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Shiqi Middle School Li Guojun

Talk about how to get to places


train bicycle bike


high-speed rail light rail

car motor bike

plane electric bike

balloon ship taxi camel walking boat


Preposition phrases 坐公共汽车

Verb phrases take(搭乘) a/the bus

by bus

步行走路 坐地铁 坐飞机

by bike
on foot by subway(地铁) by plane

ride to / ride one’s bike

walk(走,步行) to take a /the subway
take a /the plane / fly to

坐火车 坐出租车 坐汽车

by train(火车) by taxi by car

take a/ the train take a/the taxi take a/the car

How do you go to school every day?
I go to school by bike every day. I ride my bike to school every day. How do Tom and Ben go to school every day? They go to school by bus every day. They take the bus to school every day.

How does Jack go to school every day? He goes to school on foot every day. He walks to school every day. How does Mary go to school every day? She goes to school by car every day. She takes the car to school every day.

Look at the picture. Write how the students get to school in the morning. Then add other ways to get to school.


ride a bike 1.take the subway 2. take the bus 3.take the train 4.__________ take parent’s car take the light 5. take a taxi 6. walk 7.______________ 8.__________ rail


Listen and write the numbers next to the correct students in the picture above.

1.Bob 2. Mary 3.Paul 4. Yang Lan 5.John

1 2
3 4 5

Fill in the chart according to the listening materials.

Bob Mary John Paul

Means of transportations take the train take the subway take the bus walk walk

Yang Lan

How does Bob get to school?

He takes the train.

How does Mary get to school? She takes the subway.

How do Paul and Yang Lan get to school? They walk. They get to school on foot.


Listen and repeat.
seventy 70 eighty 80

32 thirty-two 40 forty 41 forty-one 50 fifty

ninety 90 one/a hundred 100

60 sixty

Write the correct number next 2b to the word. 46 forty-six___ 33 thirty-three___

seventy-two__ 72
58 fifty-eight___

ninety-nine___ 99
61 sixty-one___

105 one hundred and five____

84 eighty-four___


63 44



one hundred and eight

forty-four one hundred and fifteen



three hundred and forty-ive four hundred and ninety-four

two hundred and sixteen



twenty-eight 28 seventy-six 76 two hundred 200one hundred and nine four hundred six hundred 109 and ninety-one and forty-four 491 644 nine hundred eight hundred and thirty-seven and eighteen 937 818

Answer the following questions:
How many months are there in a year?
There are twelve months in a year.

How many days are there in October?
There are thirty-one days.

How many hours are there in a day?
There are twenty-four hours.

How many minutes are there in an hour?
There are sixty minutes.

How many seconds are there in a minute?
There are sixty.

Make a conversation about how you get t

o school.

A: How do you get to school?
B: Well, I usually walk but sometimes I take the bus. A: How long does it take? B: It takes about 25 minutes to walk and 10 minutes by bus.

1. How do you get to school? I get to school by bus. I take the bus. 特殊疑问词how (指方式、方法) “怎么样,怎么”。 你通常怎么样去看望你的祖母的?
How do you usually go to visit your grandmother?

I usually take the bus.

How does your father go to work every day? He drives his car to work. He goes to work in his car.

2. It takes about forty minutes.
take 表示“花费时间”之意,其常用句型为“ It takes sb. some time to do sth. ”,意为“某人花 多少时间做某事”。

It takes her twenty minutes to go to school on foot every day.

How long will it take us to fly to Shanghai?

It will take an hour.

kilometers Lin Fei’s home is about 10 ________ from gets school. He ____ up at six o’clock every day, showers and has a quick ________. Then he breakfast leaves _____ for school at around six thirty. First, he bicycle rides his ______ to the bus station. That takes about ten minutes. Then the _____ bus takes early him to school. The bus ride usually takes about 25 minutes.

3a Answer the following questions:
1. How does Lin Fei get to school?
First, he rides his bike. Then he takes the bus.

2. How long does it take?

It takes about 35 minutes in all.
3. How far is it from his home to school?

It’s about ten kilometers.

