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Unit 1
1. 去滑板 go skateboarding 2. 锻炼 exercise = do / take exercise 3. 几乎不曾 hardly ever 4. 一周两次 twice a week 5. 一个月一次 once a month 6. 一年三次 three times a year 7. 一周三或四次 three or four times a week 8. 网上冲浪 surf the Internet 9. 多久(一次) How often 10…….的结果 the result of… 11.活动调查 activity survey 12. 有某物给某人 Here is/are sth for sb. on weekends 13.在周末

14.活跃的;积极的 be active as for… 15.至于;关于 junk food 16.垃圾食品 17.想要(某人)做某事 want (sb) to do sth 18.对…有好处 / 坏处 be good / bad for… 19.健康的 be healthy 20.每晚你睡几个小时? How many hours do you sleep every night? 21.九个小时 for nine hours 22.从学校放学回家 come home from school 23.饮食习惯 eating habits 24.尽(最大)努力/试着做… try (one’s best )to do sth

25.大量,许多 a lot of = lots of 26.当然 of course =sure = certainly 27.注意健康 look after my health 28.有健康的生活方式 have a healthy lifestyle 29.帮助某人做某事 help sb (to) do/with sth 30.取得好成绩 get good grades 31.学得好/更好/最好 study well / better / best 32.为什么不做某事? why not do sth?= why don’t you /we do sth? 33.与…相同 be the same as… 34.与…不同 be different from… 35. (…和 …)的不同点 the differences (between…and …) 36.有几分/一点不健康 be kind of unhealthy

keep in good health = keep/stay healthy

38.少吃肉 eat less meat 39.提高英语 improve English

1、你多久吃一次蔬菜?我每天都吃 How often do you eat vegetables ? I eat them every day . 2、她周末干什么? 她经常在家看电视。 What does she do on weekends ? She often watches TV at home . 3、至于家庭作业,大部分学生一周做3到4次作业 As for homework , most students do homework three or four times a week .

4、一些学生一周上一两次网。 Some students surf the Internet once or twice a week. 5、你每天晚上睡几个小时? How many hours do you sleep every night ? So maybe I’m kind of unhealthy , although I have a healthy habit . 7、吃水果对我们的健康有好处。 Eating fruit is good for our health . 8、我尽量每天都做运动。 I try to do exercise every day .


9、我的健康的生活方式帮我取得好成绩。 My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades . 10、他每天晚上睡9个小时。 He sleeps for nine hours every night . 11、她的饮食习惯和你的一样吗? Are her eating habits the same as yours ?

1、He is very strong because he often exercises . 2、Do you like surfing the Internet ? 3、Here are the results of his survey . 4、We wash our hair twice a week . 5、I like the TV p rogram on CCTV-10 . 6、I don’t think junk food is good for our h ealth . 7、My e

ating habits are pretty good . 8、Don’t worry . Maybe he can help you . 9、It’s important to keep healthy . 10、Can you tell me the differences between the two words ? 11、My grandpa is still healthy , a lthough he is over 80 . 12、Jim goes to see his parents once a month .

二、用所给词的正确形式填空 1、I look after my health and I am healthy .(health) 2、My teacher wants me to write (write) a letter to you . 3、They hardly(hard) go out of this small town . 4、The boy is trying to climb (climb) up the tree . different (difference) from the other . 5、This word is 6、We must do eye exercises (exercise) every day . 7、My mother has (have) a healthy lifestyle . She eats less (little) junk food but more vegetables . 8、I practice speaking (speak) English every day . 9、What can I do to improve (improve) my math? 10、Jim often plays (play) computer games .


help, make, a lot of, want, early , exercise, try, and, give, take a lot of 1. I have ________ toy cars in my room. 2. I eat fruit ________ drink milk every day. and take 3. My parents often ________ me to the park on Sundays. 4. He usually comes to school_______. early give 5 Jim, ________ this book to Ann. 6. Mum wants _________ me to get up at 6:00 and run with her. 7. You must _________ to eat less meat. try make 8. Does it _______ a big difference if you eat fruit every
day? help 9. A lot of vegetables_________ you to keep in good health. 10.Grandma is pretty healthy because she _____________ exercises every day . U1

How often does Ann’s mother shop?
2. He is writing on the blackboard now.

句型转换: 1. Ann’s mother shops once a month.

What is he doing on the blackboard now?
Jim doesn’t go to see Uncle Li in the evening.
4. There are some beautiful flowers in the garden.. (一般疑问句) 3. Jim goes to see Uncle Li in the evening.(否定句)

Are there any beautiful flowers in the garden?
5. She only eats junk food once a week because junk food isn’t good for health.

Why does she only eat junk food once a week?

