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1. __________11-year-old girl called Liu Chang got __________A in her English exam last month.

A. An, an B. A, an C. The, an D. The, a

2. Lucy studies English _________watching English movies, but I learn _________another way.

A. by, by B. by, in C. in, by D. in, in

3. She thinks __________the English club is the best way to learn English.

A. join B. joining C. joins D. joined

4. If you don’t know the words, __________in your dictionary.

A. look up B. look up them C. look them up D. look for them

5. He asked me if there was __________in today’s newspaper.

A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything

6. ---Mary decided __________our club.---Let’s _________about that. She can make any decision for herself.

A. didn’t join, don’t talk B. not join, not to talk C. not to join, not talk D. not to join, not to talk

7.---Kate enjoys _________tennis. ---That’s right. I saw her _________tennis yesterday.

A. play, play B. plays, played C. playing, playing D. playing, play

8. There’re so many beautiful T-shirts that I can’t decide ___________.

A. to buy which one B. to buy which C. which one to buy D. which to buy one

9. ---Didn’t he finish his homework? ---_________, he _________all the exercises and he’s watching TV now.

A. Yes, has done B. Yes, did C. No, has done D. No, did

10. Maria used to eat _________candy, but now she chews gum __________.

A. a lot of, a lot B. a lot of, a lot of C. a lot, a lot D. a lot, a lot of

11. He never gives up _________hard.

A. work B. to work C. works D. working

12. How much did you _________the dictionary?

A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend on

13. Jack ________walk to school, but now he __________going by bus.

A. used to, is used to B. used to, used to C. is used to, is used to D. is used to, used to

14. I found it ________for me to speak to native speakers because they speak too quickly.

A. frustrate B. to frustrate C. frustrated D. frustrating

15. The movie _________for twenty minutes.

A. starts B. started C. has started D. has been on

16. You can’t play soccer _________you finish your homework.

A. if B. after C. unless D. when

17. Almost everything _______cold in winter.

A. looks B. feels C. is D. smells

18. We’d better do it with _________people and _________time.

A. fewer, less B. fewer, fewer C. less, less D. less, fewer

19. I want to know __________the animal eats.

A. that B. what C. how D. when

20. Could you please tell me _________________?

A. when will they start their first class B. what is in the box

C. how can I get to the bank D. where are you going


The students were having their chemistry(化学)class..After that,she asked her students, "What's water?‖.

answer my question? Didn't I tell you water is like?‖,―Miss Li,you told us ...―I'm sorry, children.‖Said the teacher, ―Our water is getting.That’s a .‖

1. A. saying B. talking C. telling D. speaking

2. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

3. A. Why B. What C. When D. Where

4. A. put off B. put out C. put on D. put up

5. A. / B. no C. not D. any

6. A. such B. so C. a D. any

7. A. good B. nice C. bad D. well

8. A. Many B. One C. Some D. Most

9. A. better and better B. cleaner and cleaner C. dirtier and dirtier D. more colorful and more colorful

10. A. problem B. question C. trouble D. wrong



①The Dream

It is everyone’s dream to work at home or not work at all.You can plan your own hours and work when you want to.There is no more rush hour and no hours that people waste when they get to and from a job every day.

②The Fact

The fact is that this dream can be You can stay at home,work when you want to and make money when you need to.There are plenty of opportunities for you to make money at home,just by using your computer and the Internet.

③Start Today!

Educate yourself,look closely into all the opportunities and decide on what works best for you.It will not happen during one night,but you can make the decision today and start to make it happen today.

④How Could You Do It?

Do you have a blog(博客)or a personal website like millions of other people? Are you using it to make money? Most of these blog and website owners are not.But you can do that!

When you have your computer and the Internet working for you,your businesses will be working for you 24 hours a day,seven days a week.You will make money while you sleep,travel or do whatever you want to do all day long.

⑥Get Going!

There are many ways you can make money with your computer.And you can begin your Stay – at – home businesses with just a little money.What are you waiting for ?

1. In which part of a newspaper would you most probably read this passage?

A.Sports B.News C.Culture D.Business

2. What does the underlined word ―attained‖ in Point ② mean ?

A.打破 B.实现 C.丢失 D.破坏

3. What’s the best title for Point ⑤ ?

A.Sleep 24 Hours a Day B.Make Money Every Moment

C.Play All Day Long D.Travel Around the World

4. Most of these blog owners are not___________.

A. keeping writing blogs B. working at home C. popular D. making money through the blogs

5. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage ?

