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1. If I _______free tomorrow, I ________to the party.

A. am, go B. am, will go C. were, went D. were, would go

2. If I _______free now, I _______to the party.

A. am, go B. am, will go C. were, went D. were, would go

3.Jack is easy ________. A. get along B. get along with C. to get along D. to get along with

4. I’ll send one copy to you after my book ________.

A. comes out B. will come out C. is come out D. will be come out

5.Look at the ground. It _________snow. How beautiful!

A. covers with B. is covering with C. covered with D. is covered with

6. His head ________and it ________terribly.

A. hurts, hurts B. hurts, gets hurt C. gets hurt, hurts D. gets hurts, gets hurt

7.At last, Jack _______a good idea. A. came out B. came in C. came up D. came up with

8. Several students are away, the rest _________English in the classroom.

A. has B. have C. is having D. are having

9. What would you do if there ________enough time? A. is B. was C. will be D. were

10.I don’t know what to ________. A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell

11. He enjoys taking a long walk before ________to bed.

A. going B. to go C. go D. went

12. They couldn’t wait _______ the match. A. start B. starting C. to start D. started

13. He doesn’t know _______he wants and ________to get it, either.

A. what, what B. what, how C. how, how D. how, what

14. I’d rather stay at home than_______ that movie. A. watching B. to watch C. watch D. watched

15. I’m really tired because I ________all day.

A. study B. studied C. have been studying D. will study

16. He has a stomachache. Maybe he ate ________this morning.

A. something bad B. bad something C. nothing bad D. bad nothing

17. What _______exciting advice he gave us just now! A. a B. an C. the D. /

18. I met my old friend Jenny ________yesterday.

A. by mistake B. by mistakes C. by accident D. by accidents

19.-- I don’t know if Jenny _______to the party tomorrow.

--I’d go if I _______her.

A. would go, am B. would go, were C. will go, am D. will go, were

20. One of the windows of our classroom is broken. Can you ________who did that?

A. look at B. look for C. find D. find out


Peter was eight and half years old. He went to school near his house. He always went there and came home on foot, and he came back on time. But last Friday he came home late from school.

"My teacher was and sent me to the headmaster school." Peter answered.

"To the headmaster?" His mother said, "Why did she send you to him?"

"Because she asked in class, Peter said, "and gave her answer except me."

His mother was angry. " why did she send you to the headmaster then? Why she send all children?" She asked Peter.

"Because her question was who the window of the classroom?" Peter said.

( ) 1. A. sometimes B. usually C. never D. never

( ) 2. A. knocked B. met C. saw D. found out

( ) 3. A. angry B. sorry C. sad D. happy

( ) 4. A .before B. after C .at D. in

( ) 5. A .me B. someone C. a question D. a problem

( ) 6. A. nobody B. somebody C. everybody D. anybody

( ) 7. A. And B. But C. So D. Though

( ) 8. A. did B. didn't C .couldn't D. could

( ) 9. A. another B. the other C. other D. others

( ) 10.A. break B. breaks C. broke D. broken



Many people have the wrong ideas about pigs. Pigs are actually very clean animals. On the farms, they live in the dirty places. So, they become very dirty. pigs keep very clean.

They are also really smart. They may be smarter than dogs. So, pigs can learn things from people. Pigs are very friendly animals. Some people raise them as pets. Of course, people keep the small kind, not the big kind. Small pigs are very cute. And they don’t break things in the house. Big pigs usually live outside on the farms, not in people’s houses.

( ) 1. According to the passage, pigs are ______.

A. dirty and stupid B. nervous and strange

C. dangerous and unfriendly D. clever and friendly

( ) 2. The underlined word “In the wild” mean “_____”.

A. on farms B. In nature C. Being crazy D. In people’s house

( ) 3. Which of the following is true?

A. Pigs like to be dirty. B. people can teach pigs things

C. Dogs are smarter than pigs. D. Only farmers feed pigs.

( ) 4. What kind of pigs are raised in people’s houses?

A. The very big kind. B. The ugly kind.

C. The kind from farms. D. The small kind.

( ) 5. What is NOT mentioned in this passage?

A. Raising dogs. B. Pigs on farms and in the wild.

C. Pigs as pets. D. People’s wrong ideas about pigs.


My grandfather is eighty years old now. He always complains about how fast things have changed, and he often says that life used to be better.