Unit 2
1.怎么了?得什么病了? = What’s wrong (with sb)? What’s the matter/trouble (with sb)? =what’s up 2. (重)感冒 have/get a (bad) cold 3. 发(高)烧 have a (high) fever 4. 胃痛 have a stomachache 5. 牙痛 have a toothache 6. 头痛 have a headache 7. 喉咙痛 have a sore throat have a sore back =have a backache 8. 背痛 9. 躺下休息 lie down and rest/have a rest 10. 加蜂蜜的热茶 hot tea with honey see a doctor 11. 看病 12. 看牙医 see a dentist 13.多喝水 drink lots of water 14.应该/不该做某事 should / shouldn’t do sth

15.好主意。 That’s a good idea. 16.我感觉不舒服。 I’m not feeling well=I don’t feel well=I feel terrible/bad. 17.太糟了。That’s too bad. 18.我(不)是这样认为的。 I (don’t) think so. 19.我希望你能尽快好起来。

I hope you feel better soon. be/ get tired 20.疲劳 21.

压力大 be /get stressed out 22.早上床睡觉 go to bed early listen to music 23.听音乐 go to/join the party 24.参加派对

be + adj.

need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy 26.此刻;现在 at the moment = now

27.传统中医 traditional Chinese doctors 28.例如 for example 29.在某方面很弱 be weak (in sth) 30.太多… too many +可数n.复数

too much +不可数n. 实在太… much too + adj. / adv. 31.生(…)气 be/get angry (with sb.) Chinese medicine 32.中药 33.吃药 take medicine 34.在西方国家 in western countries 35.吃均衡的饮食 eat a balanced diet

36.(对某人来说)做某事很…Doing sth is+ adj + (for sb ) It’s +adj. + (for sb ) + to do sth a little + 不可数n. 37.少数几个/一些(肯定) a few + 可数n.复数 几乎没有(否定) few + 可数n.复数 little + 不可数n. 38.很遗憾听到这个消息 I’m sorry to hear that.

1、你怎么了?我头疼。 What’s the matter with you ? / What’s the trouble with you ? / What’s wrong with you ? I have a headache . I have a pain in my head . 2、你应该好好休息几个晚上。 You should have a good rest for a few nights . 3、我希望她尽快好起来 I hope she will feel better soon . 4、牙疼什么时候开始的? 大概三天前。 When did the toothache start ? About three days ago .

5、听说你妈妈生病了我很难过。 I’m sorry to hear that your mother is ill . 6、当你很累的时候,你晚上不应该太过努力学习。 When you are tired , you shouldn’t study too hard at night . 7、传统中医坚信要保持健康我们需要阴、阳的平衡。 Traditional Chinese doctors believe that we need a balance of yin and yang to keep healthy . 8、中药在许多西方一些国家很受欢迎。
Chinese medicine is popular in some western countries .

9、拥有一个健康的生活方式是很容易的,吃均衡的饮食 也是很重要的。 It’s easy to have a healthy lifestyle , and it’s important to eat a balanced diet .

I really need to practice speaking English every day to improve my English . 11、Jim 昨天发烧。 Jim had a fever yesterday . 12、那是个好注意。 That’s a good idea .

句型转换: 1. What’s your trouble, young man?(同义句) matter What’sthe _______ ________with ______you, young man? What’swrong with _______ _________you, young man? Don’t be 2.Be quick, please(否定句)______ _____quick,please 3. She had a cold two days ago.(划线部分提问) have _______ ________she________a cold? When did 4.My brother does his homework in the evening.(改为 一般疑问句) Does _______your brother _____ his homework in the do evening? 5.He hopes that he will be a doctor some day.(改为简 单句) to be He hopes _______ ________ a doctors some day. 6.Look! The bus is coming here.(改为倒装) Here’s coming the bus Look!_

______ ________ _______ ________.

适当形式填空: anything 1. He shouldn’t eat __________ (something) for 4 hours. health 2. Many sports help you to keep in good __________ (health) 3. I hope __________ (be) healthy. to be see 4. Maybe you should _________ (see) a dentist. 5. When_____ (do) it start? About two days ago. did better 6. Now I feel ______ (good). foot 7. I usually go to school on _________(foot). 8. My little son has eighteen __________ (tooth) teeth illness 9. My mother’s _________ (ill) makes me unhappy. 10. If you have trouble, I can give you some advice _________ (advice)

11. I’m tired and I have a lot of _________ (headache). 12. Don’t__________ (be )stressed out. be 13. It’s important _________ (sleep) nine hours a to sleep night. well 14. I don’t feel ________ (good) today. medicine 15. I need to take some _________ (medicine). exercise 16. He is kind of unhealthy, he should ________ (exercise) every day. 17. When you have a stomachache, you shouldn’t anything eat ____________ (something) for some time. teeth 18. The baby has four ________ (tooth) at the age of one. 19. A cow has four ____________ (stomach) stomachs beautiful 20. She looks __________ (beautiful) and sings beautifully (beautiful) ___________



stressed 1、I’m s out , I want to listen to music . important 2、It’s i for us to eat a balanced diet . 3、If you are thirsty t , please have a drink . angry 4、Don’t be a with the boy .He is only a kid . advice . 5、A doctor can give you some a balanced diet can help us to keep healthy . 6、Eating a b problem 7、I can’t work out the difficult math p________ Traditional believe 8、T_____ Chinese doctors b_______ we need a balance of yin and yang to stay healthy . 9、He is a good student , and he usually goes to school early e . until 10、They didn’t finish their homework u 11 o’c matter 11、What’s the m with you , madam ?

