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1. I enjoy going to Dream Cinema. It has _________seats in town.

A. comfortable B. more comfortable C. most comfortable D. the most comfortable

2. Town Cinema is ________to home than the other cinemas.

A. close B. closer C. closest D. the closest

3. I enjoy going to Sun Cinema. It has __________waiting time in town.

A. longest B. the longest C. shortest D. the shortest

4. Of all the clothes stores, you can buy clothes _________in Dream Clothes.

A. cheapest B. cheaply C. most cheaply D. more cheaper

5. Which is _________radio, 970AM, 97.9 FM or 107.9 FM?

A. good B. better C. best D. the best

6. Nelly always listens to the teachers __________in our class.

A. careful B. most carefully C. more carefully D. most careful

7. Can I ask you _________questions?

A. some B. any C. few D. a little

8. Shanghai is bigger than ________city in China.

A. any B. any other C. the other D. other

9. Town Cinema is one of _________in town.

A. the best cinemas B. good cinema C. the best cinema D. the better cinemas

10. Thanks for ________the school.

A. show me around B. show around me C. showing me around D. showing around me

11. How do you _________Sun Cinema?

A. like B. think of C. think about D. like about

12. ________is interesting to watch game shows.

A. He B. That C. This D. It

13. I like watching others ________their talents.

A. show B. showing C. to show D. showed

14. Tennis is getting ________in China.

A. more popular and popular B. more popular and more popular

C. popular and popular D. most and most popular

15. Jenny ________a role in the play yesterday and she acted the best.

A. made B. played C. acted D. took

16. How can I make my dream _________true?

A. make B. to make C. making D. made

17. The People’s Park is the best place ________on weekends in Xiaogan.

A. to go B. to go to C. going D. going to

18. He bought a new bike ________1,200yuan.

A. at B. with C. in D. for

19. The play was so funny that we couldn’t stop _________.

A. laughing B. laughed C. to laugh D. laugh

20. Jack is the third _________in our class.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. much taller


more. And when he sits in the classroom, he can’bar until it is closed. Ah, he loses himself in(沉迷于)“busy working”

1. A. with B. of C. at D. to

2. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

3. A. always B. often C. never D. usually

4. A. enough careful B. careful enough C. enough carefully D. carefully enough

5. A. studies B. sleeps C. eats D. sings

6. A. more and more B. fewer and fewer C. less and less D. much and much

7. A. tired B. same C. different D. outgoing

8. A. stop B. get C. beat D. win

9. A. night B. day C. night’s D. day’s

10. A. happy B. excited C. surprised D. unhappy




Summer Sale!

Save on every record and tape in the store.


Specials on all records tapes.


$5.98 $4.48

$6.98 $5.48

$7.98 $6.48

Sale starts on June 15 and ends on June 29. NO mail or telephone orders during the sale. Add: 38 park street

1. The Music Store .

A. will open on June 15 B. is having a summer sale

C. has sale prices only in summer D. will close after summer

2. What records and tapes in the store are on sale?

A. Disco. B. Rock. C. Jazz and Country. D. All of them.

3.If you buy a tape whose list price is $7.98during the sale, how much can you save?

A. $3.50 B.$1.50 C.4.50 D.6.48

4. The sale will last .

A.10 days B.15 days C. a week D. two weeks

5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The last day of the sale is June 15. B. Special prices are just for special men.

C. You can’t buy things over the phone. D. There is no phone in the store.


John was ten years old and was a very lazy (懒的)boy. He had to go to school every day. He didn’t like school and didn’t want to do much work. His parents were doctors. They hoped that their son would become a doctor when he grew up. But one day John said to his mother, “When I finish school, I want to be a dustman(清洁工).” “A dustman?” his mother asked. She was very surprised. “That’s not a pleasant job. Why do you want to be a dustman?”

“Because I only have to work one day a week,” John answered.

