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1. 跳下 从树上跳下 爬树 2. 朝着某人喊 3. 车祸 4. 起床(两种) 5. 到…..的航班 到纽约的航班 6. 从北京机场起飞 7. 在医生的诊室 在理发店 8. 逃跑 9. 在车站外面 10. 考虑做某事 jump down jump down from the tree climb (up) the tree shout at sb a car accident get up/ get out of bed the flight to ….. the flight to New York take off from Beijing Intenational airport at the doctor’s at the barber’s/ at the barber shop run away outside the station think about doing sth

11. 和某人说话 12. 发生了什么事? say to sb

What happened? What was happening at that time? 那时正在发生什么事? 将来会发生什么事? What will happen in the future? happen to sb. 某人发生了什么 What happened to you yesterday? walk around the station 13. 绕车站走 come in 14. 进来 talk on the phone 15. 打电话;通话 next to 16. 靠近 take away …… 17. 拿走….. get out of the box 18. 从盒子里出来

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