1、I think you are ill . You need to see(see) a doctor . 2、It’s good to eat (eat) hot yang foods if you have too much yin . feeling (feel) now ?”. “Very well .” 3、“How are you 4、Li Ming was too tired . So he stopped to have (have) a rest . 5、It’s important to sleep (sleep) 8 hours a night . 6、Do you enjoy living (live) in China ? 7、The football match started (start) a few minutes ago . 8、They’d like to fly (fly) kites in the afternoon . 9、 Don’t eat (not eat) junk food ! 10、We should help (help) each other .

11、A cat has four feet (foot) . 12、How many children (child) do you have , Mrs. Black 13、There will be (be) a basketball game this afternoon. 14、Gina often carries (carry) the little girl after school . 15、I really (real) need some help .

1、I believe that he has too much yin . (改为否定句)

I don’t believe that he has too much yin .
2、What’s wrong with Bill ? (改为同义句)

What’s the matte

r with Bill ? What’s the trouble with Bill ?

3、Sleep 8 hours a night .(改为提建议句)

You should sleep 8 hours a night .
4、She had a toothache three days ago .(画线提问)

When did she have a toothache ?

5、The teacher is busy now . (改为同义句)

The teacher is busy at the moment .
6、To eat healthy food is important for us. (改为同义句)

It’s important for us to eat healthy food .
7、You should eat something .(改为否定句)

You shouldn’t eat anything . He doesn’t feel well

8、He’s not feeling well .(改为一般现在时)

9、My mother is ill .(画线提问) 10、down , rest , she , lie , should , and (连词成句)

What’s the matter / trouble with your mothe
She should lie down and rest .

1、Mary is thirsty . Give some orange , please . A、his B、her C、hers D、yours 2005 山东济南 2、Yesterday afternoon , when we got to the town , of the shops there was open , so we shouldn’t buy anything .2005 山东济宁 A、all B、any C、some D、none 3、Would you please buy some salt for me , Tony? There is left .2005 湖北武汉 A、little B、a little C、few D、a few 4、There is knocking at the door . Go and see who it is . 2005.湖南常德 A、nobody B、somebody C、anybody D、everybody

5、--- When did Mr. Black move to London ? --June 20,1999 . 2005.乌鲁木齐 A、On B、At C、In D、With 6、Miss. Green goes to the doctor’s mornings. 2005.湖北武汉 A、on B、at C、in D、with Monday

7、--- Can you play football ? --- Yes , I can , I can play it well . 2005.浙江金华 A、or B、so C、and D、but 8、So homework really makes the students feel tired . 2005.广东茂名 A、much B、many C、little D、few


the song is not very popular, I enjoy it . 2005.湖北 A、Because B、Though C、If D、And

10、Kate is really . She’s never angry with others . 2005.乌鲁木齐 A、tall B、friendly C、lucky D、clever

A: Good morning . What’s your trouble ? B: I don’t feel very well . A: Did you take your temperature ? B: Yes , I did . My temperature is a little higher . A: How long have you been like this ? B: Ever since last night . A: Oh , I see . You’ve got a cold . B: Get a cold ? A: Yes . You’d better stay at home for two or three days . B: Is it serious ? A: No , I don’t think it is too serious . But you really need a good rest and take this medicine . B: How often do I take this medicine ? A: Three times a day . B: OK . Thank you . A: It’s my pleasure .

Unit 3 1.假期你打算做什么?What are you doing for vacation? 2. 去野营 go camping go + V+ing 去… 3. 去远足 go hiking 4. 去观光 go sightseeing 5. 去骑自行车 go bike riding=ride a bike=go riding 6. 听起来… sound + adj. 7. 那听起来很棒。 That sounds nice. 8. 休闲在家 relax at home 9. 你将和谁一起去? Who are you going with? 10. 在12号 on the 12th 11. 在(深)山里 in the mountains 12. 你将呆多长时间? How long are you staying? 四天

。 For four days. 13. 离开太长时间 go away for too long

14. 把某物寄给某人 send sb sth=send sth to sb 15. 把某物给某人看 show sb sth=show sth to sb 16. 回到学校 get/come back to school

get/come back to = return to 回来
17. 去渡假 18. 散步

take a walk = have a walk = walk
19. 假期计划 vacation plans? 20. 租录像带 rent videos 21. 以…而出名 be famous for 22. 过长假 take / have a long vacation 23. 今年夏天 this summer 24. 考虑某事/做某事 think about sth / doing sth 25. 决定做某事 decide to do sth decide on sth / doing sth 26. 在欧洲 in Europe

go for vacation take walks

27. 做一些不同的事 do something different 28. 计划做某事 plan to do sth 29. 在乡村 in the countryside 30. 花时间 / 金钱于某物/做某事

spend time / money on sth/ (in) doing 31. 多睡 sleep a lot 32. 迫不及待做某事 can’t wait to do sth 33. 做完某事 finish doing sth 34. 需要做某事 need to do sth 35. 询问某人某事 ask sb about sth
36. 一个观光的好地方 a good place to go sightseeing 37. 随身带上某物 take sth with sb 38. 离开某地 leave +(from) 地点 动身前往某地 leave for +地点 leave … for … 离开…去…


What are you doing for winter vacation ?
I’m going to Tibet for a week . 2、你和谁一起去北京? Who are you going to Beijing with ? . 3、你将在夏威夷呆多久? How long are you staying in Hawaii ?