Families aren’t families they used to be. A lot of families have broken up. If husband and at home and take care of their children, but now not any more. Everyone is busy working. Mother used to spend all day cooking in the kitchen. But now the family don’t eat home-cooked food any more.

And the cars! No one walks any more. More and more people drive. Students used to walk 5 miles to school every day, even in winter. But now students don’t. And in school, children don’t have to think any more.. In math class, for example, they used to add, subtract, multiply and divide(加减乘除)in their heads. Instead, they use calculators(计算器).

And people today have TV and computers, and they don’t talk to each other any more.

They are too busy to talk, too busy to eat, too busy to think…..

Life used to be simple, but it isn’t any more.

( ) 1. What does my grandfather think of the life now?

A. He thinks the life now is very good.

B. He thinks the life now is worse than it used to be.

C. He thinks the life now is better than it used to be.

D. He thinks the life is the same as it used to be.

( ) 2. What does the underlined word “marriage” mean in Chinese?

A. 生活 B.工作 C.婚姻 D.家庭

( ) 3. What has happened these years according to the passage?

A. Children don’t have to think any more in school.

B. Students use calculators in math class.

C. Some used to walk to school, but now they don’t.

D. All of above.

( ) 4. What changes have happened to some families?

a. People have TV.

b. People like to eat home-cooked food.

c. Lots of families have computers.

d. Lots of couples(夫妇)live apart because of unhappy problems.

A. a, b, d B. b, c, d C. a, b, c D. a, c, d

( ) 5. Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Life now is much simpler.

B. People have too much time to talk with each other now.

C. The writer’s grandfather only complains and pays no attention to better life now.

D. Lots of mothers stay at home and look after their children.


Basketball match:

Rockets VS Lakers

Date: July 19, 7 o’clock

Billy Basketball Club For detailed(详细)information see Paul Burton before Friday lunch time

Layla’s DISCO

No-shop music Light show

15 Pembroke Road

Weekdays: 7 pm---11pm

Saturday late night special: 8 pm---3 am

Sunday: Closed

Over 18s only

KARMA Health Food Restaurant

6 Castle Street

Hot and cold vegetable food

Lunch (11:00---14:00) Self-service

Dinner (17:00---21:00) Table service

For bookings ring: 0865—567766

( ) 1. If you have lunch in Karma, _____ will serve you at the table.

A. The waiter B. The waitress C. Your friend D. Yourself

( ) 2. _______will tell you more information about the basketball match.

A. John Smith B. Tommy Brown C. Paul Burton D. Tonny Wang

( ) 3. _______can NOT be allowed to go dancing in Layla’s Disco.

A. A 30-year-old worker B. A 40-year-old doctor

C. A 22-year-old manager D. A 15-year-old student

( ) 4.Supposing you want to go to the Layla’s Disco, you can’t go there on ______.

A. Sunday B. Saturday C. Monday D. Friday

( ) 5. Which of the following food can you have at Karma?

A. Chicken B. Tomato C. Fish D. Beef


1. I’m angry because my sister took my pen _________permission.

2. ________the mistakes if there’re any.

3. I asked him to play tennis with me, but he ________.

4. The lake is too _________and the water is too cold. It’s dangerous to swim in it.

5. Study hard, or you’ll let your parents _________.

6. Medicine should be hidden _________kids.

7. Three quarters of the earth is _________with water.

8. I don’t want to go shopping _________. Would you like to go with me?


1. I’m late because my bike is broken. I ________get to school on time if my bike ________broken.

2. Bad news often makes us unhappier. Bad news often ________us _________.

3. She likes chess better than golf. She likes chess ________ ________golf.

4. He swam for an hour before he got to the other side of the river.

He got to the other side of the river _________ ________for an hour.

5. Jack went to the meeting in a hurry. Jack _______ ________the meeting.

6. Who can help with the problem? Who can help ________ ________the problem?


A: Hey, Jack! ___________________________?

B: No, what is the news about?

A: A man gave away 5 million dollars to medical research.

B: ________________________! What would you do if you had 5 million dollars?

A: ____________________. Maybe I’d save it in a bank. ________________________?What would you do? B: I’ve never thought about that. Listen, there goes the bell for class. ___________________________. A: OK. Let’s go.


根据以下信息,给校报编辑写封信。1. 作业太多,没有足够的时间休息 2. 运动时间太短

3. 假期太短 4. 只能穿校服,不能穿自己的衣服

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