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( ) 1. — Did you go fishing with yesterday?

—Yes, I went with my father. A. someone B. anyone C. no one D. everyone

( ) 2. Do you enjoy ________ photos?

A.to take B.take C.taking D.takes

( ) 3. I have quite friends. I feel very happy. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( ) 4. I ________you yesterday afternoon,but you ________at home.

A. call,aren’t B. am calling,aren’t C. called,were D. called,weren’t (

) 5.There is in today’s newspaper. Let’s read a storybook. A. something interesting B. nothing interesting C. interesting something D. interesting nothing (

) 6. Nobody taught me English . I learned it by .

A. I B.my C. mine D.myself

( )7.The book is .I feel

. A. boring , boring B. bored , boring C. boring, bored D. bored , bored

( ) 8. I’ll try ________ late again. A. don’t B. don’t be C. not be D. not to be

( ) 9.—I am________. May I have something to eat?

—OK. Here is some bread. A. thirsty B. hungry C. tired D. sleepy

( ) 10.Kate ________ her uncle last night. She did her homework.

doesn’t visit B.don’t visit C.didn’t visit D.visited

( ) 11.Don’t forget ________ your homework tomorrow. A.bring B.to bring C.brought D.bringing

( )12. He went into his room and ______to work. A. begins B. began C. beginning D. to begin

( ) 13. — ________ are they staying? —Two days.

A. How many B. How often C. How long D. When

( ) 14.________ he is ill, ________he goes to school. A. Although; but B. /; / C. Although; / D. But; although (

) 15. They watch TV________. A. one a week B. once a week C. one the week D. once week

( ) 16. The old man is well because he often_______. A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. play

( ) 17.—________do you read English books?

—Twice a day. A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How often

) 18. Nancy is ________ because she has a good habit. A. tall B. busy C. interesting D. healthy

( ) 19. He ________ late for school. A. is often B. often is C. does often D. often does (

) 20.Tom, your father is waiting ________ you at the school gate. A. for B. at C. with D. as

( ) 21.My parents decide ________ to the beach this week. A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

( ) 22.We have to stay at home ________ the heavy rain.

A. because B. because of C. but D. and (

) 23.—Where ________ you ________ lunch? —At home. There was no school lunch.

A. did, have B. are, having C. will, have

D. do , have

( ) 24.—How was your vacation? — ______ . I liked it very much. A. Very bad B. Wonderful C. I’m fine D. Have a good time

( ) 25.—Steven, can you help me buy some meat?

— ________,I like shopping.

A. That’s right B. Sorry C. Of course D. You’re welcome

四、句型转换 1.There is nothing wrong with my bike. (改为同义句) There ______ ______ wrong with my bike.

2. I brought back something from Malaysia (改为否定句) I ______ _______ back________from Malaysia .

3. They went to do some shopping yesterday afternoon. (改为同义句) They ________ ________ yesterday afternoon.

4. They wanted to go to Africa on vacation. (改为否定句) They ________ _______to go to Africa on vacation.

5. We had some hamburgers and fruit for lunch. (对画线部分提问) ________did you ________for lunch? Unit 2 How often do you exercise?

一、根据括号内的提示填空 1.We should sleep _________(多于)eight hours.

2. Your sweater is beautiful. I want _________(buy) one,too.

3. His mother always __________(help) him with his homework.

4. He spends more than an hour __________(锻炼)every day.

5. After the accident, she could __________(几乎不)speak.

6 Mary does some ______(shop) on Sundays.

7 Mike goes to see his grandparents _________(one) a week.

8.He didn’t go to school. He could ________(hard) read or write.

9. She _________(exercise) every day to keep healthy.

10 .How many _________(time) have you been to Beijing?

11.To keep healthy,I decide _______ (exercise) half an hour every day.

12. We do lots of outdoor___________ (active)when spring comes.

13. Do you often go_____( fish) with your father?

14.Most students watch TV one to three _____(time) a week.

15. ___________ (多久一次)does your brother exercise? -----Every day.

16. ----What program are you________(看)? ----Animal World.

17. They go to the movies ________________(一月二次).

18. Outlook English is my favorite______________(节目)

19.My mother wants me _____(drink) milk..

20.It is good ______(relax) by _____(use) the Internet..


1. His parents go to the Cinema once a week.(改为同 义句) His parents go to the __________ once a week .

2.Most students watch TV every day.(改为否定句) _____ students watch TV every day.

3.I always eat junk food,(改为否定句) I __________ eat junk food.

4.She has a healthy eating habit.(改为同义句) Her ________ _______ _________ healthy.

5.I seldom(几乎不)eat junk food.(改为同义句) I______ _________ eat iunk food.

6. She eats junk food once a week.(对画线部分提问) ________ _______ __________she eat junk food?

7. She sleep nine hours every night. (对画线部分提问) ________ _______ hours ____ she sleep every day? 8 .His father exercises every day.(同义句) His father ______ _________ every day.

9.Mary is a 16-year-old girl.(改为同义句) Mary is ______ _________ ________ .

10. Grandma is healthy because she exercises every day. (划线提问 ______ _______ Grandma healthy?

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