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1. 想让我呆在家里 想让某人做某事 2. 太大声播放唱片 3. 有足够的钱 ….. 足够做某数 4. 与某人争吵某事
5. 过时/时髦 6. 给某人写信

7. 打电话给某人 8. 和某人说抱歉 9. 去….的票 10. 打电话

want me to stay at home want sb to do play the CDs too loud have enough money adj. + enough to do argue with sb about sth have an argument with sb about sth be out of style/ be in style write sb a letter/ write a letter to sb call sb (up) say “Sorry” to sb a ticket to ….. talk on the phone

11. 谈论 12. 使某人惊讶 talk about…../ talk about it

surprise sb/ make sb surprised in surprise 惊讶的 to one’s surprise 令人惊讶的是 be surprised at 对…..惊讶 13. 支付夏令营的费用 pay for summer camp pay for ….. (pay—paid) 支付….. borrow …. from…. 14. 向….借 lend sth to sb / lend sb sth 借….给 ask parents for money 15. 向父母要钱 ask sb for sth 向…要…. sell sth to sb/ sell sb sth (sell—sold) 16. 卖…..给 buy sth for sb/ buy sb sth (buy-bought) 为…..买

17. 卖面包 18. 找家庭教师 19. 查清…. 20. 不让…进入 have a bake sale

get a tutor find out Try to find out who used the computer. keep sb out

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