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Unit 2 How often do you exercise?练习题


1. My mother goes to Beijing__________(two) a year.

2. There are many _____ ( different ) between living in a big city and living in the country .

3. You should look after your_____________ (healthy).

4. How many ________ (hour ) do you read English every day?

5. Tom usually ________ (start ) the day with breakfast.

6. Ann__________ (go) to the police station this morning.

7. Look! The students__________ (swim) in the river.

8. Li Lei often __________ (help) me with my Chinese. 9. Where __________ (be) you last night?

10. What about __________ (play) football now?

11. Is this your ______ (eat) habit? 12. We must keep _______ ( health ) .

13. She _____ (exercise ) three or four times a week .

14. Look! The students__________ (swim) in the river.

15. I__________(hard) ever see him now. 16. The boy never __________(go ) to school late.

17. Li Lei often __________ (help) me with my Chinese. 18. Where __________ (be) you last night?

19. What about __________ (play) football now? 20.There ___________(be) a lot of junk food . 单选题

( ) 1. How ______do you see a film? ---Three or four times a month.

A . many times B. often C. soon D. long

( ) 2. Enough sleep is ______for your health. A. bad B. well C. good D. right

( ) 3. My dad ____a lawyer(律师).

A. wants me to B. wants me to be C. want to me be D. want to me be

( ) 4.__________he is ill,__________he goes to school.

A. Although, but B. /, / C. Although, / D. But, although

( ) 5. The old man is well because he often__________.

A. exercises B. drinks C. sleeps D. play

( ) 6. I hardly exercise so I think I am kind of __________.

A. healthy B. health C. unhealthy D. unheath

( ) 7. Her grandma often cooks delicious food for ___________.

A. her B. she C. hers D. him

( ) 8. Eating more fruits and vegetables is good _________ our health.

A. to B. for C. at D. with

( ) 9. Everyone should ___________ his or her health.

A. look after B. look down C. look over D. look like

( ) 10. The doctor said I should eat _____ junk food because it’s not good for my health.

A. more B. less C. many D. a lot

( )11.Simon plays football every Monday and Thursday, so he plays ______a week.

A. once B. twice C. every two days D. sometimes

( ) 12._______of us are teachers. Several(几个) aren't.


A .All B. Some C. Most D. None

( )13. I usually go to work by bus, but ____I walk there.

A. sometimes B. some times C. sometime D. some time

( )14. No student in our class _________interested in documentaries.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

( ) 15. He often gets up very late. He _________ takes exercise in the morning.

A. always B. usually C. hardly ever D. quite often

( )16.They all pass the English exam , but _______ him , he fails.

A. from B. as for C. about D. to

( )17. ----- ________ do you watch TV , Tom ? ----- Only once a week .

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How much

( )18. He tries _____ English . And he practices _________ English every day .

A. to learn , to speak B. to learn , speaking C. learning , speaking

( )19. I have the same book _____ yours . A. as B. with C. about D. like

( )20. Can you help me _____ the window ?

A. cleaning B. with clean C. of cleaning D. to clean

( )21. Tom’s parents want him ____ less food .A. eating B. eat C. to eat D. eats

( )22. _________ young people like cartoons but not all .

A. Most B. All C. Some D. No

( )23. ---- Are you late for school ? -----________ .

A. Yes, never B. yes, sometimes C. No, ever D. No , usually

( )24. We should ______ our health .

A. look for B. look after C. look at D. look like

( )25. Lily usually starts the day _________ breakfast. A. with B. from C. at D. of

( )26.Good food and exercise ___________ study better.

A.help me to B.helps me to C.help me with D. helping me

( )27.There is no ________ on the plate. A.bread B.soups C.meats D.eggs

( )28.You are too fat. You must __________ eat_________ meat and do more exercise.

A.try,fewer B.try to, less C.try to, fewer D.try, little

( )29.—What do you think of the food?—_____________.

A. Interesting. B.Funny C.Difficult D.Not bad.

( )30.He hardly talks in class, ______________?

A.does he B.doesn’t he C.is he D. isn’t he

( )31.He’s a very lazy student, as a result, he always gets _______ grades.

A. a good B. high C. terrible D. an awful

( )32.Is her lifestyle ______ yours? A. the same B. the same as C. same as D. the same to

( )33.If you want to be healthier, you must eat ____ junk food, I think.

A. more B. less C. fewer D many

( )34.- ______ students in your class are from Beijing? -Only one.

A.How often B.How many C.How much D. What


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