4、当我们回到学校的时候,给我看看你的照片。 Show me your photos when we get back to school . Show your photos to me when we get back to school .

5、请在香港给我寄张明信片。 Please send a postcard to me from Hong Kong . 6、我能问你一些关于你假期计划的问题吗? Can I ask you some questions about your vacation plan ? 7、他将在六月的第一个星期离开而且一直呆到九月份。 He is leaving the first week in June and staying until September . 8、我打算在美丽的乡下度过时光。 I plan to spend time in the beautiful countryside . 9、我迫不及待想骑自行车去临海旅行。 I can’t wait to go bike riding to Linhai .

He just finished doing his homework , 11、我爸爸下星期二动身去泰国。 My father is leaving for Thailand next Tuesday .

12、我听说香港是一个观光的好地方。 I hear that Hong Kong is a good place to go sightseeing .
13、Ben 曾想过去希腊或美国,但决定去法国。 Ben thought about going to Greece or America, but decided on France .

练习: camping 1. We are going __________(camp) this Sunday. 2. Liu Hong is the twelfth (twelve) one to come here. _______ photos 3. Will you please show all your__________(photo) to me? riding 4. Let’s go bike ______(ride) this weekend. to watch 5. The children couldn’t wait ___________ ( watch) the match. fishing 6. They are going ________(f

ish) next Sunday. to visit 7. My parents want to ask me about places _________ (visit) in England. cleaning 8. After I finish _________ (clean) the room, I’ll have a rest. 9. I forgot _________(close)the door. In fact, I closed closing it.

doing 10. Lucy spends an hour _______(do) her homework every day. to study 11. I plan_________ (study) English next year. different 12. I want to do something ____________(difference) this time. staying 13. Mike is __________ (stay) for five days. 14. Tell him _________(be ) quiet in the reading room. to be to watch 15. That is a good place___________(watch) birds. camping 16. How about____________(camp) with us to the museum? are going 17. My family __________(go) sightseeing next week. planning 18. I am _________(plan) my vacation to Italy this weekend.

句型: 1. How’s the weather there?(同义) What’s like _________ the weather________ there? 2. Show me your new watch, please . (同义) Show me _______ your new watch ______ ______ ,please. to 3. I’m visiting my grandmother for vacation.(画线提 问) What are you doing ________ ______ _____ ________ for vacation. 4. He is going to Hong Kong on the 12th. (画线提问)

When is he going to Hang Kang ?
5. Her mother has to get up early every morning. (画 线提问

What does her mother have to do every morning?

6. I’m not going with you. (画线提问)

Who aren’t you going with?
7. Please call me when you get back to school. (同 义) return Please call me when you ______ to school. 8. Did you have a good time yesterday(同义) enjoy yourself(ves) Did you ________ _______________ yesterday? have very nice. (画线提问) 9. That song sounds fun How does sound _____ ______ that song _______? 10. He decided to buy a new car. (同义) on a He decided _______ __________ new car. 11. We hope that we can visit this place again. (同 义) We hope _____ __________ this place again. to visit


1、This story sounds s interesting . 2、What’s your plan p for your summer vacation? forgot 3、Yesterday my father f to lock the door . 4、I met an American tourist in the Summer Palace . t 5、They rent r the room from Mrs. White . 6、We should love nature n and protect (保护) it. 7、Classes begin at 7:40a.m and finish f at 5:00p.m 8、She is leaving Shanghai for Beijing next month. l famous writer. 9、Lu Xun was a f 10、Some people like to live in the cities , but others like to live in the countryside . c

1、Why not go boating (boat) on the river with me ? 2、Are you going (go) hiking (hike) this Sunday ? 3、I’m learning how to drive (drive) a car . 4、She’s babysitting(babysit) her sister this Sunday . 5、When did you go (go) away last night ? 6、We plan to visit (visit) Tibet next year . 7、How about staying (stay) at home this evening ? 8、After I finished washing(wash) my clothes , I cooked. 9、Hurry up , Jack ! Your

brother is waiting (wait) for you . 10、Let’s relax (relax) here . 11、You’ll be relaxed (relax) when you get back from the vacation . 12、Mikethought(think) about for a moment and decided to take (take) it .

13、The story sounds interesting , I am interested (interest) in it . 14、I heard (hear) he came back from Wuhan yesterday. 15、My mother often feels tired after walking (walk).

