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1. 最重要的事件之一 2. 在现代史上 3. 被杀害/被谋杀 4. …..市 孟菲斯市 5. 听说 6. 日常活动 7. 在运动场上 8. 快乐的做某事 9. 铃响 10. 要求某人(不) 做某事 11. 沉默地 12. 发生 one of the most important events in modern history be killed/ be murdered the city of…. the city of Memphis hear about/ of (hear --- heard) everyday activities in the playground have fun doing the bell rings (rang) ask sb (not) to do in silence take place

13. 在更近的时代 14. 世贸中心 in more recent times

the World Trade Center have meaning to sb 15. 对某人有意义 be destroyed by terrorists 16. 被恐怖分子破坏 first walk on the moon 17. 首次在月球行走 18. 中国首位太空宇航员 the first Chinese astronaut in space the flight around the Earth 19. 绕地球的航行 become a national hero 20. 成为一名民族英雄

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