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Ⅰ.单项选择(15分) ( )1. --Where he ? ---In Wuhan .

A. do, live B. does, lives C. do, live D. does, live ( )2. --How can I the bank, please?

---You can take bus No.10.

A. get B. get to C. take D. take to

( )3. --Thank you very much for telling me the way. --- .

A. Don’t thank me B. No thanks C. You’re welcome D. You needn’t

( )4.--Why do you like pandas? --Because they’

A. a kind of B. kinds of C. all kinds of D. kind of ( )5. My brother works very hard because he a university student.

A. wants to do B. wants to be C. likes to do D. likes to be

( )6.I want to get a job a reporter.

A. as B. such C. so D. with

( )7. --Shall we go shopping now? ---Sorry, I can’

A. wash B. washes C. washed D. am washing ( )8. --How is the weather in Tianjin ? --It’s sunny.

A. like B. look C. / D. likes ( )9.Stop and listen to me.

A. to talk B. on talk C. talking D. to talking ( )10.Do you know the boy a funny hat and sunglasses?

A. is B. has C. wears D. with

( )11. -- for breakfast? --I want some bread, milk and two eggs.

A. What do you like B. Which do you like C. What would you like D. What had you had ( )12. -- What about your last weekend? -- I a good time. A. had B. was have C. having D. have ( )13. He practices English every morning. A. speaks B. to speak C. speaking D. speak ( )14.I’ A. to play B. playing C. play D. to playing ( )15.Music makes me relaxed. A. feeling B. to feel C. feel D. felt Ⅱ.完成下列句子(10分) 16. 课堂上禁止讲话。 17. 你认为我们的英语老师怎样? 18. 上周末他们去哪度假了? 19. 我想要些牛肉和西红柿。 20. 你爸爸长什么样? Ⅲ句型转换(10分) 21.My sister wants to be a nurse.(对划线部分提问) 22. Her mother went to New York City last year.(同上) 23.He wrote a letter to Mary yesterday.(用now改写句子) 24.What was the weather like in Nanjing last week?(改为同义句) in class. do you our English teacher? you on vacation last weekend? I some beef and . does your father ? does your sister to ? her mother last year? He a letter to Mary now.

the weather in Nanjing last week? brother Bob was twenty. Jack is fifteen now and is his brother Bob?” John said, “That’s easy. Bob 25I enjoy playing the piano.(同上) I the piano. is twice (两倍) as old as Jack, so he is thirty.”


A Another time, the “When it thunders(打雷), 43 do we always see light(电光) before we 44 the sound?”

“But, Miss,” said John quickly, “don’t eyes are in front of our ears(耳朵)?”

( )36. A. good B. tall C. rich D. fat

( )37. A. sleep B. lunch C. class D. play

( )38. A. so B. and C. or D. but

( )39. A. sent B. asked C. told D. found

( )40. A. your B. my C. his D. her

( )41. A. how many B. how old C. what D. who

( )42. A. teacher B. farmer C. nurse D. policeman

( )43. A. what B. when C. where D. why

( )44. A. break B. make C. hear D. smell

( )45. A. read B. hope C. study D. know



John was a farmer. He liked to grow flowers(种花) in his garden when he is free(空闲).

One Sunday morning after breakfast he put on his old clothes and began digging(开始挖) in his

garden at eight. He dug(挖) and dug. Half an hour later he suddenly(突然地) found a coin(硬

币) near his foot. He was very glad. He put it in his right pocket(口袋). A few minutes later,

he found another one. He picked it up(捡起) and put it in the same pocket. The same thing happened

