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名词 练习

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1. They come from different ______
A. country B. countries C. a country D. countrys
2. How many ______ do you see in the picture?
A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato D. the tomato
3. They are______.
A . woman teachers B. women teachers
C. women teacher D. woman teacher
4. Would you like _______ ,please?
A. two glass of water B. two glasses of water
C. two glass of waters D. two glasses of waters
5. Most of ______ live in _______.
A. Germans, German B. German, Germen
C. Germen, Germany D. Germans, Germany
6. There are some ______ in these _______.
A. knifes…pencil-boxes B. knives…pencils-box
C. knives…pencil-box D. knives…pencil-boxes
7. ______ like ______ by air.
A. Greens, travelling B. The Green, traveling
C. The Greens, travel D. The Greens, traveling
8. I wonder why ______ are interested in action films(武打片).
A. the people B. people C. peoples D. the peoples
9. There is no ______ in the plate.
A. apples B. oranges C. rice D. eggs
10. – would you like something to drink, Tara?
--Yes, I’d like some
A. sandwiches B. hot dogs C. water D. bread

11. The little baby has two already.
A.tooth B. tooths C. teeth D. teeths

12. Help yourself to .
A. some chickens B. a chicken C. some chicken D. any chicken

13.The teachers have two to live in.
A. woman; room B. women; rooms C. woman; rooms D. women; room

14.They are very thirsty. Will you please give them ?
A. some bottles of waters B. some bottles of water
C. some bottle of water D. any bottle of milk
1. I have two_____ (knife)
2. There are many _____ here. (box)
3. There are many _____ on the road. (bus)
4. A few _____ are drawing on the wall. (boy)
5. The _____ are playing football now. (child)
① 两箱书 ② 四篮子鸡蛋
③ 三副眼镜 ④女医生们
⑤一条裤子 ⑥两杯牛奶
⑦十滴红墨水(drop, ink) ⑧一组队员
⑨一块蛋糕 ⑩两排大树

1. --- Whose umbrella is it?
--- It’s _______.
A. somebody else’s B. Somebody else
C. Somebody’s else’s D. Somebody’s else
2. I feel terribly hot, What’s the _____?
A. temperature of room B. Room’s temperature C. Room temperature
D. Temperature of room’s
3.The girl talking to Mary is a friend of ________.
A. Mary’s sister B. Mary sister’s C. Mary’s sister’s D. Sister of Mary’s
4. The woman over there is ______ mother.
A. Julia and Shelley’s B. Julia’s and Sh

C. Julia and Shelley D. Julia’s and Shelley
5. He is very tired. He needs ______.
A. a night rest B. a rest night C. a night’s rest D. a rest of night
6. ---Excuse me,where are _______ offices?
 ---Over there.
A. teacher’s B. teachers’ C. the teacher’s D. the teachers’
7. Today is September 10th. It’s_____ Day. Let’s go and buy some flowers for our teachers.
A. Teacher B. Teachers’ C. the Teachers’ D. Teacher’s
8. We’ll have a _____ holiday. What about going to the West Lake?
A. two days B. two-day C. two-days D. two day’s
9. This is my dress. That one is ____.
 A. Mary B. Mary’s C. sister D. mother
1. __________________________(李明的父母)work in a big hospital.
2. This is __________________________________(我妹妹的语文书)
3. __________________________________(双胞胎的卧室) are very nice.
4. ____________________________(王平和王明的父亲) is a hotel manager.
5. Is this ___________________________________(你的好朋友的钢笔) ?
6. They are __________________________________(Peter 和Sam的老师).
7. ___________________________(教师节) is on September 10th .
8. ___________________________________(学生们的桌椅) are very new.
9. We are very happy on ___________________________________(儿童节).
10. He is in _________________________________(老师的办公室) now.
11. Please open ______________________________________(教室的门).
12. ____________________________(赵敏的鞋) are white.
13. _______________________________(林红和张蔚的学校) is big and new.
14. ______________________________(John和Sally的母亲) are American.
15.____________________________(刘伟的妻子的朋友) is from Guangzhou.
16. ______________________________(Tony哥哥的电脑) is broken.
17. It’s _____________________________(妇女节) on March 8th.
18. Are these _____________________________________(男生们的书包) ?
19. That is ____________________________________(Tom和李雷的教室).
20._________________________(我父亲的和她父亲的朋友) are from Beijing

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