jumper _____________________

_ 2. 一件蓝黄相间的T恤衫 a blue and yellow T-shirt ______________________ 3. 一双红色的长筒靴 ________________________ a pair of red boots

Translate the following into English:
4. 一条灰色的短裤 a pair of grey shorts ______________________ 5. 一件粉色的套装 a pink suit ______________________ 6. 一条丝绸围巾 _____________________ a silk scarf

Please draw pictures according to the following passages and then introduce the pictures to your classmates in English.

Passage 1 :
Ben is my good friend. He likes wearing a T-shirt, jeans and trainers very much. He thinks they are comfortable enough to play games. Ben likes sports, so he likes to wear clothes made of cotton.

Passage 2:
It is a cold day. Amy is going to wear some warm clothes like a wool jumper, a long wool coat and a pair of leather boots. I’d like to choose a yellow jumper and an orange coat, because I think both of these colours will make me feel warmer.

Write an article about the clothes you like to wear!

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