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1.The old man ________be a teacher.

A. used to B. was used to C. is used to D. has gotten used to

2.Jack _______have little for breakfast last year.

A. used to B. was used to C. got used to D. usn?t to

3.There used to an old house around the corner, __________?

A. didn?t there B. didn?t it C. wasn?t there D. wasn?t it

4.What do you _______being afraid of the dark?

A. do B. do about C. deal with D. deal about

5.________nothing in his hand, he returned sadly.

A. Do B. Doing C. With D. Without

6.Look! The light is _______, there may be someone in it.

A. turning on B. turning off C. on D. off

7.I?m _______busy because I have ________work to do.

A. too much, too much B. too much, much too

C. much too, much too D. much too, too much

8.How many hours do you _______on your homework every day?

A. take B. spend C. pay D. cost

9.In the last two years, we ________ten movies.

A. saw B. will see C. have seen D. see

10.Jack used to be quiet, but now he is ___________.

A. much more quiet B. quieter C. a bit more outgoing D. much too outgoing

11.Lucy listens to the teachers at class as _________as Liu Mei.

A. careful B. carefully C. much careful D. much carefully

12.If you feel as _______as you used to be a week ago, you may go to work.

A. good B. fine C. well D. terrible

13.I?ve no time to do ______I?m interested in.

A. what B. that C. when D. how

14.I watched them _______a wonderful soccer game yesterday.

A. play B. played C. playing D. were playing

15.Could you please tell me ____________?

A. what was your problem B. what your problem was

C. what is your problem D. what your problem is

16.You never know _________I like his music.

A. how many B. how much C. how very D. how a lot

17.________books the old man has read!

A. How many B. How much C. What many D. What much

18.In the last few days, we ______four English articles.

A. will write B. wrote C. were writing D. have written

19.Mary wants to know _______I have been in the English club.

A. how often B. how soon C. how long D. how far

20.He asked ________________________.

A. what was my address B. what did I do

C. who the man was D. where Lucy is from


A young man and an old man were waiting for a bus at a station.They sat next to each other.“What's that in your bag ?”asked the young man ,pointing to the big bag beside the__“Money,”answered the old man.The .“What?”he said to himself in surprise,“So much money?My God!!”Then he began to think about how to get the money. .

“Are you tired,sir?”asked the young man.” Then you'd better lie down on the chair and have a good rest..I'll wake you up in time.” “All right.It's very kind of you,young man.” The old man lay down and by and by(渐渐的)he fell asleep.

The young man took the big bag carefully.,he found a corner of .Several times he tried to pull it out,but he couldn't.At last he took . ,where he ,then he stopped and quickly opened the bag.

To his surprise,there was nothing but old newspapers in it.He hurried to the station at once.But when he got there,he found the old man was gone.

( )1. A.man B.station C.driver D.corner

( )2. A.surely B.really C.nearly D.hardly

( )3. A.like B.love C.hate D.wish

( )4. A.was B.felt C.looked D.became

( )5. A.the bag B.the money C.the bus D.me

( )6. A.So B.And C.But D.Because

( )7. A.above B.over C.under D.in

( )8. A.shoes B.shirt C.coat D.cap

( )9. A.legs B.foot C.friend D.bike

( )10. A.watch B.notice C.find D.meet



When Michael Ma died,his three best friends went to his funeral(葬礼).They stood for a moment,looking down into the grave(坟墓)of their friend.“He was a good friend,”the first person said.“He was generous(慷慨的)and kind. Let's give him some money to use in heaven(天堂).The other two friends agreed.They thought this was a good idea.

The first friend took his wallet out of his pocket,opened it and took out a $100 bill. Then he threw it into the grave.

The second friend did not want the other two to think he was stingy,so he also took out his wallet. “ You're right,” he said , “He always helped his friends.He should have everything he needs in his next life.And with these words,he also threw a hundred dollar bill into the grave.

The third man looked at the other two,and thought carefully for several minutes.He did not want them to think he was stingy,but he really did hate spending money.

