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Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show

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初二 英语 课题:Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?

Section A

预习目标:知识与能力: 1. 识记一些重要词汇: news, educational, plan, hope, discussion,stand, talent

show, learn …from…., plan/hope to do sth.

2.理解并掌握下列句型:1) 谈论各类电影和电视节目的名称。


---- What do you think of game shows?

---- I like them. / I don’t like them. / I can’t stand them. /I don’t mind them.

3).句型:1. expect to do sth ; hope to be /do sth 2.掌握不定式作宾语的用法。


三、预习难点:Listening practice and make up new conversations


1.教育的,有教育意义的 _____ 2.计划 ____ 3.希望 ______ 4.讨论;商量 5.发生 ______ 6.预料;期待 __________ 7.新闻 ___ 8.查明;弄清 _____ 9.笑话;玩笑____________________ 预习任务二:尝试翻译下列句子:

1.你认为肥皂剧怎么样?_____do you____ _____ ____ _____?

2.我无法忍受。太令人厌烦了。I_______ ______ it. It’s too boring.


1. —What do you t____________ of your English teacher? —We love her very much.

2. I can’t s____________ soap operas. They’re boring.

3. He doesn’t ____________ (介意) sitcoms.

(1)He wants the game show.

A. watch B. see C. to watch D. to see

(2)What do you the sports show? ---It’s great!

A. think B. like C. think of D. look like

(3)I the sitcom. It’s too long.

A. like B. don’t mind C. can’t stand D. love

(4)Can you help me what time the train leaves?

A. find out B. look for C. watch D. see

(5)I like watching news. I want to know what is around the world.

A. go on B. goes on C. going on D. went on





班级:________ 姓名:________ 得分:________

一. 选择题(每题 1 分,共 5 分)

1. -Do you _____ my sitting here? -Of course not. Have a seat, please.

A. mind B. like C. stand D. want

2.--Do you enjoy _____ to classical music? --Yes, I do.

A.listening B.listen C.listens

3. -- ______ do you like it? --- Very much.

A. How B. What C. Why D. When

4 --- What ____ she think of the book? ---- She loves it.

A. do B. is C. was D. does

5.The sports report is really boring. I can’t _____ it.

A.mind B.like C.stand

6..My friend bought new earrings. She likes _____ very much.

A.it B.them C.me

7.--What do you _____ the ring?-I like the ring.

A.think of B.like C.think

8..I like this watch. _____ your brother?

A.Do B.Does C.What about


A: It’s time for news! Turn on the TV!

B: What do you news?

A: I think it’s important. It can tell me what is going on the world. B: I it. I think it is too boring.

A: What do you plan to watch? B: Game show. It’A: Ok. Let’s watch after the news.



初二 英语 课题:Unit 5 Do you want to watch a game show?

Section B



(1)----What does your father think of the watch?

----He doesn’t mind it.


二、预习重点:介词with 的用法。





7.可能;可以________________8.原因;理由__________________9.普通的;常见的___________________10.不幸的;不吉利的____________________11.人物;角色_______________________12.陆军_____________________13.乔装打扮_________________________________14.代替;替换______________________15.愿意迅速做某事_______________________________16.干的好________________________________________ 预习任务二:翻译下列的短语:

let sb. do sth. plan to do sth.

hope to do sth. happen to do sth.

expect to do sth. How about doing……

be ready to do sth. try one’s best to do sth.


1."________do you_________sitcoms?" "I love them."

A.How, think of B.What, like of C. What, think of D.What, like

2. He even ________ a Beijing Opera artist.

A.want to be B.wants to be C.want is D.is want

3 .My mother wants me ________.

A. help her B.not help her C.not to watch TV D.to not watch TV

4.She expect ______ the film Tiny Times directed by Guo Jingming.

A. see B. to see C. seeing D. to seeing

5.Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is _____.

A .serous B. meaningless C. enjoyable D. simple

6.I don’t mind _____ the window. .It’s too cold.

A, close B. closing C. to close D. closes

7. I don’t like action movies. I think they’re ________.

A.boring B.difficult C.interesting D.exciting





班级:________ 姓名:________ 得分:________


cartoon character.

2.If you try you best, you will be 成功的)

movie star.

4.You don’t look well. What (发生) to you?

5.Ithink game shows are 更有教育意义) than sitcoms.

(在二十世纪三十年代),he made 87 cartoons with Mickey.

7. Lei Feng (总是准备) help others.

8.Today’s cartoons are usually (不像那么简单)

little Mickey Mouse, but everyone still knows and loves him.

二. 选择题(每题 1 分,共 5 分)

( ) 1. -- ______ do you like it? --- Very much.

A. How B. What C. Why D. When

( ) 2. --- What ____ she think of the book? ---- She loves it.

A. do B. is C. was D. does

( ) 3. I like soap operas, she likes ______, too.

A. it B. they C. them D. the ones

( ) 4. Do you mind _______ the windows?

A. to open B. opens C. opening D. opened

( )5.Mickey is one of _________ in the world.

A. famousest cartoon character B.the most famous cartoon characters

B. famousest cartoon characters D. the most famous cartoon character


1.People in the west often think that the number thirteen is (luck)

2.The students are having a (discuss) about TV shows.

3. My brother with my father (be) going to Shanghai tomorrow.

(go) to Beijing next holiday.

5.As teenagers we should be ready_____________(help) others in trouble.


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