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Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation?
Period 1

Unit 3


What is she/he doing now (at the moment)?



going fishing

doing homework

cleaning the room playing volleyball



What’re you doing for vacation?

I’m going camping I’m going camping.

I’m babysitting the children I’m

They are going camping.

What are they doing for vacation?
They are playing soccer.

What is he doing for vacation ?

He’s going skateboarding.

He’s going fishing.

bike 自行车

ride a bike 骑自行车
going bike riding


sightseeing 观光 游览 go sightseeing 去游览

fishing 钓鱼 捕鱼
going fishing 去钓

rent 租用 renting videos 租碟

spending time with her friends

staying at home

relaxing at home

visiting grandmother

Pairwork What is she/he doing tomorrow/next weekends?



going fishing

doing homework

cleaning the room playing volleyball



What are you/is he/is she/are they doing for winter vacation?

visiting my grandmother going camping going fishing

babysitting my sister going sightseeing renting videos

spending time with friends riding a bike

relaxing at home

watching TV
playing basketball

Task 1: Let s have a competition!!! Please write down your vacation activities on the paper as correct as possible.


Which group is the best?

1)拜访祖母 去野营 2)去钓鱼 和朋友共度时光 3)家中小憩 锻炼身体

看望老师 7)观光 租借影带 8)骑自行车

4)散步 清洁房间
5)打电脑游戏 看电影

看电视 9)打篮球 弹钢琴

visiting my grandmother

going to the movies
going camping babysitting my sister

going fishing
Visiting teachers spending time with friends going sightseeing

relaxing at home
renting videos Exercising riding a bike

Taking walks
watching TV Cleaning the room playing basketball Playing computer games Playing the piano

2a,2b Listen and check the questions the reporter asks He Yu.
Reporter’s questions He Yu’s Answers

√ ____ 1.Where are you going
for vacation?


____ 2. What’s it like there?

√ ____ 3. How’s the weather there? √ ____ 4. What are you doing there?

beautiful, sunny and _______________________ warm _______________

going to the beach, playing volleyball
____ 5. Who are you going with?

going sightseeing, going shopping

____ 6. How long are you staying? √

three weeks _______________

pair work
What are the people in the picture doing In the future(在未来)? Make conversations.

A: What is he/she doing for vacation/weekends/…? B: He /she is babysitting my sister /going camping.

They are going bike riding.

What are they doing next week?

They are going fishing.

They are playing volleyball.

What are they doing next year?
They are playing soccer.

What is he/she doing on Oct 20?

He is going hiking.

She is taking walks

2a: Listen. What are Hector, Sus

an and Molly doing for vacation? Fill in the chart under “What”

2b: Listen again. Fill in the chart under “When”.
Who Hector Susan Molly What visiting cousins
going to sports camp


on Friday on the 11th this weekend

going to the beach

Pairwork Practice the conversation. Use the information from the chart in 2a.

A: What’s Hector doing for vacation ?

B: He’s visiting his cousins.
A: When is he going? B: He’s going on Friday.


A: What are you doing for vacation, Li Chen?

B: I’m going camping .
A: That sounds nice. Who are you going with?

B: I’m going with my parents.
A: When are you going? B: I’m going on Thursday.


Hong Kong

3b Pairwork
Make new conversations using the information below. DAVE cousin’s house a week
ZHU YAN San Francisco Friday –Tuesday


sports camp

five days

A: What’s Dave doing for vacation ? B: He’s going to his cousin’s house . A: How long is he staying? B: He’s staying for a week.

3a Read the conversation. Then fill in the chart.
Tony Lin Hui

Where are they going? How long are they staying?

Tibet Hong Kong four days a week

Practice the conversation like 3a.

Imagine your dream vacation. On a piece of paper,write what you are doing for vacation, when you are going,and how long you are staying. Put your paper in a bag. Then take another paper from the bag. Find the student who has your paper.

I’m going to Hawaii for vacation. I’m going in December, and I’m staying for three weeks. A: Where are you going for vacation ? B: A: When are you going ? B: A: How long are you staying ? B:

Period 3

go fishing

go bike riding

take walks

rent videos

go sightseeing

1b Pairwork
What do you like to do on vacation? Use the words from activity 1a and any other words you know. Make conversations.

A: What are you doing for vacation ? B: I’m going bike riding.

taking walks
going fishing

renting videos

Role play. Student A is the reporter. Student B is He Yu. Student A interviews Student B . A: Hello,He Yu. Can I ask you some questions about your vacation plans ? B: Yes .

A: What are you doing for vacation …?

3a Read the magazine and write the number of each picture next to the correct activity.

3 5 I’m taking walks ( ____ ), going fishing ( ____ ), and going bike riding ( ____ ). At night , I’m 4 renting videos ( ____ ) and sleeping a lot 2 1 ( ____ ) …

Step 2 Presentation

Period 4

1.Teach the following new words:
famous, take a vacation, Greece, Spain, Europe, something, lake, the Great Lakes, leave, countryside, nature, forget, a lot, finish

Things to be explained:
① I want to do something different.

②He’s staying until September. another example: He waited for me until 9 o’clock. But some words like go, come, leave, we must use not…until
She didn’t go there until the rain stopped.

④ …there are many people there who speak French.

In this sentence, who speak Fren

ch is an attributive clause, we can translate it like 那儿有许 多讲法语的人。

Step 3 Listen and practice
3a: Listen to the tape, and then answer the teacher’s questions.

① What does Ben Lambert do?
② What is he doing this summer? ③ What country did he decide to go this time? ④ Why is he going to Canada? ⑤ What places is he going to in Canada? ⑥ How long is he staying in Canada? ⑦ What are his plans?

