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II, Spoken English: Word Stress and Sentence Stress. I am here I was here I was in here She is home She is at home But she is at home They work They can work They were at work We’ll see We shall see And we shall see You can see them.

I was in London.

They enjoyed it.

She expected it.

He could have avoided it.

It was a miracle.

It was an accident.

You’re impossible.

But there were plenty of them.

Stressed Words:

1, Verbs 2, Nouns 3, Adjectives 4, Adverbs 5, Nagatives 6, Interrogatives

Unstressed Words:

1, Auxiliary Verbs 2, Conjunctions 3, Pronouns 4, Articles

Rhythm Practice:

The Months of the Year

In January it snows;

In February it blows.

In March it still freezes;

In April there are breezes.

In May comes the sun;

In June we have fun.

In July time’ll fly,

Then in August,

There’s the forecast

Of school in September.

Come October summer’s over.

In November just remember.

It’s almost December.

And the end of the year.

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