“One day a week?” his mother asked. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” John answered. “I know that the dustman only come to our house and work on Wednesday, because I only see her on that day.”

1. John did not want to do much work at school because_________.

A. he was lazy B. he didn’t like the teachers

C. he was good at its lessons D. his parents would help him

2. John’s parents wanted him to become a doctor because .

A. they are doctors B. he is lazy C. it’s not busy D. they are busy

3. John wanted to be a dustman because he thought .

A. it was the easiest work B. it was the most interesting work

C. it was much better than to be a doctor D. a dustman didn’t have to work every day

4. John’s mother thought the dustman’s job was .

A. happy B. light C. not pleasant D. not busy

5.Which of the following is right?

A. John was a student of a very big school. B. John’s parents worked in the same hospital.

C. John was the only son of the family. D. John didn’t know how dustmen did their work.


It was a very hot day in the middle of summer, and there were no trees along the street. Mr. Read had another bad day: for the whole day no one had come to his small shop to buy anything. He closed his shop at half past five, and went out into the street and began walking to the bus stop. He was very fat. The sun shone straight down the street, and in a few minutes Mr. Read felt hot.

A small boy came out of another shop in the street and followed Mr. Read. He stayed very near him all the time, and he stepped on Mr. Read’s shoes several times. Mr. Read looked at him angrily each time.

After the fourth time, Mr. Read stopped, turned round and said to the boy, “What are you doing? Stop following me like that! You’re going to hurt my feet.”

“I’m sorry, but don’t stop me, please!” The small boy said. “It’s very hot today, and there isn’t any shade anywhere else in the street!”

1. No one came to buy things from Mr. Read’s shop because .

A. it was too small B. he closed it too early

C. it was too hot D. there were no shops near his shop

2. Mr. Read at about 5:30.

A. was going to the bus stop B. was looking for his boy

C. was going to another shop D. was looking for a shade in the street.

3. In a few minutes, Mr. Read felt hot because__________.

A. he walked too fast B. he was a fat man

C. he boy followed him too closely D. he stood too long in the sun

4. why did Mr. Read become angry?

A. The sun was too hot. B. The boy was too fat.

C. There were no trees in the street. D. The boy was giving him some trouble.

5. The boy followed Mr. Read so that A. he could do shopping in Mr. Reid’s shop B. nobody would see him

C. he could find the bus stop D. the sun wouldn’t shine on him


1. The moon is _________to the earth than the sun.

2. I want very much to see the movie, but I don’t have a _________.

3. I don’t want to go to that cinema. It has the __________service in town.

4. They’re good friends. They have many things in _________.

5. Who’s the _________in your class at English?

6. ---When will we have the meeting? ---It’s _________to you.

7. The Yellow River is the second _________river in China.

8. Of all the months in a year, February has the __________days.


1. The clothes are the cheapest in Miller’s in town. We can buy clothes __________ ________in Miller’s in town.

2. What do you think of the cinema? __________do you _________the cinema?

3. Deciding the winner is really hard. ___________really hard _________decide the winner.

4. Lisa does best in math in our class. Lisa does better in math than ________ ________students in our class.

5. Screen City has the cheapest tickets. Screen City has the _________ _________tickets.

6. This theater is closer to home than that one. That theater is _________ _________home than this one. 补全对话

A: Hi, Judy! _____________________________________?

B: Great! Everything goes well. Do you want to go to the movie?

A: Sure. _____________________________________?

B: Yes, Town Cinema, Screen City and Movie World.

A: _____________________________________________?

B: Movie World. It has the most comfortable seats and the biggest screen.

A: __________________________________________?

B: It doesn’t have a long waiting time.

A: ____________________________________________?

B: About twenty minutes by bike.

A: OK. Let’s go.



1. Eliza是最好的,她的钢琴弹得非常好 2. Steve和他的小狗是最滑稽的

3. Vera是最有创造力的,他能倒立谈吉他 4. Dennis演出最糟糕,他总是把球掉下

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