(发生) for the third(第三次), the fourth and the fifth time … He was very glad and told his

wife about it. She was very glad, too. She said, “A thief took away a lot of coins from a shop a few days

ago. The police caught him but they didn’t find any coins.” Then John went on digging some more coins, but Last Saturday, my parents and I 26 to summer camp. We went to the mountains, we 27 the foot of the mountains 28 bus. In the middle of the mountain there was a river. The water was very clean. There were some fish in the river. On the mountain there 29 flowers. They were very 30 . At noon, many people got together. It was so 31 . We 32 our meal on the mountain. The food was very 33 . After eating, we went on our trip. At last, we got to the top of the mountain. We were all very 34 . It was really 35 . ( )26. A. go B. goes C. went D. are going ( )27. A. get to B. got to C. reached to D. got ( )28. A. on B. in C. with D. by ( )29. A. is B. are C. was D. were ( )30. A. angry B. ugly C. beautiful D. shy ( )31. A. crowded B. busy C. easy D. popular ( )32. A. did B. do C. made D. make ( )33. A. much B. delicious C. many D. cheap ( )34. A. happy B. excite C. interesting D. clever ( )35. A. boring B. relax C. successful D. interesting B John is a famous writer now. But he said he was not a 36 student when he was young. He was often late for and didn’t like doing his homework. Sometimes he slept in class while the teacher was teaching. He didn’t

understand(懂得) much, 38 he always thought he understood everything. One just when he began to dig, he felt something cold in his trousers(裤子). It ran down one of his day the teacher 39 the students a question, “When Jack was ten years old, 40 legs. He put his hand down quickly – and the coin came into his hand. Now he knew there was a hole(洞) in his pocket.

( )46. There were some in John’s garden.

A. flowers B. coins C. trees D. farmers ( )47. John found a coin in his garden .

A. at 8:00 B. between 8:20 and 9:20

C. at 9:20 D. at 10:00 ( )48. John told his wife that .

A. the police caught the thief

B. he found money in his garden

C. someone took the coins of the shop

D. he lost his money in his garden ( )49. There was a hole in .

A. his coat B. his left pocket

C. his right pocket D. his garden ( )50. John dug out in his garden.

A. five coins B. many coins C. no coin D. only one coin


Dave was ten years old and was a very lazy boy. He had to go to school every day. He

didn’t like school and didn’t want to do much work. His parents are doctors. They hoped

that their son would become a doctor when he grew up. But one day Dave said to his mother,

“When I finish school, I want to be a dustman(垃圾工人).” C. he was good at his lessons D. his parents would help him ( )52. Dave knew that . A. his parents wanted him to be a doctor B. his father was one of the best doctors C. his mother worked very hard D. his teachers were very good ( )53. Dave wanted to be a dustman because he thought . A. it was the easiest work B. it was the most interesting work C. it was much better than to be a doctor D. dustman didn’t have to work every day ( )54. Dave’s mother thought dustman’ A. happy B. light C. not pleasant D. not busy ( )55. Which of the following is right? A. Dave was a student of a very big school. B. Dave’s parents worked in the same hospital. C. Dave was the only son of the family. D. Dave didn’t know how dustmen did their work. C American schools begin in September after a long summer holiday. There are two terms in a

“A dustman?” his mother asked. She was very surprised(惊讶地). “That’school. The first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June. Most s not a pleasant job. Why do you want to be a dustman?”

“Because I only have to work one day a week,” Dave answered.

“One day a week?” his mother asked. “What do you mean?” American children begin to go to school when they are five years old. Most children are seventeen or eighteen years old when they finish high school. High school students study only four or five subjects each term. They usually go to the same “Well,” Dave answered, “I know that dustman only come to our house and work on class every day, and they have little homework for every class. After class they do many interesting Wednesday, because I only see them on that day.” ( )51. Dave did not do much work at school because .

A. he was lazy B. he didn’t like the teacher things. After high school, many students go to college. They can go to a small one or a large one. Many college students work after class to get some money for their studies.

( )56. Most American children go to school when they are years old.

A. four B. five C. six D. seven

( ) 57. High school students after class.

A. do a lot of homework B. do many interesting things

C. often sing songs D. do lots of reading ( )58. After high school, many students .

A. begin to work B. stay at home

C. go to college D. visit their friends ( )59. Many college students work after class because .

A. they want to get some money for their studies

B. they don’t have anything to do

C. their parents ask them for money

D. their teachers ask them to do so

( )60. From this passage, we know that in America a summer holiday begins in .

A. January B. September C. February D. June


学校来了一位新老师。请根据下面给的信息,用简洁的语言介绍这位新老师。 Name: Miss Green Age: 30

Job: English teacher Nationality: American Likes: reading, watching TV, playing basketball Joh: teaching English Appearance: medium height, curly hair

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