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________ they are twins, they are different in many ways.

A. Because B. Though C. If D. Until

[练习] 翻译句子:你擅长和孩子相处吗?

Are you ________ ________ children?


1. Dave Morrison is __________ (quiet) than most of the kids in his class.

2. Tom is _______________(serious) than Sam.

3. Sam is ________________ (shy) than Tom.

4. Liu Ying is as ____________ (popular) as Liu Li.

5. Who is ____________ (thin), you or your sister?

6. Connie is ________________ (serious) than Lucia.

7. This box is much ___________ (heavy) than that one.

8. Which one is ___________ (good), the yellow one or the green one?

9. Mr. Smith is a _____________ (good) teacher. He always helps us to learn math.

10. I am not very ____________ (outgoing). I like to stay at home and read.


1. My brother likes p_________ music very much.

2. I like friends who are d_______________ from me.

4. His father is very kind. But mine is very s __________.

5. English is very useful, so it is very i_________ to us.

6. Holly can make us laugh easily and he is f____________ than anyone else.

7. Dave doesn’t like to talk with others. He is q_________ than me.

8. Mr. Smith is my t____________. He teaches me English.

9. My friend is the s___________ as me. We are both quiet.

10. We read newspapers for i__________.


1. This yellow coat is cheaper than that blue one. (同义句转换)

That blue coat is ________ ________ ________ this yellow one.

2. Sarah is heavier than her sister. (同义句转换)

Sarah’s sister is ________ ________ Sarah.

3. Alan’s new hat isn’t the same as mine. (同义句转换)

Alan’s new hat is ________ ________ mine.

4. Mrs Wang’s son swims very well. (同义句转换)

Mrs Wang’s son ________ ________ ________ swimming.

5. Sam is ten years old. Jim is twelve years old. (合并为一句)

Jim is two years ________ ________ Sam.



( )1. The man in the blue shirt is ______ than the man in the white shirt.

A. funny B. much funny C. funnier D. more funnier

( )2. —What do you think of your new friend Annie?

—She’s a top student(好学生). But she is ______ at sports than me.

A. good B. better C. bad D. worse ( )3. It’ll take us a whole day to get there by train. So it’s ______ for you to take enough(足够的) food.

A. necessary B. healthy C. different D.


( )4. His bicycle is the same as _______.

A. she B. her C. me D. hers

( )5. My little sister is good ______ playing the violin.

A. with B. for C. of D. at ( )6. This year red isn’t as ______ as green.

A. popular B. more popular C. less popular D. the most popular

( )7. Linda is more outgoing than me, ______ you see.

A. like B. as C. so D. but ( )8. Those two girls are twins, ______, they look very different.

A. although B. but C. however D.


( )9. My parents are ______ math teachers; they teach in

different schools.

A. all B. both C. too D. first

( )10. Which kind of movies do you like ______, action movies or comedies?

A. good B. well C. better D. best


1. Mr Morgan is a s________ man. He hardly ever laughs.

2. My daughter has an i________ in singing. And she is also interested in dancing.

3. People can get lots of i________ from the Internet.

4. I think ________(物理) is more interesting than math.

5. The two girls formed(建立) a beautiful _______(友谊).

1. Do you and Jack have

anything ________?

2. Mona and Tina are twins, but there are many ________ between them.

3. We all love Eric. He enjoys ________.

4. I do a lot to make my room ________ more beautiful.

5. Another summer is coming. It’s getting warmer and ________.


1. 我妹妹比我高一点儿。

My younger sister is ______________ than me.

2. 那两个女孩儿都有黑眼睛和黑头发。

Those two girls _______________ black eyes and black hair.

3. 这部电影虽然很流行,可我不喜欢它。

________________ the movie is very popular, I don’t like it.

4. 你认为谁应该得到这份工作?

Who _______________ should get this job?

5. —你哥哥是个安静的人吗?


—Is your elder brother a quiet man?

—Quiet? He never _______________.


(Holly-H Pedro-P)

H: Hi, Pedro. What makes you so happy? Do you have any good news?

P: There’s a new comer in our class. His name’s Vince.

H: W______(1) does he look like?

P: He is of the same height and build a______(2) me. My classmates say we look like the t______(3).

H: Is he fun?

P: Yes, he is f______(4) than me.

H: Does he like playing basketball?

P: Yes, he does. Every day he plays with it for m______(5) hours than me.

H: Oh, you’re really similar(相似的).





1. serious 2. interest 3. information 4. physics 5. friendship


1. in common 2. differences 3. telling jokes 4. look 5. warmer 6~10 ABCBC


1. a little taller 2. both have


1. What 2. as 3. twins

3. Although 4. funnier 4. do you think 5. more 5. stops talking

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