1、They’re staying for two weeks . (画线提问)

How long are they staying ?
2、She’s going fishing for vacation ? (画线提问)

What is she doing for vacation ? They take walks after supper every day .
4、I hope you will have a good time .(同义句)

3、They go for a walk after supper every day .(同义句)

I hope you will enjoy yourself .

5、How is the weather there ? (改为同义句)

What’s the weather like there ?

6、We’re going shopping on Sunday . (改为同义句)

We’re going to do some shopping on Sunday.
7、What are you doing for vacation .(relax at home) (根据提示写答语)

I am relaxing at home .

8、We often have sports camp on Sundays . (用next Sunday替换)

We are having sports camp next Sunday .
9、We’re going camping with our teacher.(画线提问) 10、I’m leaving for Shanghai tomorrow. (画线提问)

Who are you going camping with ?

When and where are you leaving for ?

Unit 4
1.How do you get to school?
take the subway 乘地铁 take the bus 乘公交车 take the train 乘火车 take the car 坐小汽车 take a taxi to… 乘出租车 去… take a plane 乘飞机 take a ship 乘轮船 ride a bike 骑自行车 walk 走路


by subway by bus by train by car go / come to… by taxi by plane / air by ship / sea by bike on foot

2. 46 forty-six 3. 105 one hundred and five
4. 某人花……时间做某事

It takes / took sb some time to do sth. 5. 要花多长时间? How long does it take?
6. 从他家到学校有多远?

How far is it from his home to school?
离学校10公里远 10 kilometers (away) from school 7. 远离某地 be far (away) from… 8. 离某地很近 be near… 9. 快速地吃早餐

have a quick breakfast=have breakfast quickly 10. 在大约6:30 at around/about six thirty 11. 带…到/去… take … to (do) … 12.到达 get to = arrive in/at = reach

13. 公交车行程通常要花费25分钟。 The bus ride usually takes about 25 minutes. 14. 公交车站点 the bus stop 汽车站 / 火车站 / 地铁站 the bus / train / subway station 15. 全世界 around the world = all over the world 16. 在北美洲 in North America 17. 在世界的其他地区 in other parts of the world 18. 那肯定比坐公交车更有趣得多。 must be 一定 That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus. 19. 大多数学生 most students=most of the students 20. 朝…看;看… look at… = have a look at… 21. …怎么样 What …think of… = how…like …

go to school on the school bus 乘校车上学

depend on 22. 视……而定;决定于 not all students 23. 不是

所有的学生 the way / means of doing sth 24. 做某事的方式 交通方式 the means / ways of transportation 做某事的最流行方式

the most popular ways of doing sth 25. 一定数量的…… a number of…= a lot of 少量的…/大量的… a small/large number of the number of…(is) …的数量 26. 生病住院 be ill in hospital 27. 别担心。 Don’t worry. 为…而担忧 worry about… = be worried about… 28. 有困难 have a problem/problems


Jim’s home is 10 kilometers from school .
It’s 10 kilometers from Jim’s home to school . 2、他乘早班车去上学。 He takes the early bus to school .

3、从地铁站到学校要花费30分钟时间。 It takes 30 minutes from the subway station to school 4、他住的离地铁站有多远? How far does he live from the subway station?

5、在我们班,并不是所有的学生都骑自行车去上学。 Not all students ride bikes to school in our class .

That must be a lot more fun than taking a train . 7、在中国,自行车和公共汽车是最受欢迎的交通工具。 In China , bikes and buses are the most popular means of transportation . 8、这取决与你喜欢什么。 It depends on what you like . 9、如果你有什么困难,你可以找警察帮忙。 If you have problems , you can ask the policemen for help .

10、我不知道他怎么看待我的英语。 I don’t know what he thinks of my English .
11、别着急,还有点时间。 Don’t worry , there is a little time.

12、他看起来很焦急,因为他妈妈生病住院了。 He looks worried , because his mother is ill in hospital .

练习: 1. We will visit Uncle Wang ,Uncle Wang will be free. (用if 连接两个句子)

If Uncle Wang is free, we will visit him.
2. He worries about his sick mother.(同义句) is _______ about He _____worried ______ his sick mother. 3. What do you think of the transportation? (同义句) How _____ do you ________ the transportation. like 4. A number of boys are playing football over there. (同义句) A lot of ___ ____ ___ boys are playing football over there. 5. He goes to school by bike. (同义句) on the/his bike He goes to school _______ ________ _______. 6. The students in the mountains go to school on foot.(画线提问) Which students _________ _________ go to school on foot?