3b Look at the pictures. Ask and answer questions.
A: How do you get to school? B: I take the subway. A: How far is it from your home to school? B: It’s three miles. A: How long does it take you to get from home to school? B: It takes 25 minutes.


12 hours


How do they get to Shanghai from Beijing?

How long does it take?
They take a train to Shanghai from Beijing. =They get to Shanghai from Beijing by train.

It takes 12 hours.


Who Maria John Liu Pei

How bus bike

How long 20 minutes
10 minutes

How far 5 miles 6 miles 8 miles

subway 15 minutes

It takes me one hour to do my homework.

It takes him two and a half hours to play basketball.

3.吃早饭花费Tom 15分钟的时间。
It takes Tom 15 minutes to eat breakfast.

It takes them 40 minutes to play computer games.

It takes me 10 minutes to walk to school.

It takes me 15 minutes to ride a bike to school.

Talk about how to get to places

A: How do you get to school? B: I take a bus.

take a bus

take a subway

ride a bike

take a boat

take a train


leave home

get to school

How long does it take you to get to school? It takes thirty minutes.

How do they get to school? They take a taxi. How long does it take? It takes ten minutes.

How does Tina get to school?
She takes a bus. How long does it take? It takes twenty-five minutes.

c a d


Listen. Check(√) the things that Thomas wants to know.
Thomas wants to know…

__where Nina lives. √

__how far from school she lives.
__how long it takes to get to school.

√ __how she gets to school. __what she thinks of the transportation.

In North America, most students go to school on the school bus. Some students also walk or ride bikes to school. In other parts of the world, things are different. In Japan, most students take trains to school, although others also walk or ride their bikes. In China, it depends on where you are. In big cities, students usually ride bikes to school or take buses. And in places where there are rivers and lakes, like Hongshanhu and Kaishandao, students usually go to school by boat. That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus!

Read 3a and complete the following chart.
Different places/parts North America In Japan In China big cities
Hongshanhu and Kaishandao

means of transportation most students some students

on the school bus walk or ride bikes

take trains

walk or ride bikes

ride bikes or take buses by boat

Read the passage again and write “T” or “F 1. In North America, not all students take the bus to school ( T) 2. Other parts of the world are different ( T) from the United States. 3. In Japan, the 3 most popular ways of getting (F) to school are bus, train and bike. 4. In China, bikes and buses are the most (F) popular means of transportation. 5. Students in Hongshanhu and Kaishandao ( T) have to take a boat to get to school.

Read again the passage carefully and answer these questions:
1. How do most students go to school in North America? They go to school on the school bus. 2. How do most students go to school in Japan? They take trains to school. 3. How do students usually go to school in big cities in China? They usually ride bikes or take buses to school.

3b 3b Look at the chart.
Then complete the article.
How do students get to Garden High School? Bus Walking Bike Subway Car
Number of students 40 100 175 30 50

How do students get to Garden High school? At Garden High School, most students ride their walk to school bikes to school. Many students ___________. Some take the car students __________. Other students __________. take the bus take the subway A small number of students ______________.

How do the girl students in India get to school?

The girl students in India get to school by bike.

Fill in the blanks with the words given. think of , ride, take, live, get to
1.How do you ____ school in the morning? get to 2. What do you ______ the transportation in think of your town? take 3. When it rains, I ____ a taxi. 4. How far

do you ___from the bus station? live 5. I like to ____my bike on the weekend. ride

2.Pair work
You are going to the hospital. But you don’t know the way to the hospital. You need help.

1. She rides her bike to school. (划线部分提问) How does go to ____ _____she ___ ___school? 2. I spent half an hour getting to the shop.(同义句) ___ ____ ___ half an hour ___ ___ to the shop. It takes me to get 3. stop, about, from, here, the, a kilometer, half, is (连词成句) The stop is about half a kilometer from here. _______________________________ 4. We had a lot of fun. (改为一般疑问句) Did have ___ you _______ a lot of fun ? 5. It’s five minutes’ walk from here to my home. (划线部分提问) _____ ____ is it from here to your home? How far

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