At last,he bent down,took the two hundred dollar bills out of the grave and put them in his pocket. Then he took out his checkbook and wrote a check(支票) for three hundred dollars.He then threw the check into the grave.“ I haven't got any change,” he said,“but that check is for three hundred dollars,so I've given the same as you.”

1. Michael Ma's friends went to the grave yard __________.

A.to find out if there was heaven B.because they wanted to meet him

C.to attend his funeral D. to make him come back to life

2. Two of Michael Ma's friends gave him some money.

A. because he asked them for it B. to pay for his grave

C. to use in heaven D. because they had borrowed his money 3.The third friend __________.

A. was very generous B. made $200 C. gave $100 D. was very clever 4.Which of the following is not true?

A. Michael Ma and his two friends went to a funeral. B. Michael Ma was well-liked by his friends.

C. The third friend took the $200 as the change for his check. D. Michael Ma used to be very rich

5. The best title for this passage is _________.

A. Three generous friends B. A well-liked person C. A good-bye gift D. A special funeral

1.The train from Beijing to Shenyang leaves at _________. A.5:05 B.6:35 C.8:35 D. 17:50

2. We have to spend _________ on the train if we go to Shenyang from Beijing. A.17 hours and 50 minutes B.24 hours and 25 minutes

C. 11 hours and 15 minutes D. 12 hours and thirty-five minutes 3. If you want to go to Chengdu from Taiyuan, you can take the _________train. A.No.11 B.No.185 C.No.186 D.No.271 4. The No.186 train arrives in Taiyuan at _________ A.10:50 a.m. B.10:50 p.m. C.5:05 a.m. D. 22:50 5. It takes _________hours from Tianjin to Beijing by train. A. about 2 B.30 minutes C. about 1 D. three


1.Which of the following books is the latest in print?

A. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. B. Deceptively Delicious.

C. Rich Dad ,Poor Dad. D. The Road .

2.Among the books, there is/are ____ written for adults. A. one B. two C. three D. four

3.Who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad?

A.J.K. Rowling. B. Jessica Seinfeld. C. Cormac McCarthy. D. Robert T. Kiyosaki.

4.If you buy two copies of The Road and one copy of Deceptively Delicious, you should pay_______.

A. $23.83 B. $18.33 C. $12.83 D. $11

5.We can learned from the form(图表)that ____.

A. Deceptively Delicious and The Road came out on the same day

B. J .K Rowling ?s book is the most expensive among the four books

C. The Road is the thinnest of the four

D. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is hardcover


1.Don?t leave the room with the TV __________.

2.The snowy weather _________the traffic accident.

3.More _________must be paid to the pronunciation while learning a new language.

4.To my _________, he was late for school again.

5.Finally, he made a perfect __________.

6.The little boy is too young to dress __________.

7.The spider is a kind of __________.

8.He hasn?t been _________to the food here though he has been here for over two years.


1. Jack doesn?t eat junk food anymore. Jack?s _______ ______eating junk food.

2.Tom doesn?t work at the store any longer. Tom _______ _______work at the store.

3.The boy regards his father as his pride. The boy ________ _______in his father.

4.The movie started ten minutes ago. The movie?s _______ _______for ten minutes.

5.He worked as hard as possible. He worked as hard as ________ ________.

6.China has changed a lot in the last 30 years.

There ________ ________a lot of changes in China in the last 30 years.


A: Have you finished your homework?

B: __________________. Exercise Three is very difficult.

A: Don't worry. I'll help you.

B: _________________. But I think I can do it myself. Could you lend me your English- Chinese dictionary? A: Of course. _______________________.

B: Thanks a lot.___________________, is Miss Gao in the office?

A: Oh, no. She's out at the moment.

B: Where is she? Do you know? I have a question to ask her.

A: I think she's at the library. She told me she wanted to borrow some books.

B: ________________________________?

A: Maybe in a minute.


在过去几年中,你发生了很大的变化: 以前个子矮,现在高多了。以前内向朋友少,现在活泼朋友多。以前身体差,现在每周运动三到四次,身体健康。以前学英语很困难,现在英语成绩很好。请根据以上信息写一篇80字左右的短文。

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