适当形式: the other 1.I have two sisters. One is Lucy, _________(other) is Lily. ride 2. Most students _______ (ride) their bike to school. students take 3. A small number of __________ (student) ______ (take ) the subway. rains 4. I will take a taxi when it _______ (rain) 5. Don’t be _________ (worry) about mother. worried 6. Her illness (ill) makes her mother sad. ______ read 7.Look at your book and _______ (read ) it. to see 8. I need ______ (see) my friend. 9. Let me ________ (look ) after your son. look 10.I will go home if it _____________ (not rain) doesn’

t rain tomorrow.

bought 11.His mother ________ (buy ) him a beautiful watch last week. have 12. Let’s ______ (have ) a look at our photos on the Great Wall. are playing 13. Look! The girls ___________ (play) games there. taking 14.Taking a boat must be a lot more fun than ______ (take ) a bus. 15.Other parts of the world are __________ different (difference) from the United States getting 16.There are three most popular ways of ________ (get ) to school. to get 17.I want to know how ________ (get) to school 18.Students in Hongshanhu have to ______ (take ) a take to get boat __________(get) to school

A: Excuse me. I am going to the shopping center. get How ______ I __________ there? can B: Oh, well . Walk along this road and take the second turning on the right . How far A: ______ ______ is it from here ? B: It’s about seven or eight minutes’ walk. A:Thank you very much.. B: That’s all right. (ten minutes later) can do C: What _____ I _______ for you ? A: I ________ a shirt ,Would you show me some? want C: Certainly. The light blue one is very nice .Why not on try it______? A: That’s fine ,Where is the changing room? C: Over there .This way ,please. A:Oh,it looks so nice. ________ the price of it ? What’s expensive C: It’s 240 yuan . A: It’s too__________ . I only have /dear 200 yuan..


1、There are about ninety n teachers in our school . minutes is half an hour . 2、Thirty m 3、It usually takes t me 20 minutes to walk to school . 4、Fifty and fifty is one hundred h . 5、Can you wait for me at the subway station s . depend on their parents for food . 6、Children d 7、Please help me with this math problem p . 8、English names are different from Chinese names . d 9、Don’t worry . Let me help you . w 10、I think bikes are the most popular means of t transportation in China . north of China . 11、Beijing is in the n 12、Be quick q , or we’ll be late . river 13、There are some boats on the r .


1、He usually rides (ride) a bike to school ? 2、He has a quick breakfast and goes to school quickly (quick) . 3、 Reading (read) in the sun is bad for your eyes . 4、There are (be) a lot of people in the museum . 5、How long does it take to walk (walk) to school ? 6、Taking a boat must be a lot more (much) fun than tak a bus . 7、He is ill and he needs to see (see) a doctor . 8、It’s necessary for me to wash (wash) my clothes . 9、Please tell him to come (come) to the hospital . 10、How does Bob get (get) to school every day ?

1、It takes about fifty minutes to get to the factory . (画线提问)

How long does it take to get to the factory ?
2、My home is about 2 kilometers from school ? (画线提问)

How far is your home from school ?

3、We often walk to school .(同义句)

We often go to school on foot .
4、Let’s go fishing on Sunday .(同义句)

Why don’t you go fishing on Sunday ? Why not go fishing on Sunda

y ?

5、They lived here for about five years ? (画线提问)

How long did they live here ?
It’s 5 minutes’ walk from my home to school .
7、Other parts of the world are different from the USA. (改同义句) Other parts of the world 8、It was snowing . But it was not very cold . (合为一句)

6、It takes me 5 minutes to walk to school. (改为同义句

are not the same as the USA .

It was not very cold although it was snowing . They took a train to Beijing .

9、They went to Beijing by train .(改同义句)

10、Maria had a quick breakfast and Maria had her breakfastwent to school. (改同义句)

quickly and went to school .

1、---- Could you tell me how to get to Nanjing Museum ? ---- Let me show you on this map (地图) 2005.南京
2、My little daughter has collected more than forty stamps from different countries . 2005. 山东日照 (四十)

3、--- How many students are there in your school ? --- Seven hundred and eighty (八十). 2005.江苏南通 4、Would you like to go fishing (钓鱼) with me ? 2005. 浙江温州 5、The boy on the new bicycle (自行车) is Sally’s brother . 2005. 浙江温州

6、John never goes to school late

(迟) . 2005. 浙江温州

7、We should plant a lot of trees to make our city beautiful . The more m trees , the better . 2005. 山东威海 8、The railway station is very far need to take a bus . (远) from here . You 2005.浙江衢州

9、--- When are you leaving (leave) for Beijing ? --- The day after tomorrow . 2005. 山东济南 10、--- Tony , what’s fifty and forty ? --- It’s ninety .


Unit 5 1. Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? 周六下午你能来参加我的派对吗? Sure, I’d love to. / Sorry, I can’t. 可以。 / 对不起,不能。 2. 为考试而作准备 study for a test go to the doctor 3. 去看病 4. 上钢琴课 have a piano lesson 5. 有太多的家庭作业 have too much homework 太多… too much +不可数名词 too many +可数名词 6. 下一次 next time 另外一次 =another time 7. 去听音乐会 go to the concert 8. 去商场购物 go to the mall

on the calendar 9. 在日历上 the day after tomorrow 10. 后天 11. 今天是几号,星期几? What’s today? 12. 今天是14号,星期一。It’s Wednesday the 14th. 13. 多谢你的邀请。
Thank you for your/the invitation. =Thanks (a lot) for asking/inviting me. 14. 忙于做某事 be busy with sth =be busy doing sth 15. 今天晚上 this evening = tonight 16. 进行网球训练 have tennis training next vacation 17. 下个假期 18. 保持安静 keep quiet

on TV 19. 在电视上 20. 足球比赛 football match 21. 整天 the whole day = all day (long) 22. 顺便来… come over to… 23. 有空,空闲 be free 24. 确信 be sure 25. 与某人讨论某事 discuss sth with sb

1、 星期三你能来参加我的生日晚会吗?