3b Complete the article about Julia’s vacation
Julia Morgan, the famous movie star, is taking a vacation. She is going to __________ . “I just finished making my last movie,” she says. “I’m _________ and I really need to .” I asked her about her plans. “Well, I’m going _____ and ________. I’m also _________and ________.I want an exciting vacation !”

Survey Weekend Plans
Ask classmates what they are doing this weekend. Use the information on the chart on page 81. Write your classmate’s name next to the correct activity. A: What are you doing this weekend?

B: Well, I’m going shopping on Saturday…


Fill in the blanks with the words given.
leave hear plan ask hope 1. I _______ that Thailand is a good place to go hear sightseeing.

leaving 2. She’s __________for Hong Kong on Tuesday.
hoping 3. I’m _______ the weather is nice in the mountains. ask 4. I want to _______ you about places to visit in China.

planning 5. I’m __________my vacation to Italy this weekend.


去游泳 去滑冰 去滑雪 去划船 去跳舞 钓鱼 徒步旅行 观光旅行 骑自行车旅行

去购物 离开

go swimming go skating go skiing go boating go dancing go fishing go hiking go sightseeing go bike riding go camping go shopping go away

乘公交车 步行 乘飞机 乘出租车 乘船 乘地铁 骑自行车

by bus=take a bus on foot by plane=by air by taxi=take a taxi by boat take the subway ride a bike rides his bike He often _______________ to school. by bike =He often goes to school _________. on his bike =He often goes to school ____________.

散步 take walks=take a walk=go for a walk get together 相聚 与…相处融洽 get on/along well (with sb) get/be ready for sth 为…做准备 到达
get/be ready to do get to =arrive in (at)=reach

arrive 1.As soon as I ______, he will come to meet me. 2.He ________ home very early yesterday. got / arrived / reached 3.I usually ______ my office at 6:40 every day. get to /arrive at /reach

做一些不同的事情 do something different something/anything/everything+形容词
计划做某事 迫不及待 plan to do sth can’t wait to do would like to do 动词+ to do: want to do afford to do try to do decide to do agree to do choose to do hope to do need to do pretend to do fail to do tell sb to do ask sb to do

finish doing sth can’t help doing enjoy doing mind doing practice doing give up doing keep doing be busy doing 忘记/记得去做某事 forget to do remember to do 忘记/记得已做的事 forget doi

ng remember doing

完成做某事 情不自禁地

考虑 认为 想出 起床 穿衣服 上车 下车 取回

think about think of think up
get up get dressed get on get off

get back


worry about be worried about worry about Don’t ___________ your lessons. worried about Don’t be _____________ your lessons.

假期你打算怎么过? What are you doing for vacation? 你将和谁一起去. Who are you going with? 你打算什么时候去? When are you going? 你打算呆多久? How long are you staying?
She is leaving for Hong Kong on Tuesday.

你是怎么去学校的. How do you go to school? 我经常步行,但有时候我乘车. I often walk but sometimes I take the bus. 那要花多久呢?How long does it take? 步行大约要25分钟. It takes about 25 minutes to walk, =It takes about 25 minutes on foot. 学校离你家多远? How far is it from your home to school?

1.Tom plans ___ fishing this weekend. C A.go B. goes C. to go D. going B 2.Summer vacation is coming. Kate is____ a good plan. A. doing B. making C. getting D. taking

B 3.His father died and ___ him a lot of money. A.gave B. left C. passed D. sent A 4. ---Oh, dear, I ___ my English book at home. ---Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. A.left B. put C. forgot D. took D 5.Have you finished ___ the composition? A.write B. wrote C. to write D. writing A 6.Don’t forget __ the door when you come In. A. to close B. closing C. to closing D. closed

B 1.When I came into his room, he___ in bed reading. A.was laying B. was lying C. is lying D. laying C 2.You ___ write to your parents as often as po -ssible, because they will miss you very much. A.would B. will C. should D. could C 3.Our teacher often gives us___ on how to learn English well. A. an advice B. some advices C. some advice D. some pieces of advices

B 4.--____ is ― Lucky 52‖ shown on CCTV-2? --- Every week. A.How long B. How often C. How many times D. How soon D 5.---___ do you go to Qingdao? ---Oh, I have never been there before. A.How long B. How far C. How soon D. How often C 6.---__ have your parents been abroad? ---Only once. A. How long B. How far C. How many times D. How often

7.Sorry, I can ___ hear you because it’s too D noisy here in the room. A.carefully B. easily C. nearly D. hardly B 8.We should keep our eyes __ while doing eye exercises. A. Close B. closed C. open D. opened 9.---Mum, I don’t feel like eating. C ---Oh, dear! ___. A.Bad luck! B. I doesn’t matter. C. What’s wrong? D. That’s all right. B 10. I’ll finish the job, no matter ___ it takes. A. how soon B. how long C. how far D. how often

B 11. Mrs. Brown ___ takes exercise, so he is getting fatter and fatter. A.often B. hardly ever C. usually D. always A 12.--__ is the train station? ---It’s about 20 kilometres from here. A.How far B. How long C. How many D. How much D 13. --___ do you write to your parents? --Once a month. A.How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often B 14.--___ have you be

en a great volunteer? -- For more than three years. A.How often B. How long B.C. How soon D. How far

C 15.—I’m sorry to have kept you ___ . --- It doesn’t matter. I’ve just come. A.wait B. waited C. waiting D. to wait C 16. – You ___ my dictionary for half a year. ---Sorry, I’ll return it soon. A.kept B. borrowed C. have kept D. have borrowed 17.Don’t keep ___ in class. You must listen C carefully. A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. to talking

1. Where are you going?

2. What are you doing there?

3. What should tourists take with them?
4. Where are you leaving from?

5. When are you leaving? 6. What are you eating?

Saturday morning
We’re going to the Great Wall in the morning.

Sunday morning





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