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____ good friends.

___ you a boy?

__ not Wang Fang's pencil.

__ some apples on the tree.

____ there any kites in the classroom?

___ there any apple juice in the bottle?

__ from China.

26. Our school (be) from Beijing.

28.-- 二、用所给动词的适当形式填空。

(be) in the same class.

2. Do you (know) that girl?

3. Daniel (wear) glasses every day.

4. Millie often 5. She (not like) comic books.

7. --Where does he have lunch?

--He always 1

8. They want (play) table tennis.

9. Dave usually 10. Cats enjoy 三、单项选择。

( ) 1. Simon A. loves B. enjoys C. lives D, likes

( ) 2. Eddie has e-dog, and e-dog is very good.

A. an; an B. the; an C. a; a D. an; the

( ) 3. I my good friends.

A. am; is; are B. am; are; is C. are; am; is D. is; am; are

( ) 4. --Tom, it's time to go to bed. --OK, Mum.

A. Goodbye B. Good morning C. Good night D. Good evening

( --Yes,of course.

A.look after B.look for C. Look like D.look at


1. I am your master. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)




3. She has long hair. (改为同义句)


4. The cats are in the tree. (改为否定句)

The cat in the tree.

5. Is the boy your brother? (作肯定回答)

6.Are you Tony?(作否定回答)

7.I am a student.(变一般疑问句)

a student?

8.Mr Liu is our teacher.(变否定句)

9.Is he our teacher Mr Zhang?(作肯定回答)


10.I am good at English.(变否定句)

good at English.


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