Can you come to my birthday party on Wednesday ?
2、当然,我很乐意去。 Sure , I’d love to ./ I’d like

to . 3、这个周末我有太多的作业要做。 I have too much homework to do this weekend . 4、很抱歉,我要去看电影。 I’m sorry , I’m going to the movies .

5、来加入到我们当中。 Come and join us .

What are you doing on Thursday afternoon ? 7、我得去上我的吉他课。 I have to go to my guitar lesson .

8、你能在星期日晚上顺便来我家吗? Can you come over to my house on Sunday evening? 9、Jim 不得不完成化学课题。 Jim has to finish the chemistry project .

He is going fishing with his father the whole day tomorrow.

11、让我们讨论一下科学报告吧。 Let’s discuss the science report . 12、请保持安静!他正在尽力学习。 Please keep quiet ! He is trying to study . 13、我不能加入你们当中因为我工作日要帮助我妈。 I can’t join you because I have to help my mother on weekdays . 14、谢谢你邀请我。 Thank you for inviting me . 15、谢谢你对我发出的晚会邀请。 Thank you for your invitation to the party .


1、We have to study s for the math test today. 2、There is going to be a guitar concert in our school . c 3、Can you come to my party ? Sure S , I’d love to . 4、I can’t go to your party because I have a piano lesson l . asking 5、Thanks for a .Maybe we can go to the movies a another time . 6、There are a lot of football m matches this month . 7、Please come over to my house this weekend ? o 8、We often have chemistry lesson in the lab (实验室) . c 9、Thank you for iinviting me to your party . 10、Thank you for your invitation to your party . i 11、Most of us go to school on w . weekdays 12、He’s not free f today . He is busy . 13、If you want to play tennis well ,you need more training t .

1、I’m sure he would love to come (come) . 2、Are the boyslistening(listen) to the radio ? 3、I’m sorryto make(make) you cry (cry) . 4、Can you come to Lucy’s (Lucy) birthday party ? 5、We’re really (real) busy this week ? 6、The students are visiting(visit) the Great Wall the day after tomorrow . 7、He is the twentieth (twenty) to get there . 8、We’re discussing where to go (go) . 9、Thanks a lot for giving (give) me the book . 10、Jim began (begin) to learn(learn) Chinese two years ago . 11、The old man asked the policeman to help(help) him. 12、Jack went home after he finished reading (read).

1、It’s Sunday the 14th today .


What’s today ?
2、He has to clean his room every day . (改为否定句)

He doesn’t have to clean his room every day .
3、Jim is watching TV .(用usually , on weekends改写)

Jim usually watches TV on weekends .
4、Open the door , please .(改为否定句)

Don’t open the door , please .

5、Lin Fei usually goes to school by bike. (画线提问)

How does Li

n Fei usually go to school ?
6、It rained yesterday . (改为一般疑问句)

Did it rain yesterday ?
7、Can he go to the concert ?(作否定回答)

No , he can’t ./ sorry/No, he can’t .
8、He’s thinking about what he’s going to say . (改同义句)

He’s thinking about what to say .

1、There are so many new word in the twenty-ninth (二十九) lesson . It’s hard to understand . 2005.河北
2、If our school team wins the last two matches (比赛), we will be the top . 2005. 江苏南京 3、Cathy isn’t tall , but she sits in the sixth (第六) row . 2005.浙江温州

4、Everyone had a good time at Backy’s twentieth (二十) birthday. 2005. 河北荆门

C 5、--- Do you want cake ? 2005. 浙江金华 --- Yes , I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry . A、other B、the other C、another D、others

6、--- How about going out for a walk with us ? 2005. 安徽 --- I wish I could , C I have to finish my homework first . A、and B、so C、but D、or 7、The railway station is very need to take a bus .

far (远) from here . You

8、--- When are you leaving (leave) for Beijing ? --- The day after tomorrow . 2005. 山东济南

Unit 6 1. 谢谢你的上封来信。 Thank you for your last letter. 2. 正如你能看到的,…。As you can see,… 3. 从某些方面来说 in some ways 4. 从某一方面来说 be different from in a way 与。。。不同=not the same as 5. 看起来相同 look the same 看起来不同 look different 6. 喜欢做某事 enjoy doing sth

