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八年级上册英语unit 1.2满分作文

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八年级满分作文 周江月

Unit 1 现在大家学习紧张,为了身心放松,上周日和你的同学去北海公园玩。你们 度过了快乐的一天 。要求:词数不少于80 I'm busy with my school work every day,so I'm a little tired of it. Last Sunday my classmates and I decided to take a short trip. We went to Beihai Park happily. We set out early in the morning. It was a beautiful day .The sun was shining, and the birds were singing.When we got there ,there were many peole in the park already .We went boating on the lake. We felt relaxed with the wind blowing. Three hours passed quickly,and we had to leave. It was really a happy day .I didn't feel tired at all.I had a wonderful time with my classmates ,and I refreshed myself. 点评:1

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