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2.由连接代词who, whom, whose, what, which和连接副词when, where, why, how


a.你知道他们在等谁吗? b.我不知道为什么火车晚点了。





a.我觉得你会很快喜欢这个学校的。 b.我不知道她为什么常对我生气。__________________________________



如: 我认为你是不对的。

2. 如果主句的时态是一般过去时,宾语从句只能用相应的过去时态(一般过去时,过去




4. 当主句为 Could/Would you please tee me??时,Could/Would you ?是委婉说


如:你能告诉我广益中学在哪里吗? Could you please tell me ?


一.选择括号内正确的关联词语填空。 如:a.科学家们已经证明了地球围绕太阳转。

( )1 .I wonder _____ he asked such a silly question in public .A .how B .why

( )2 . _____ do you think will teach us maths next term ?A .Who B.Whom

( )3 .Are you sure _____ ?A .that she is honest B .she is honest

B .surprised that ( )4 .He _____ you are not going to Shanghai .A .is surprised that

( )5 .He often thinks of _____ he can do for all the others .A .what B .which

( )6 .He made _____ he wouldn’t change his mind .Ait quite clear that B .that quite clear

( )7 . He asked me if_____. A .the train will arrive lately

B .the train always arrived late

( )8 .Do you know what time _____ ?A .begins the football match

B .the football match begins

( )9 .Ask him how much _____ .A .it cost B .it costed

( )10 .She asked me _____ to build the hospital .

A .how long it was taken B .how long it had taken

( )11 .Tom killed the dog .I’ll ask him why _____ .A .he did that B .did he do that

( )12 .Please tell me where _____ from .A .do you come B .you come

( )13 .In the story he wrote down _____.

A .what had been happened B .what had happened to him

( )14 .He told me that I_____ better take a taxi .A .had

( )15 .I want to know who _____ painting .A .likes


( )1 .The children said ___ they _____ themselves very much .

A .if ,enjoy B .why ,enjoyed C .what ,enjoy D .that ,enjoyed

( )2 .I don’t think ______ I ______ out the problem .

A .if , can work B .how , will work C .that , can work D .when , will work

( )3 .She is afraid ______ he ______ cold at night .

A .that , will catch B .that , catches C .whether , will catch D .if , catches

( )4 .We are sure ______ he ______ to speak French well .

A .that , learned B .that , has learned C .if , learned

A .when , heard B .why , had heard D .if ,has learned ( )5 .The boy asked ______ I ______ any noise from outside . C .whether , had heard D .what ,heard

( )6 .Who can tell us about over there ?

A .what they talk B .what do they talk C .what are they talking D .what they are talking

( )7 .We couldn’t find out ______ ,so we asked a policeman .

A .whose bike it was B .whose bike was it C .whose it was bike D .whose was it bike

( )8 .Do you know ______ take to get to the hospital ?

A .which way must we B .which must we way C .which way we must D .which we must way

( )9 .Tom asked ______ to school late .

A .who did often come B .who often did come C .who often come D .who often came

( )10 .I don’t remember ______the boy by himself . B .should have B .like ( )16 .Father asked _____ . A .what was wrong with me B .what wrong is with me

A .why did she leave B .why she left C .why had she left D .why she had left

( )11 .Have you forgotten ______ when he died ?

A .how old he was B .how old was he C .what did he say D .what he did say

( )12 .Nobody knows ______ to visit our school .

A .when will he come B .when does he come C .when he will come D .when he does come

( )13 .Please tell us ______ to the science museum .

A .how can we reach B .how we can reach C .how can we get D .how we can get

( )14 .Don’t you believe ______to the moon by spaceship ?

A .that man did fly B .how did man fly C .if man fly D .whether man fly

( )15 .I don’t know ______.

A .what is the matter with him

C .what with him the matter is B .what the matter is with him D .what the matter with him is

( )16 .He doesn’t tell me if he______ .If he ______ , I’ll telephone you .

A .will come , comes B .will come , will come C .comes , will come D .comes , comes

( )17.Miss Green didn’t tell us in 2002.

A . where does she live B. where she lives

C. where did she live D. where she lived

( )18.I don’t know when .

A . will the train leave B. the train will leave

C. would the train leave D. the train leave

( )19. I want to know .

A . what is his name B. what’s his name

C. that his name is D. what his name is

( )20. Do you know I could pass the exam?

A . that B. whether C. what D. which

( )21. Mr. King didn’t know yesterday evening.

A when does his son come home

B when his son comes home

C when did his son come home

D when his son came home

( )22. –I’m waiting for the mail. Do you know it will arrive?

-Usually it comes by 4:00.

A how B where C when D what

( )23. –Excuse me, would you please tell me ?

-Certainly. Go straight along here. It’s next to a hospital.

A how we can get to the post office B .how can we get to the post office

C how get to the post office D .how could we get to the post office

( )24.-Can I help you?

-Yes. I’d like a ticket to Mount Emei. Can you tell me take to get there?

A how soon will it B how soon it will

C how long it will D how long will it

( )25. He wanted to know .

A whether he speaks at the meeting

B when the meeting would start

C what he’s going to do at the meeting

D where would the meeting be held

( )26.-Could you tell me the Bamboo Garden?

-The day after tomorrow, I think.

A when will you visit B when you will visit

C when would you visit D when you would visit

( )27. -Would you please tell me next, Mr Wang?

A what should we do B we should do what

C what we should do D should we do what

( )28. I want to know you will come back at 8:00 tomorrow.

A that B when C where D whether

( )29.-Could you tell me last night?

-Er, I was watching Euro 2004 at home.

A what you were doing B what were you doing

C what you are doing D what are you doing

( )30. It’s up to you to decide you’ll go there, by air or by road.

A how B why C that D when


一. 选择题

A . when did he come home B. where he would play football

C. if he had seen the film D. why he didn’t watch the game

( )2.-We don’t know .-It is said that he was born in Sweden.

A . what he is B. if he lives here

C. where he comes from D. which country is he from

( )3. Do you know during the coming summer holiday?

A . what will Tom do B. what did Tom do

C. what Tom will do D. what Tom did

( )4. Every morning the patients are asked if their temperature taken.

A they had had B have they had

C they have had D had they had

( )5. Could you tell me she is looking for?

A that B whose C who D which

( )6. Could you tell me the bike this morning?

A how does he mend B how he mends

C how he mended D how did he mend

( )7. You can’t imagine when they received these nice Christmas presents. ( )1.Would you please tell me ?

A how they were excited B how excited they were

C how excited were they D they were how excited

( )8. –Could you tell me ?

-Sorry, I don’t know. I was not at the meeting.

A what does he say at the meeting B what did he say at the meeting

C what he says at the meeting D what he said at the meeting

( )9. The teacher asked the students .

A if they were interested B when was Albert Einstein born

C what they will do with the computers D how many trees they have planted


1. 李明说他对玩电脑游戏感兴趣。 ______ computer games.


I don’t think Mary 3.山姆给我说他准备去上海。

Sam told me that he 4.请你告诉我去钟楼怎么走吗?

___ _____ _______ _______ 5.父亲说他买了一台新电脑。

Father said that he a new computer.


I want to know _____ ______ a train to Beijing.


Do you know ?


Could you tell me we’re going to be away?


Uncle said that he 10.杰克说他有重要事情要做。

Jack said he ___________ __________ ______ ________.

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