= like/love to do sth. = like/love doing sth. 7. 超过,多于 more than = over 不到,少于 less than 8. 有一些共同之处 have some things in common 9. 擅长于… be good at sth / doing sth = do well in sth / doing sth

as +adj. /adv.原级 +as… 10. 与…一样 不如… not as/so+adj./adv.原级+as… 11. 有点外向 a little more outgoing a little/much/a lot/even/far + adj.比较级 12. 与某人做相同的事 do the same things as sb 13. 使某人(不)做某事 make/let sb (not) do sth =ask/tell sb (not) to do sth
14. 对于我来说那并不重要。

That’s not important for me. 15. 最好的朋友 best friend

have opposite views and interests
17. 大多数的孩子

most of the kids = most kids

18. 在…和…之间有一些不同点。

There are some differences between… and…
19. 相同是没必要的。

It’s not necessary to be the same. It’s (not) + adj. + to do sth
20. (在某个比赛项目中)打败某人 beat sb + (in +比赛项目) 赢得某个比赛项目 win +比赛项目 21. 差异对于友谊来说并不重要的。

Differences are not important in a friendship.
22. 一位小学教师

a teacher for primary school students 23. 有优秀的成绩 have good grades

be good with sb 24. 善待某人 25. 说笑话 tell jokes get a job 26. 获得一份工作 stop doing sth 27. 停止正在做的事 停下来,(开始)做某事 stop to do sth stay at ho

me 28. 呆在家里 29. ……的一张照片 a photo of …… 30.对….来说 for sb.

1、 这是我和我双胞胎妹妹的一些照片。

Here are some photos of me and my twin sister .
2、爸爸和儿子有一些共同的东西。 The father and the son have some things in common. 3、他们两个都是小学生。 They are both primary school students . 4、我妈妈喜欢每天都看电视。 My mother likes watching TV every day .

5、Jim 不如Tom擅长物理。 Jim is not as good at physics as Tom .

6、我哥哥最好的朋友喜欢和他做同样的事情。 My brother’s best friend likes to do the same things as he (does) .
7、我堂弟很擅长下棋。 My cousin is good at playing chess . 8、他的朋友经常在网球方面赢他。 His friend always beats him in tennis. 9、我们都喜欢体育,尽管他比我要更擅长运动。 We both like sports , although he is more athletic than me .

10、学好英语对我们很重要。 It’s important for us to learn English well .
11、我的头发比他的短很多。 My hair is much shorter than his . 12、Mary是一个滑稽的女孩,她总是使我发笑。 Mary is a funny girl , she always makes me laugh . 13、老师认为Lucy是得到这份工作的最佳人选。 The teacher thinks Lucy is the best person to get the job .

适当形式: 1. He has _______ (long) hair than Sam. longer better 2. Who is ________ (good) , Tom or Peter. curlier 3. Whose hair is ________ (curly) , yours or mine? outgoing 4. I’m not shy. I think I’m very __________ (outgoing) 5. ________ (healthy) is more important to me than Health money. swimming 6. Are you good at ___________ (swim)? serious 7. My English teacher is as __________ (serious) as my father. thinner 8. Maggie is a little __________ (thin) than her sister. 9. You don’t need ___________ (worry) about your to worry take son. He can _______ (take) good care of himself. more outgoing 10. This little baby is _______________ (outgoing) than that one.

serious 11. My English teacher is as __________ (serious) as my father. easier 12. Which is ________ (easy) , Lesson 1 or Lesson 2. different 13. In some ways we look ___________ (different). quiet 14. Ann is a very ________ (quietly) girl and she hardly makes noise. interesting 15. The chemistry is very ____________ (interest) talking 16.The meeting is about to begin. Stop _________ (talk), please. telling 17.Jane enjoys _________ (tell) jokes. better 18. I am ________ (good) at swimming than her. most important 19. This is the ___________________ (important) of Lesson 12.

句型转换: 1. Tom is tall. Jim is short.(比较级合并) taller than Tom is _______ ______ Jim. 2. My hair is long. Mary’s hair is longer .(合并成一句) longer than Mary’s hair _______ _________ _______ mine. is 3. Pedro is thinner than Sam. (改为同义句) Sam is _______________ ________ Pedro. fatter/heavier than 4. My sister is better at study than me. She is clever. (改

为同义句) more My sister is ___________ intellectual (聪明的) than me at study. 5. Peter is funny. Paul is funny, too. (合并成一句) as as Peter is _______ funny ________ Paul.

6. I like singing. Tina likes singing, too . (合并成一句) __________ he ________ I like singing. Both and 7. My brother does well in English.(改为同义句) is good at My brother ______ _________ ______ English. 8. Both of us enjoy going to parties. What do of ________ _____ _______ ____ you enjoy doing? both 9. Sue is 16 years old. I’m 16 years old, too. (the same 合并为一句) We are both the same _____ _____ ______ _____ _______ age.

Both of us are



10.Tom is fatter than any other student in his class. Tom is _____ than _____ other students in his fatter the ______ _______ class.

Review of Units 1_- 6 1. 使用某物做某事 use sth to do sth 2. 以…开始 begin / start with 3. 在我空闲的时间里 in my free time 4. 在那之后 after that 5. 在游泳池 in the swimming pool

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