A. People need a lot of money to start a stay – at – home business.

B.People can even use their blogs to make money.

C.People can plan their own time when they work at home.

D.People can make the best decision and start to make it happen today.


The famous actress Elizabeth Taylor died on March 23, 2011. Taylor died in Los Angeles at the age of 79. People think she was one of the great actresses of Holly wood. She was born in London on February 27, 1932. She won two Oscars(奥斯卡) in the 1960s. Taylor played in more than fifty movies. And she was also well—known for her colorful personal life. She married(结婚)eight times. The world of entertainment was mourning(悼念)the death of the famous movie star. Fans got together on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to remember this special lady. Sandra, from Hollywood, California, said, ― She just had a wonderful life‖.

Phil Schumn, a reporter from KTTV in Los Angeles, said, ―well, I mean, her whole life story: child star, very beautiful, all the marriages(婚姻),almost dying, then all of her great work with AIDS research(研究),Michael Jackson’s best friend, it’s just a story, I think.‖

―Is this something that we can stand? No. The AIDS is not over,‖ Taylor once said. And she worked hard on it. Taylor’s life is also a legend(传奇). She was a star at the age of 12 and a superstar at 19.

1.Taylor did the following things except__________.

A. acting in over fifty movies B. working with AIDS research C. winning Oscars D. recording CDs

2. What is the meaning of ― one---of----a ---kind‖ in the passage?

A.其中一种 B. 独一无二的 C. 各种各样的 D.一种

3. Which is the best to describe Taylor’s life?

A legend B. A hard life C. A love story D. An exciting movie

4.Which of the following is TRUE about Taylor?

A. She was not famous when she was a child. B. She had two marriages.

C. She played on over 50 films. D. She didn’t like Michael Jackson.

5.Which is the main idea of the passage?

A. Taylor became a superstar at 19. B. Taylor’s films are famous around the world.

C. Taylor’s whole life impressed people a lot. D. Taylor died of disease.


1.Which one is an Indian movie?

A. Pirates of the Caribbean. B. Once upon a Warrior. C. Kung Fu Panda Ⅱ. D. The Lost Bladesman.

2.Which movie was on show latest?

A. Pirates of the Caribbean. B. Once upon a Warrior. C. Kung Fu Panda Ⅱ. D. The Lost Bladesman.

3.Who is the Chinese actor that acted in a foreign movie?

A. Zhen Zidan B. Sun Li C. Jackie Chan D. Johnny Depp.

4.One of the directors of the The Lost Blaesman is ___________.

A. Rob Marshall B. Prakash Rao C. Jennifer Yuh D. Mai Zhaohui

5.If you want to see two of the four movies, you need pay at least________.

A.¥85 B.¥100 C.¥105 D.¥200


1. Memorizing the words of pop songs ___________me learn more new words.

2. My math has improved __________the help of my math teacher.

3. China made much ___________traffic rules at the end of 2012.

4. Can you tell me the ___________to the problem?

5. We need to change the problems into ____________.

6. She used to have short hair, but now she has __________it long.

7. Lucy is an excellent student. Her parents take __________in her.

8. To my __________, he didn’t pass the exam though it was very easy.


1. The man died ten years ago. The man has _________ __________for ten years.

2. They are often in disagreement. They often ___________ __________.

3. It seems she has changed a lot. She seems to _________ __________a lot.

4. He doesn’t make the mistake anymore. He _________ _________make the mistake.

5. I heard he was reading English loudly when I opened the door.

I heard _________ _________English loudly when I opened the door.

6. He asked when to leave for Shanghai. He asked when __________ ___________to Shanghai. 补全对话

A: Hi, Lucy! Good news for you.

B: _____________________________?

A: You won first place in yesterday’s English Competition.

B: _______________________________?

A: Mr. Black told me the news just now. Lucy, you’re so great.

B: __________________________.

A: _______________________________________?

B: By reading a lot of English magazines.

A: _______________________________________?

B: Yes, I used to listen to tapes a lot. But now I have found reading is more helpful.



1. 位于孝感东部 2. 成立于60年前 3. 过去房屋破旧,现在有2栋教学楼(teaching building),环境优美绿树成荫 4. 现有学生1000多,教师120名,学生用功学习,教师乐于帮助 5. 致力于打造湖北名校

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