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2013最新版Unit 2 This is my sister. Section A

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Unit 2 This is my sister.
Section A
Period 1 (1a-1c,3a-3b)

Do you know what happened during the 7-day holiday?

宅家里!!! 吃喝玩乐陪家 人!!!!

Words about Family
mother father parent

n. n. n.




brother n.

grandmother n. (外)祖母;奶奶;外婆

grandfather n.
family n.

家;家庭 那些 谁;什么人 这些

grandparent n. 祖父(母);外祖父(母) those pron. who pron. these pron.

1a Find these people in the picture. Match
the words with the people in the picture.
1. mother_____ a 2. father _____ c 3. parents _____ b 4. brothers____ h 5. grandmother _____ f 6. grandfather _____ e i 7. friend _____ 8. grandparents d _____ g 9. sister _____

Good morning! I’m Sakura. Nice to meet you!

This is a family photo.

This is my …


This is my …


Those are my grandparents.


This is my …


This is my …


These are my parents.


This is my …


These are my …


This is my friend.

These are my friends.

That is my brother. = That’s my brother.
Those are my brothers.

单数 this that it/he/she is 复数 these those they are



This ___ my sister. is That ____ his brother. is She _____ his aunt. is He _____ my uncle . is These _____ her parents. are Those ____ her friends. are They _____ my family. are

Let’s do 3b to check if you got it.

3b Look at the picture. Make sentences with the words in the three boxes.


father my



grandfather grandmother parents brother grandfather sister



Is this your father?
Gina Yes, he is. These are Gina’s parents. You are Gina. Is this your mother? Yes, she is.

Is that your grandfather? No, he isn’t.


Those are Mary’s grandparents. You are Gina.

Is that your grandmother? No, she isn’t.

3b 一般疑问句,你会变吗?

This is

father my


That is
These are

grandfather grandmother parents brother grandfather sister

Those are


Listen and circle the words you hear in 1a.
2. father

1. Mother

3. parents
5. grandmother

4. brothers
6. grandfather

7. friend
9. sister

8. grandparents

Who’s she? =Who is she? She is my sister.

Hu(胡) is 中 国国家主 席!!!!!!

Who is 中国国 家主席????

Who’s he? He’s my friend. Who’re they?

They’re my friends.

Who is he/she? He/She is… Who are they? They’re…

aunt cousin


3a Complete the conversation and practice it with your partner.
A: That ________ my family. That’s my is mother. B: __________ he? Who’s A: __________ my father. He’s she B: Who’s ___________? my A: She’s ___________ sister.

are B: And who __________ they?
A: _______________ my grandparents. They’re

1c Role-play the conversation in 1a.Then
talk about the other people in th

e picture.
A: That’s my family. Those are my parents. B: Who’s she? A: She’s my sister. Oh, and those are my brothers.

1. 《指南针》. 2. 谈论你的家庭,写在家庭本上.

Unit 2 This is my sister.
Section A
Period 2 (2a-2d)

1. Father’s mother is ____________. grandmother

grandfather 2. Mother’s father is _____________.
3. Father’s sister is ________. aunt 4. Parents are_______ and_______. father mother 5. Mother’s brother is ________. uncle

6. Frank is my son. I’m not his father.
I’m his _______. mother

7. I’m Linda. This is my mother. I’m her daughter _________.
8. Jenny is my uncle’s daughter. She is my ________. cousin

grandfather, grandmother (grandparents)


father, mother (parents)
brother (son), sister (daughter) aunt, uncle, cousin

Listen and read.
1) This is my mother. Mom, this is John. 2) These are her parents and those are her brothers. 3) Hi, I’m Jenny. I have a very nice family.


Listen and circle.

parents mother father sister

grandmother grandfather friend grandparents


Listen and match.
1.Jenny___ d c 2.Jack ____ a 3.Tom ____ 4.Bob ____ b 5.Linda ___ e 6.Mary ___ f


Ask and answer questions about the photo in 2b.

2d Role-play the conversation.

Sally: _____________, Jane. Jane: Good morning, Sally. Sally: Oh, Jane, this ___ my sister Kate. Kate, ____ is my friend Jane. Kate: Nice to meet you, Jane. Jane: _______________,too. ________your parents? Kate: Yes, _______. Jane: And ______ he? Sally: He’s ____ brother, Paul. Jane: Oh, _____. Well, _________! Sally/Kate: Thanks! You, too. ____!

A: Good morning, _____. B: Good morning, _____. A: Oh, ___, this is my sister ___. ____, this is my friend ____. C: Nice to meet you, ____. B: Nice to meet you ,too. Are those your ______? C: Yes, they are. B: And who’s ____? A: _____ my _____, _____. B: Oh, I see. Well, have a good day! A/C: Thanks! You, too. Bye!

C 1. Is he your friend? Yes, ________. A.it is B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t 2. Is this your father? No, ________. B A.it is B.it isn’t C.he is D.he isn’t 3. Is that your ________ ? B A. a picture B. picture C. pictures D. nice pictures

4. Are ________ Kate’s ________? C A. this, book B. that, book C. these, books D. those, book 5. Is Guo Peng your brother? ________. D A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, she is D. No, he isn’t 6. Anna is not my sister. ________ my D cousin. A. He B. He’s C. She D. She’s

1. 《指南针》. 2. 默写2d对话.

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