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1. 为某人举办一个惊喜聚会 2. 生某人的气 针对某事生某人的气 3. 不再….. 4. 带零食和饮料到…. 5. 首先 6. 传递信息 7. 把….传给某人 8. 应该,被期待做某事 9. 在…方面做得不错 10. 毕竟 11. 在车站等某人 12. 得到我的成绩单 have a surprise party for sb be mad at sb/ be angry with sb be mad at sb about sth not ….. anymore bring snacks and drinks to …. first of all/ at first pass on messages pass sth to sb/ pass sb sth be supposed to do/ should do do well in/ be good at after all wait for sb at the bus stop get my report card

13. 身体健康 14. 期末考试 in good health

end-of-year exams get nervous 15. 变得紧张 be surprised to do 16. 做某事很吃惊 ……. in surprise …..惊讶地 have a hard/difficult time with sth 17. 做….困难/吃力 have a hard/difficult time doing 18. 近来过得怎样?很好. How’s it going? Pretty good. be sorry to do 19. 做某事很难过 an envelope from school 20. 来自学校的信封

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